Friday, January 30, 2009

"The Real Batman" Is back...and he's BIGGER!

So, if you like larger things that get shot at by my amazing shrink ray and were lucky enough to attend the APE expo in San Francisco last november, you may have already blessed your wall with a tiny version of my portrait of "The Real Batman" (shown above).
However, now, because of popular demand, we shot that mutherfather with a growth bullet and its all back to normal size, and ready to be unleashed on the world of fine art prints.

Zerofriends & Alex Pardee are proud to announce the release of Alex Pardee's print, inspired by the little-known truth about Batman's origin (which you can read about below).
"The Real Batman" Giclee Fine Art Print
By Alex Pardee
Printed with archival inks on Velvet Fine Art Paper.
Limited Edition of 200.
Hand signed and numbered by Alex Pardee
Cost: $40.00
Available online @

or, Direct link to purchase "The Real Batman" print:

Here is my little-known recount of the mythical batman:
"Not many people know this, but BATMAN (yah, your favorite masked detective) was based off of an ancient mythical cult icon whose story was basically about a bat hunter who, in a fit of symbiotic revenge rage, captured the bat that killed his wife and, since he couldnt live without his wife, he wanted to show the bat what it was like to depend on someone else for life and love. So the hunter shoved the Bat onto his head like a mask and forced the bat to remain a part of him. Shortly after, the tables turned and the hunter's foolish attempt at revenge backfired when he suffocated and died. The bat then took over the hunter's body and used his new found appendages and abilities to lead warriors to kill weak people because it was fun. True story."

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

only 2 more days to buy original art!

Hello everyone.
Last minute reminder, most of my "Digested Children" show has sold out! But there are a few more pieces left and only 3 more days left to purchase them from the 5024SF gallery!
Below are the remaining pieces for sale, just click on them to go directly to the gallery's online store.

or here is a direct link to purchase / view the pieces:

And One additional note about most of the original pieces, is that some of them come with a framed "police report" documenting the child's case, as well as the actual framed letter that the child wrote while living in the monster. Like this:

Direct link to example:

And lastly, if you havent seen the show in person, there is only one day left of viewing!!!
Go check it out if you are in San Francisco today or tomorrow. Mucho queso.

Available Pieces:

Merisa & Ms. Pennycoat
16 x 20, Framed, Includes Letter and Police Report

Joel, Ethan & The Brain
20 x 16, Framed, Includes Letter and Police Report

Jimmothy in the Peacock Forest
16 x 20, Framed, Includes Letter and Police Report

David The Shark Hunter
20 x 16, Framed, Includes Letter and Police Report

Digesting In The End of The Rainbow
30 x 60, Cradled Canvas (Unframed)

Digesting In Darkness #1
8 x 10, Framed

Digesting In Darkness #2
8 x 10, Framed

Digesting In Darkness #10
8 x 10, Framed

Thank you!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Me (master) x Joe Hahn (slave) @ Agenda Trade Show

The Agenda Trade Show started yesterday in the Whale's Vagina (San Diego, for those who don't speak Burgandy) where Zerofriends showcased our clothing to potential retailers, artists, and peeps with more pairs of shoes and sunglasses than i will ever have.

While Sean, Darren and Adam of Zerofriends are holding it down there, I had to fly back last night to catch up on a couple of immediate cool projects, which i will announce this week. But for the one day I was down there, I got a chance to live paint all day at the booth and talk to people about what I painted, which basically, was just "a giant blue hand squeezing some kind of sad animal who wants to go home."
I also got a chance to hang with my friend, Joe Hahn of SURU and Linkin Park, who offered to help me paint while i supervised him. Check out a small video clip of it below as well as some pics.

Me painting, and for some reason looking like I'm too big for the room which is odd considering the ceilings were about 40 feet in the air.

The finished Piece:

And me teaching Joe Hahn how to fuck up my painting properly:

Joe paints with Alex Pardee from SURU TV on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Zerofriends x Agenda 09. Live Painting.

Usually AIDS tests, pregnancy scares and Matt Damon movies are the only things that most of us get to enjoy twice a year. But now, since the Agenda Trade Show is happening again this week, it looks like that elite list will expand by one!
The Agenda Trade Show, which takes place in San Diego alongside the giant ASR show this week, Jan 22-24, is like an urban streetwear gypsy parade, where independent art and streetwear companies, like our own Zerofriends, can gather and show off their goods to retailers in hopes that their local townspeople will buy our curses and snakebite cures. 

All of us from Zerofriends will be there again showing our apparel, and on Thursday, I will be doing a live painting at the booth all day. Agenda is more for retail buyers so I don't think it is open to the general public, but if you happen to be wandering around in that area, of if you are a buyer looking to purchase some unique gypsy gear, come say hi to us. 
And below is me quoting myself amidst the press release announcing Zerofriends' participation in the Agenda show.

Renown illustrator Alex Pardee's collective apparel company, ZEROFRIENDS, returns to Agenda to continue it's expansion into the vast streetwear universe. Taking a unique approach to each t-shirt design, creative director and lead artist Alex Pardee adds a storytelling element to each garment:
"When I was younger and I picked up a shirt with a cool graphic on it, I often made up stories in my head based around that art. So it seemed natural, since I was creating the shirts, to actually include my own personal stories to go with the apparel."
Thus, each shirt in the new ZEROFRIENDS apparel line not only has near-perfect recreations of some of Pardee's favorite new paintings and graphics, but also has a hidden story screen-printed on the inside.
Alex continues, "Zerofriends is a collective of storytellers, only we tell stories that you can wear."

Alex Pardee will be attending and performing a LIVE painting exhibition at the Zerofriends booth the entire AGENDA show!

For more information check out

And to see Alex Pardee's artwork, check out

Friday, January 16, 2009

Cult Movie Prints and Trivia....

More new shit for the more new year for real. OK that made as much sense as Fred Fenster. But whatever, check it out.
Gallery 1988 just released a small Fine Art Print Set of my watercolor character portraits that I did for their CRAZY FOR CULT 2 show last year!
Heres a bunch of facts in rapid succession:
Each giclee print is 8"x 10" and printed on Heavy Stock Somerset Art Paper with archival inks and is signed and numbered by me and is a limited edition of 300.
Got it?
Oh yah, each one is $40, but you can get the whole set of 6 for $200.

To purchase them and to get more info, CLICK HERE FOR GALLEY 1988's WEBSITE.

And it's my job from this point on to make them increase in value over time so you make a good investment. So I'm going to get back to work.

But in the meantime, here is a list of the character prints and a little personal factoid about each one (from left to right, top then bottom):

1. Baseball Furie #1 (From "The Warriors"): The Cable Guy is one of my favorite movies, and one of the best parts is when that dude that looks like Tim Burton gets up and karaoke's at the party, and that is the same dude that says "No one fucks with The Orphans" in "The Warriors". So naturally, i had to represent the Warriors. And I love Baseball and fighting.

2. Edward Scissorhands (From "Edward Scissorhands"): After this movie came out, I was at an emotional crossroads in my life and i had a hard decision to make about which direction to take with my teenage years. Do I tease my hair, hide from the sun get skinny and cry when my gay handler dies? Or do i go on the Anthony Michael Hall comeback journey and do steroids and rape the high school prom queen with my bro's? Luckily, I chose neither and went on to just be plain awkward.

3. Ash (From "Army of Darkness"): For every single character in this film, i've known at least ONE person in my life who looks like that character. And this movie kicks ash.

4. Sloth (From "The Goonies"): When I saw this I was 9. So i'm not sure I fully understood hollywood make-up effects. I remember being completely horrified by Sloth, the candy-loving gimp in the basement that becomes a mentor to Chunk, the fat kid. "He's a MONSTER," I said to my dad. And he replied, "He's not really like that, in real life he's a FOOTBALL player! He's just ACTING." And then I was even more horrified that in real life, the NFL let hideously deformed ogres play professional football.

5. Johnny Eck (From "FREAKS"): This movie is from like 1930 or something. How the fuck they pulled this character off with no CGI is still completely beyond me. But I love this little handsome halfy. I wish I painted this one in black and white.

6. Cop #4 (From "They Live"): This movie ruled because none of the characters really had names. Not even the main fucking character! So whenever I talk to anyone about this movie i say things like "Yah, and then the wrestler guy punched Spawn in the groin for like 20 minutes just to get him to wear sunglasses! It was awesome!" So naturally, they wouldn't dare stoop to giving a lowly COP a name if the STAR is nameless. OBEY.


The Inspiration of James....

I am holed up in my rabbit-cave and immersed in my own world of extra appendages, lost children, blood and insomnia so much that I miss a lot of amazing and inspiring art that swims around on the internet.
However, one of my favorite illustrators (and in my opinion one of the best alive), JAMES JEAN, just opened a new solo show entitled "KINDLING" at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York the other day, and it blew me off of my feet.

"The TOY MAKER" By James Jean.

My jaw disconnected itself from its ligaments, fell to the floor, and i blindly stepped on it out of pure awe of his new work. I wish I could see it in person. Things like this both anger and inspire me out of pure admiration of talent. Where as a lot of artists that I stumble upon blow me away the first few times I see their work, a majority of them seem to teeter off and become repetitive, which numbs my eyes to the actual craftsmanship of the art. James, on the other hand, continues to be so far ahead of anything I can even imagine, in both style, narrative, and execution.
If you're not familiar with his work, do your eyes and heart a favor and go take a look at HIS WEBSITE.

And while I am on the subject of inspiration, here is a list and links to 12 of my favorite illustrators that, over the last 10 years, have consistently driven me to keep trying to evolve and learn. Whether its technical talent, passion, originality, imagination, or sheer emotion, I dream about one day being half as good any of these artists:














Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Hoof Arted?" Cooking with Alex Pardee & Chris Cosentino

Have I always wanted to co-host a cooking show? Not really. I know nothing about cooking, unless you count the endless ways I would exploit the SnackMaster back in the 90's.

But have I always wanted to eat BRAINS??!!

And I got to do just that. MASTER CHEF CHRIS COSENTINO invited myself and Upper Playground to his restaurant, INCANTO, in San Francisco, where he offered to show me that he can make splendid morsels using an entire Pig's head. The only requirement was that i had to eat everything, including the brains. And since I passed away recently and joined the ranks of the stench-filled undead, I figured that a little handful of brains might actually be appetizing...

The verdict....?
Well, you'll just have to watch the 6-Part Mini-Series presented below.

What? You're a vegetarian and you can't believe I would do such a thing?? Well, shut the fuck up, hippy! Chef Cosentino, whose world famous gourmet dishes include assholes, eyeballs, hearts, and intestines, has an amazing basic philosophy in his style of cooking, which simply states, "I am not a proponent of killing or hurting animals, and I believe that if you DO kill an animal, you better be man enough to eat the whole fucking thing!"

And that, like bent over blind bombshell, is something that i can get behind.

Hope you enjoy the show (and the photos):







Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shia LaBeouf X Zerofriends??!

Hey yo.
Theres a picture of a baby aardvark that has been circling the interweb and jesus christ it makes everything ok.

And the other thing that makes everything OK are these OTHER pictures that have been circling the internet, and they are almost as cute.

The homie Shia LaBeouf (indiana jones jr. and megatron's nemesis, and fellow Cardboard City member) was spotted rocking the "Jaundiced RIder" tee from my clothing company, ZEROFRIENDS.

CLICK HERE to grab one of these for yourself before Shia tells everyone where he got it and they sell out!


Thanks, Shia.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Official "Digestion" RoundUp, Over 100 photos!

My solo show, "Letters from Digested Children" has officially opened and I am exhausted. I think I have worked my body to the point where my immune system is no longer even trying and I can hear AIDS knocking on the door to my blood.

With that being said, the last 3 weeks that i spent preparing for the show have been extremely fun and rewarding, even if that reward turns out to be AIDS.

WIth 90% of the paintings and installation completed in those 3 weeks, and 90% of my blood filled with Red Bull and fear of failure, it was a mental roller coaster ride often resulting in sleep deprived hallucinations, frustration at my lack of certain artistic abilities, and stress that made my heart swell up like Will Smith in Hitch and my eyes to pack more bags than a discarded husband.

But it wasn't just me that almost died from inhalants and lack of a good insulated workspace. The entire Zerofriends collective helped out more than i could have imagined. Adam Peterson, Dave Correia, and basically took the reigns and created the entire Teddy Roosefelt Monster Installation from scratch based off of some scribbles by Dave and I. That was easily the highlight of the show. Darren Scott, and Sean Leonard (along with the UP crew) helped paint and hang the show, as well as bake the children that everyone ate the night of the show. Blake made music for the ambiance, and Aubrey Trinnaman took photos the whole night. It was actually the first time that our entire Zerofriends Collective worked together and created something of this caliber in such a small period of time, and it just makes me more excited for next time, when we are going to go bigger and better.

And the opening went great.

So, if you are interested, I just uploaded a SHITLOAD of photos to my myspace profile documenting everything from the start, to the install, to the opening.
If you get a chance, go over and check them out, and also remember that for a few more weeks, a handful of pieces are still available for purchase on UPPER PLAYGROUND'S ONLINE STORE.

Below are a few of my favorite pics from the whole process, but here are the separate links to all of the photos (over 100!!)

Click here for all of the preparation / install / behind the scenes.

Click here for all of the opening night photos.

And Click here to view all of the paintings.

Thank you.

Original "Digested" Pieces Up For Sale Online!

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who came out to the opening reception of "Letters From Digested Children", my new solo show at 5024SF Gallery in San Francisco. There were a ton of people, a ton of cookies and alcohol, and a ton of monsters.

And also a big thank you to the Zerofriends crew for not sleeping and helping me transform the gallery into Aladdin's favorite place, "a whole new world".

I will put up a ton of pics of the show, the installation, and the opening in a day or so, but for now, there are a few original paintings left to view and purchase (half of the show sold out opening night!) online at UPPER PLAYGROUND's online store. Just CLICK HERE and browse all of the art that they have for sale (there are also some Ron English, Jeremy Fish, and Miss Van pieces as well!)

Direct link to purchase / view the pieces:

And One additional note about most of the original pieces, is that some of them come with a framed "police report" documenting the child's case, as well as the actual framed letter that the child wrote while living in the monster. Like this:

Direct link to example:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"Letters From Digested Children" Solo Show Opens Tomorrow!

"I want to come home to eat the pancakes. It's icky in here..."
-Milton, Age 7 1/2 (written from the inside of a monster's stomach)

I was going to give you an in depth reminder / preview of my new solo art show , "LETTERS FROM DIGESTED CHILDREN" opening tomorrow, Jan 8th at 5024SF Gallery in San Francicsco but Meredith Woerner from the amazing Sci-Fi news site i09 did it way better than i could, so find out all about the show and see some exclusive preview images by CLICKING HERE. Shortly after I recover from the show that myself and all of the ZeroFriends crew have been setting up for 5 days straight. Its gonna be fun.
Hope to see you there!

New drawings and paintings by

252 Fillmore St
San Francisco, CA 94117

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Digested x Juxtapoz Preview #1

"I'm sorry I lied to you. Please come find me. Im cold and tired."
-Kendra, Age 6 1/2 (written from the inside of a monster's stomach)

Just wanted to give you a heads up, I have a huge, really focused solo art show this thursday, Jan 8th, at Upper Playground in San Francisco.
I will be doing my own preview / update on Weds, but in the meantime, Juxtapoz magazine just wrote a really nice, in depth article about the show (including some of the new work!) on their blog.

Check it out HERE!

direct link to article: