Thursday, December 30, 2010

"VERTIGO" Previews revealed!

The very first TWO Previews & Progress shots from my "VERTIGO" show are up!!!

Daily Du Jor just revealed the FIRST preview & step by step progress piece from my upcoming solo show "VERTIGO" at Corey Helford Gallery on Jan 8! Check it at the link below and don't forget to catch up on the ongoing intro story to find out what the mysterious show is all about:)



And HI FRUCTOSE just revealed the SECOND piece!



Wednesday, December 22, 2010


One of my good friends and fellow artists is about to give YOU THE BUSINESS!
Yes, in a special night of joy, TONIGHT, December 22, at 8PM, at the ZEROFRIENDS LA Store/Cella Gallery, a very special FREE MOVIE KNIGHTS event is taking place, hosted by the one and only JON FUCKING SCHNEPP, director of METALOCALYPSE and The Venture Bros! Jon might be one of the coolest dudes in the world, as he is also an incredible artist, filmmaker, voice actor, producer, and probably dancer, and he is taking some time out of his schedule to host a really cool holiday-themed Movie Knights event. I mean, I guess it would be holiday-themed if you considered THE APOCALYPSE a good holiday celebration:)

Yes, that's right, I mean, how could we have Jon host without having some kind of "OCALYPSE" in the theme, right??
We thought so too.
So yes, come down, eat some free pizza, meet Jon, watch some apocalyptic trailers, and THEN WATCH ONE OF THE MOST FUN, SCREAM-AT-THE-SCREEN APOCALYPTIC FILMS EVER! Neil Marshall's "DOOMSDAY"!

Cella Gallery & ZEROFRIENDS LA Present
Featuring "DOOMSDAY"
Hosted by Jon Schnepp
8 PM
11135 Weddington St. Suite #112
North Hollywood, CA 91601

DO IT!!!!



Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Alex Pardee x OCC LTD COFFEE For Charity!

If you follow my Twitter or Facebook, you know that I torture myself endlessly with de-voiding myself of sleep so that I can double up the amount of hours in the day. That makes sense right?? Well, to counter a lot of the madness, I started drinking coffee. I was never much of a coffee drinker until lately. I started with the gateway drug that is Frappucinos, then segwayed into mochas, then to Chai lattes, then to iced coffee, then to straight up wonderful roasted organic beauty. So, as someone who can attest to coffee (while maybe not being the BEST substitute for sleep I can find) being insanely clutch in work situations, and as someone who loves helping out any organization if in even the smallest way possible, I recently teamed up with one of the best photographers in the world, CLAY ENOS, who also happens to run one of the coolest charity programs ever called the ORGANIC COFFE CARTEL, where he travels the world to find the BEST organic roasted coffee beans, teams up with artists to design the labels, sells ULTRA limited packages of both the coffee and the removable, numbered label/print, and donates all of the profits to various charities around the world. Clay Enos and OCC really are some superheroes. WIth that being said, I highly suggest you take some time to check out OCC's limited coffee/art packages (there's a beautiful one from Molly Crabapple) and try out some of Clay's personal picks of wild coffee from his wild adventures. And I don't use the term wild loosely. The dude dives all over the world in a Vespa, befriends local villages, hunts for coffee beans, and fights savage beasts in the wild that mistake his Vespa for a large turkey leg. Show Clay some love, and check out the label we made for my Limited Edition run!!! Click on either pic or RIGHT HEREto go see/purchase the coffee.

Oh, and I got to create my flavor too, which I HAD to put caramel in there. You know, just a little.

direct link:

Monday, December 13, 2010

The "VERTIGO" story begins to unravel

Not much has been revealed yet about the direction of my upcoming solo art show, "VERTIGO" at COREY HELFORD GALLERY in LA on JAN 8th, 2011, but that will slowly change over the next couple of weeks.
What I can say as of now, is that my entire show is inspired by the famous big game hunter from Kenya named Verti Parker. And over the next couple of weeks, I got authorization and access to, for the first time, publish some excerpts from a previously unpublished biography written about Verti, by historian Horace Chalem. So make sure you bookmark this new website and follow the story of Verti Parker as it unravels, giving a glimpse into the new world that will be unveiled at my show on Jan 8th. Enjoy:)

Thursday, December 9, 2010



That's correct. After the great response and support we got with the Brown Thursday sale, we couldn't stop there! All of your continued support means that we can continue to release new apparel and prints that give you superpowers in a regular manner and do fun things like KEEP GIVING YOU MORE FREE STUFF THAT NO ONE ELSE WILL EVER GIVE YOU EVER. Kinda like herpes, but for your chest and walls, and in a less awkward but more colorful way

So here is the latest info for our final holiday sale:
We have THREE BRAND NEW T-SHIRTS (see below) that I designed now up for sale just in time for Christmas-giving (within the U.S, at least. Outside of the U.S. I can't promise but it's possible:)

With the purchase of ONE or more of ANY OF THESE THREE SPECIFIC SHIRTS (promotion only good with THESE 3 shirts, no exceptions), you will receive a FREE "Winter Stalker" Monster print with your order.

While supplies last, starting NOW. We have 100 Winter Stalker prints to give away for this promotion, so get your order onnnnnnnnn right this second ONLY here at the ZEROFRIENDS ONLINE STORE

Don't recognize the iconic monster that is a welcome edition to my "My Favorite Monsters" Series??? Well then, perhaps you missed ZEROFRIENDS' amazing Holiday Video Greeting Card that you should A) watch B) Pass around to your friends to say Happy Holidays, and then C) ORDER A SHIRT AND GET A FREE WINTER STALKER PRINT! YAHHHH!

Here is the Winter Stalker film to refresh your memory, directed by the Winter Wonderland Magic Wizard man, Stephen Reedy.

Now here are all of the new shirts to pick from! Click on any one to take you directly to view/purchase them. And have a happy happy happy holiday season from all of us at Zerofriends! I'll see you in a week with more updates on my upcoming solo art show at Corey Helford Gallery in LA on Jan 8th! I'm working hard on it. Word!

Oh, and there is no possible way that I could wish you a happy holiday season without giving you some NEW VIDEO BLOOD!! So take a second and absorb this madness from our good friends at 900 BATS! A few weeks ago I got to finally find use for my bloody Santa Costume, my weapons, my dangerous Christmas lights, and the girl I have been keeping down in the well in my studio. Awesome Photographer AMA REEVES took some photos for a project she is part of called THE BLOODY BEST, which which is a small collective of artists that create insanely cool horror themed photographs using some awesome people from behind the scenes of the horror industry as the models. I was lucky to be in on the project, which you can find out more of here at THE BLOODY BEST WEBSITE. And I was also lucky enough to have some good friends put together a nice little video of my experience, which really WAS one of the coolest days of my life. MIKE TAYLOR of Pretend For Real Studios shot the footage, Tognac Dekline edited it and the lovely AESOP ROCK supplied the beat, brought to you by 900Bats.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


If you are even a little bit close to me, or have followed me on my TWITTER PAGE in the last year, it's no secret that I rarely shower, but am simultaneously OBSESSED with hand sanitizer. I seriously have even considered eating it in place of brushing my teeth, and the only reason I haven't, is because I am still a little mesmerized by the stuff. I mean, I have paint and grime on my hands consistently and one of the reasons I love hand sanitizer so much is that it is obviously made from magical Wizard-Sweat because it LITERALLY MAKES DIRT DISAPPEAR. I have no idea how. It doesn't just push dirt around, it evaporates it like an awesome laser gun, and it does this all while smelling great and feeling refreshing!
For 2 years, from 2005-2007 I had even made a make-shift Purell Dispenser/Harness out of duct tape and excitement that was a permanent fixture in my car until I used it so much it practically disintegrated itself. There is still duct tape residue on my glove box. Anyway, yah, I love that shit. And I'm constantly referencing it or making awesome sanitizer jokes and photoshop pics, like this one, depicting a variation that I wish existed so that I did not have to wash my HAM every time I eat it:

Anyway, because of this publicized love for hand sanitizer, and because STEPHEN REEDY has been directing the shit out of some rad short films and commercials for Zerofriends, we (Stephen, Me & Zerofriends) have been getting asked numerous times to take a job pitching a new marketing direction for Purell. And although I assumed it meant I could get enough free Purell to finally substitute showering forever by sleeping in a waterbed filled with Purell and finally destroy my syphilis, we have passed on every occasion because, passion aside, I'm not too sure if Purell fits my brand. That is, until today, when NASA ANNOUNCED THAT SOME BACTERIA CAN SURVIVE IN SPACE OFF OF ARSENIC AND STUFF! That seemed like a perfect segue into our new relationship with my favorite beverage, Purell! Because of our connections with the #1 magical Bacteria killers, we got word a little early from Purell & NASA about this discovery and we got to workkkkkkkkk, and the new campaign was launched a mere 7 HOURS after NASA announced that life as we know it is now changed! So here you go, Purell, I give you your new marketing campaign, courtesy of Stephen Reedy, Myself & Zerofriends. Now write us our check or I'll infect you with something that I guarantee you can't cure.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I just got the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER from my friend and artist JAY 222! The dude is a genius toy customizer and sculptor and he just surprised me with a shockingly accurate sculptural portrayal of my alter-ego, THE ICE WIZARD FROM THE COLDEST OF UNKNOWN REALMS! Check out the insanely awesome pics of the piece and go check out more of his work on JAY 222's ART BLOG!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This weekend with Me, Craola, Chet Zar and MORE!

SO MANY THINGS!!! (Aside from Leslie Neilsen dying and destroying my week, that is)

First, let's get a rundown of all of the awesome madness that is ensuing at the ZEROFRIENDS LA Retail Store this weekend:

As the brilliantly designed flyer above states, MY FAVORITE ARTIST in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE will be making his first appearance at the Zerofriends LA store THIS SATURDAY and signing & sketching alongside Craola! Hah! See what I did there? Alright, that was my attempt at boosting my confidence. Didn't work, so let's just get to the facts.
In a short little fun pre-holiday gathering, Greg "Craola" Simkins & Myself, Alex "Crappy RoseArt Brand" Pardee, will be hanging and singing for 2 hours at the ZEROFRIENDS LA Store! And yes, this actually DOES mark both Greg & My first time at the ZF LA store! I have been hard at work on my upcoming SOLO SHOW for the Corey Helford Gallery, so I haven't even had a chance to see the store yet! And I won't be back until mid January, if at all, so please please come say hi to me and Greg this Saturday, Dec 4, from NOON - 2PM!

Store info:
Cella Gallery presents:
11135 Weddington St. Suite #112
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Open Daily from 12-7PM

Oh, and ALSO, because Greg & I both loved the ORANGE LANTERN COLLAB PRINT that we just released together, and since we both also love Christmas, we had a little fun defacing the original Orange Lantern piece for the holiday season and are releasing ONLY 40 OF THESE on Saturday exclusively at the Zerofriends LA store!!
Check it:

"Orange Lantern" (The Santa O'Malley Edition)
By Alex Pardee & Greg "Craola" Simkins
Extremely Limited Edition of 40
8" x 10" Signed & Numbered by both Alex & Greg

Some little details from the new version:)

What about FRIDAY, you ask?! Well Friday evening is going to slap you in your visage with a whole loaf of hardened AWESOMEsauce, as we are doing something that we have never done before and we are super excited about it.

Basically, if you follow Chet Zar, easily one of the best monster painters in all of the land, and someone who I have looked up to for years (I actually had seeked him out for advice years ago when I got hired as art director for The Used to get a little guidance as he had worked with bands for years prior, and he was my advice-wizard and I will forever love him for that:), then you most likely have seen his ongoing live-tweeting art project called #FridayNightArtDorks, which basically invites twitter users who are working on art on Friday nights to share their progress and work with each other via Twitter. Every Friday, Chet shares sculptures, color studies, collabs with his father, and drawings, and he has started a really cool cult of us artists who like to share stuff with each other for inspiration on those cold Friday nights.

So you know what Chet is doing THIS FRIDAY!? He is hosting the very first IN-PERSON #FridayNightArtDorks at the ZEROFRIENDS LA Store!

The event is open to anyone who would normally be stuck at home or in the studio working on art on a Friday night. Don't stay at home this Friday, come down and work on your own art alongside Chet and other art-dorks! There will be zombie movies being shown and maybe even some snacks so you don't neglect yourself and die.

Not everyone has to paint or work, of course, but it would be that much more fun if you all do. The idea is to create a fun creative night and share techniques, inspiration, and jokes with other artists and friends. You can start a piece here, bring one you've been working on to finish, etc. We also want to encourage you to Twitter your progress from the night. BRING YOUR OWN SUPPLIES THOUGH, PLEASE!!! NO ART SUPPLIES WILL BE…SUPPLIED.

Chet is an amazing painter and an amazing person so this is basically a rare opportunity to hang out, draw, and absorb some Chet-sweat!

Friday, December 3
Free admission, bring your own art supplies.

Myself in "Dave Correia" disguise, Chet Zar & Dave Correia in "suspicious" disguise.
Circa a few months ago.

Lastly, since we are talking about the store, Stephen Reedy has been doing a phenomenal job at hosting Movie Knights and everyone has been having a blast. No official Movie Knights event this week (though we will play movies at Chet's event) but stay tuned as you don't want to miss out on the next one. I mean, last week, at the ROBOCOP night, we had an "I'D BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR" Sale where everyone got to buy this brand new Robocop Monster print for A DOLLAR!

Here are a few photos from the last 2 events. Stay tuned!

Lastly, a couple of additional things I want to mention that are going on in other parts of the world! Or at least in other parts of the west coast.

23 Northwest 5th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 548-4835
Yes, we (Zerofriends) will have a large selection of our prints on display and for sale all through the month of December at the amazing Upper Playground PDX! And we can't have any kind of show without releasing something exclusive, right? Well, to celebrate my homie, and Oregon native Danger Ehren's career, Upper Playground will exclusively release "THE STUNTMAN" limited giclee print, which was inspired by Danger Ehren's insanity.
Limited Edition print, 22" x 17" Check out the print show opening December 2!
Here is the STUNTMAN Print:

Also on Dec 2 (same day) but in SF, I am a tiny part of a HUGE group show at 111 Minna Gallery called 111 At 111, featuring 111 artists. This drawing, called "SLAYER" is in the show and for sale:

Gallery/show info:
111 At 111
December 2, 5 Pm
111 Minna St
21 +

I am also lucky enough to be a part of THIS INSANITY that is jumping off on December 9 in Santa Monica, CA, thanks to THE HUNDREDS!
More info next week, including a look at the painting that I did for the opening launch!

And lastly part 9, next week we (Zerofriends) will also be releasing a new crop of shirts just in time for Christmas as well as ANOTHER cool sale/print giveaway. More on that in a few days. Until then, here are some clues to the releases!

Alright, back to painting! It's only 3AM, i still have 2 hours of worktime left! yay!!!


Thursday, November 25, 2010


Ordering online not exciting enough for you!? GOOD! Then get your ass down to the Zerofriends LA (at Cella Gallery) Retail store and join in the Black Friday fun there! The first 100 people to spend $25 or more starting TOMORROW (the store opens at noon) gets THIS exclusive signed, numbered, limited edition 8" x 10" print from me FREE!! And this little rectangle of joy won't be available anywhere else ever in forever.

Store info:
Cella Gallery presents:
11135 Weddington St. Suite #112

North Hollywood, CA 91601


Open Daily from 12-7PM

Have a blast, fun people!
Happy late Thanksgiving part 2!

The Legend of the Unirkey


In true Thanksgiving spirit, behold the legend of my 3rd favorite (not so famous) mythical beast, the UNIRKEY:

If the X-men were real, my Grandfather's Great-Great Uncle Randy would certainly be a part of the team. Instead of being a cool super mutant though, he's just kind of a...well...mutant. He suffers from a disease that allows him to age, but doesn't allow him to die. At all. He looks kinda like how the guy at the end of Indiana Jones looks when he chooses poorly, except for like, he's alive. And awesome. I don't see Uncle Randy much anymore as he seems to like going to Egypt a lot since he says he fits in there better and gets to play funny pranks on tourists where he lays down in sarcophaguses and then jumps up and scares people. He's hilarious. 

One of my favorite stories that Uncle Randy used to recite to me when I was little was about his third favorite mystical creature, the Unirkey. He said that in 1621, the Pilgrims begged the Heavens for a turkey big enough for the 53 of them to feast upon to celebrate their harvest. To their disbelief, a 240 pound wild turkey fell from the sky right onto the serving platter on the middle of the giant dinner table.
"GET IT!" yelled the head pilgrim. But the turkey was too quick. It clawed its way off of the table and soon had a band of hungry pilgrims chasing it into a small patch of forest. Little did anyone know, a once-in-a-lifetime event was happening in the forest at that very moment: A 6-eyed Unicorn who lived behind the rainbows was bathing in a waterfall in plain sight. The unicorn sensed the fear in the giant turkey from the sky, and acted accordingly. The unicorn exploded out of the waterfall, ducked his neck down, swooped up the turkey, flung him onto his own back, and galloped straight through the band of Pilgrims, piercing almost all of them with it's majestic horn. After the Unicorn bolted into the sunset, no one heard from, saw, or mentioned that incident again. Until years later, in the middle of the same patch of forest, on Thanksgiving, behind the waterfall, someone saw something. It was giant. It resembled a turkey...but with six eyes...and a breathtaking horn. And it seemed to be....glowing. When the man approached the magical beast it had vanished. More sightings were reported behind waterfalls all over the world over the years, all occurring on Thanksgiving. Rumor has it that the giant turkey and the unicorn were quite smitten with each other, and that this mystical Unirkey is their love-child. But what does it want? And where will it strike (a pose) next? No one knows, but if I were you, I would pay close attention to any form of flowing water on Thanksgiving, as you might be in for a surprise.

Saturday, November 20, 2010



We here at Zerofriends are proud to announce our Second Annual BROWN THURSDAY PRINT GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA!

What's the best thing about running an online business during an economy like this? I mean, aside from the overwhelming number of PHP Groupies and Hypertext chicks that flock to us because of our integrated shopping cart coding? Well, the best thing about this type of business is that we can have a huge Black Friday Sale ON A BROWN THURSDAY and get this SHIT goin EARLY!!

That's right, an entire day before some of you hoarders line up at Wal-Mart to get a free pair of the wrong sized shoes when you buy a 30 dollar flat screen, you can ON-LINE UP at and check out, alongside 15 BRAND NEW PRODUCTS, the new (temporary) slashed prices on a few Different Signed Limited Giclee Prints (40% off of some of them!!), as well as some t-shirts too!
(*Cue the Sham-Wow whore-punching guy now, stage left)
"And THAT'S NOT ALL! Hate spending money, even on stuff that's on sale, and NOT getting FREE STUFF??!! Well, so do I! That's why I have convinced the handsome (kinda) guys over at Zerofriends to throw in something FREE with ANY purchase of $25 or more!!! Want a print of a kid holding a shotgun and some crazy colors all around him??!! YOU WILL GET A FREE EXTRA PRINT TOO! What about a colorful Batman shirt to bless your chest?! FREE…EXTRA…PRINT! Want a print of a gay monster?!! WHAM! FREE EXTRA PRINT! There is NO escape from a bombardment of FREEEEEEEE! I know you are saying "Well, Sham-Wow Whore-Puncher, free is good and all, but what exactly am I getting free??" Good thing you asked, jerk! Let me tell you! What you will be getting is ONE of TWO HUNDRED individually signed and numbered, 8" x 10" exclusive Giclee print of one of two different Alex Pardee paintings! Both "THE SCRATCH FAMILY" & "BACKPACK THE THIRD" will be given out with every order of $25 or more in the order that WE receive the orders while supplies last! Note, you can NOT specify which of the 2 prints you would like, you will receive one corresponding to the order that we receive the orders in. Confusing? AWESOME! Check 'em out (And YES, we ship WORLDWIDE!)

So yah, let me re-cap what that crazy whore-hitter said.


2. Look around at some of the BRAND NEW PRODUCTS (shown below)!

3. Take notes, and WAIT PATIENTLY UNTIL THANKSGIVING (Officially starts midnight Wednesday night Pacific Standard Time)
4. Starting On Brown Thursday, Nov 25, Purchase ANY combination of items equalling $25 or more (it doesn't have to be one of the sale items) and recieve, along with your order, ONE free signed & numbered print (limited edition of 100)!*

*Limit of ONE free print per HOUSEHOLD. While supplies last.

Now Check out a selection of the NEW PRODUCTS, which are available NOW, but If you wait until the BROWN THURSDAY SALE then you have a chance to get a FREE PRINT alongside of your order:)

Just saying:)


22" x 17" Limited Eiditon of 50, Signed and numbered by Alex Pardee.

Back by overwhelming popular demand! The re-issue of "The Day I Killed My Father", this time entitled 'The NIGHT I Killed My Father"
By Alex Pardee
Limited Edition of 200.
17" x 22"
Signed and numbered by Alex Pardee

By Alex Pardee
Limited Edition of 100
17" x 22"
Signed and numbered by Alex Pardee

Limited Edition of 50
17" x 22"
Signed and numbered by SKINNER


By Alex Pardee.
Keeping the scale of the monsters intact, THESE monster prints are 8" x 10", which is bigger than the other 2 Sets (those are 5" x 7")!
Unlimited edition.
Signed by Alex Pardee
$50.00 for the whole set, including (From Left to Right) STAY PUFT MARSHMALLOW MAN, THE KRAKEN, MOTHRA, AND MCP (From Tron)! These Monster Prints are also available separately for $15 each!


FINALLY! Some of our most POPULAR, in-demand Limited Edition Giclee prints that have been LONG SOLD OUT in their Larger, Limited form, are now reincarnated and available in UNLIMITED 8" x 10" EDITIONS! We are starting off this section with 5 of our favorite prints, but stay tuned as we will be releasing more periodically!
Assorted 8" x 10" UNLIMITED GICLEE PRINTS Signed by Alex Pardee.
$15 each.
This section also features some new limited print releases from TARA MCPHERSON & SKINNER AS WELL!

And semi-lastly, we also RE-STOCKED ON A BUNCH OF SHIRTS! So if we ran out of your size before, we may have it back in stock.

Anyway, why are you reading this far down?? Everything might actually be gone if you spend any more time reading my meandering banter!! So, in closing, HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM ALL OF US HERE AT ZEROFRIENDS! WE ARE DEFINITELY THANKFUL FOR EVERYONE OF YOU. Yes, even YOU, guy-who-hates-us-publicly;)
See you online in a couple of days when the SALE starts!

Thank you,

Alex Pardee

Brown Thursday Is Almost Upon Us...

Full Disclosure Tomorrow!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

For the last 2 months, on top of some other really exciting projects that I have been lucky enough to have had a hand in, like the CAGE VIDEO my new art book (coming soon, but it's finally done), opening up the Zerofriends stores, and MY ART-BASED IPHONE APP, I have been quietly working amongst the late late hours of the night doing something a little unconventional, at least for me and my complete A.D.D riddled brain-thing. I have been dreaming. And imagining. Ok maybe getting lost with my head in the clouds in the middle of the night isn't THAT unconventional for me, but the bi-product of it IS, because those late nights, for once in my life, were FOCUSED. I somehow was able to throw away every little stressful thought ranging from "oh no i accidentally gave out my phone number on twitter again" or "why am I still heavy, i ATE A VEGETABLE ONCE!" to "dang. the robots are winning. I swear in 5 years we ARE going to be slaves. Flight of the Conchords was RIGHT!" and direct my brain in one single direction: Creating an entire new body of work that would be different from anything that I have done before. So for 2 months, every night, I completely conceptualized, wrote, scribbled, destroyed, re-scribbled, re-wrote, and re-thought out a brand new body of work that I am more than excited to debut at COREY HELFORD GALLERY in LA on Jan 8th, 2011.
The show is titled "VERTIGO" and there is a very specific reason for the title. I will share more info about the direction, concepts, and visuals behind the show soon, but mark your calendars now because I promise you, that for the next 42 days, I am not sleeping, and on Jan 8th I will show you something…

Meanwhile, have some fun and try to imagine what a particular type of nightmare (like falling, or losing teeth) would look like if it existed as a physical manifestation and could walk and talk. Got it? Good. See you soon. I gotta get back to work!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010



The only thing that makes me sadder than knowing that I won't be around to bring The Movie Knights tradition to our LA Zerofriends Store is those "sad dog" commercials that hopefully hire happy actor dogs and put weeds and dirt on them for dramatic effect . HOWEVER, the planets have aligned and the Knights have a new General. Zerofriends Super-Director STEPHEN REEDY, over the course of the next couple of months, will be hosting and sharing some awesomely fun screenings and events at the Zerofriends LA store! And I wouldn't want anyone else for the job! The dynamic will be amazing and it will make the LA Movie Knights events that much more special. Whereas in SF, you had me, my bad homemade t-shirts I would make for the show, and terrible puns being shouted by me throughout the film. And in LA, you will have Stephen, who can make Cliff Clavin envious of his knowledge about everything in the universe sharing behind the scenes knowledge, personal stories, short films, food, guest hosts, and prizes at the screenings:)

More to be announced soon, but our FIRST L.A. Movie Knights event is tomorrow, THIS WEDS, November 17, at 8PM! A few things have changed tho, so read all the info:
Unlike the SF events, Movie Knights LA will NOT always be on Wednesdays, so stay tuned for weekly info.
Seating is on a first come, first serve basis.
Movie Knights takes place AT THE ZEROFRIENDS LA STORE.
There will be a short section of pre-programming on most occasions, as well as some small snacks provided, all of which will vary at each event.
So yah, set your DVR to record Glee or whatever you do on a Weds night, and come join the crew for our inaugural LA MOVIE KNIGHTS! And we are jumping off with one of my favorite splatter comedies of all time, an over-imaginative and inspirational little film called…..DEAD ALIVE (Aka Braindead).

Zerofriends & Cella Gallery Present:
"DEAD ALIVE" Screening
Weds, Nov 17, 8PM
Admission: FREE
At the Zerofriends LA Retail Store:
11135 Weddington St. Suite #112
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Open Daily from 12-7PM


Trailer for DEAD ALIVE:

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Annnnddd, the circus has traveled again!

Man, it seems like only yesterday that we were closing up the San Francisco Zerofriends store. Wait, what? It WAS yesterday? Really? hmm, ok well, either way, ONWARD WE ROLL! Next stop, Lost Angela!

Like a dwarf dipped in honey, I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. My clothing & art company, ZEROFRIENDS, is continuing its gypsy-like trek around the country, setting up temporary retail stores to integrate and introduce our brand and art to different cities for a couple months at a time. First was NY, then SF where we teamed up with Upper Playground, and now, for the next 3 months, we will be teaming up with CELLA GALLERY and chillin in Los Angeles!

OPENING THIS SATURDAY, NOV 13 (and every day after that) around noon, we will be set up in a cool little shop in the North Hollywood Art District for the next 3 months, so please come say hi, check out the products, see some art, and hang like that the cat in that old 70's poster. Here is the official info & hours for the store, starting this saturday and below there's some info about the opening event and what is to come in the next few months at the store:)

NOV 13, 2010 - JAN 31 1, 2011
Cella Gallery presents:
11135 Weddington St. Suite #112
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Open Daily from 12-7PM

THIS SATURDAY, Nov 13, is our first OFFICIAL day open! Though we are not having a large grand opening event, there WILL be some amazing special guests in town hanging out at the store signing prints and chatting. Zerofriends' own DAVE CORREIA & ROBERT BOWEN, along with maybe some surprise visits from friends (hint, hint, friends!) will be there all day Saturday. I unfortunately, will not be able to make the opening due to scheduling conflicts but I will be down there soon:) So take a break from sitting in the LA sun in mid November, and go check out the new spot! Also, the transition was VERY quick from SF to LA, and this amazing opportunity came a little faster than we had planned, so we jumped on it. Because of this, we are still working on some fun events, new product releases, MOVIE KNIGHTS (maybe hosted by some fun LA friends:) so stay tuned to what madness we can bring ya in the next 3 months. Thanks in advance for your support. Love,

Monday, November 8, 2010

Zerofriends Presents, CAGE: Captain Bumout

Hello world. It was a year ago today that Director Stephen Reedy, DP Chris Saul, myself as producer and our small Zerofriends Films crew shot our first Zerofriends short film, THE WINTER STALKER. Not ONE person on our team has stopped working for a moment since then, and the results have been incredible. We have all come a long way, lost some money, lost some more hair, juggled other jobs, won some film festivals, Chis and his wife had a baby, Dave Correia learned how to build tentacles and houses and robots, I moved like 3 times, and we even added an amazing effects wizard to the team (Teague Chrystie). So nothing makes me happier than when I click "play" on the little youtube box below and I see the final results of all of our collected dedication. So please take a couple of minutes and check out Director Stephen Reedy & Zerofriends' newest monster, the official music video for someone who I have been a fan of since Agent Orange, CAGE. I am proud to present, "CAPTAIN BUMOUT":

We spent weeks in pre-production with Dave Correia designing rubber tentacle-puppets and figuring out the effects, then shot the video in LA at R&R gallery over 2 days, alongside a warehouse of Cage fans and friends and made a nuclear mess of the place, and then worked on editing, effects, sound and post-production as hard as humanly possible. It was finally finished last night at 3:30 AM.
Thank you in the most amazing way possible to our creative team, Stephen, Cage, Chris, Megan, Dave, Teague, Melissa, Rich, and everyone else involved. This is my favorite thing ever. And I finally got to die on screen. So much fun

And speaking of Cage, this tuesday, KID CUDI's new album is released which is A) Awesome, and B) Has a CAGE Collab song called Maniac on it! So please go our and support!

Let us know your thoughts on the video too!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NEW OLD SHIT: Stolen From The ARTchives#2: UnZINE shit!

Continuing the new weekly feature on the blog exploiting old shit from my past, (last week Stephen Reedy & I shared an old music video for Deadmau5 HERE) this week brings 2 pages from 2 separate unpublished old zines of mine. In the late 90's I was obsessed with making zines. I wanted to work in the comics and humor industry but got multiple rejection letters from comic book companies and humor publications around 1995. At that time all of the submission responses from a lot of companies had "check boxes" that had multiple options as to why your work was rejected. On 5 in a row, the 2 boxes that were checked were "your art is not good" and "there is no market for your art". This rapid succession of letters basically made me too scared to ever send off any more submissions, so instead I just started a self-publishing company called Eyesuck Ink and printed everything myself and didn't ever have to show anyone anything or get anything approved or have people tell me I suck, because I already knew it, so I ran with it. Over the course of about 7 years, I managed to write, draw and publish about 15 different books, zines & calendars. Shit was fun. But there are still a few books I never finished, or never published beyond a few photocopied versions. Here are 2 different pages from 2 different books that will most likely never see the light other than the backlight of your monitor right now. So here ya go. Both are from about 1997-1998.

From my unpublished "My Book of Nonsense":

And from my limited free "My Book of Memories" (only about 100 were printed):

See you next week with more new old shits!