Monday, November 24, 2008

Footage from us painting at YouTube LIVE!

This weekend reminded me of an old joke that my uncle used to tell me:
"A Korean, a Fat Guy, a Mexican, and a fisherman walk into a bar.... "
I don't really remember the bulk of the joke but by the end of it, all of the guys painted on a giant wish-granting cube and the fat guy said something like, "You?, I ALWAYS vomit on days like this!"
It was hilarious.

"Left to right: The Korean, The Mexican, The Fat Guy, and the Fisherman"

But yah, this weekend was fun. In conjunction with UPPER PLAYGROUND, the good folks at YouTube invited myself, Sam Flores, David Choe, and Jeremy Fish to supply some live-painting amongst the insane circus that was the "pre-show" to the huge YOUTUBE LIVE concert in San Francisco.
As usual, i was nervous and no one else was. But luckily for me, there were about 30 Shaolin Kung Fu masters fake-punching each other to our left, a group of awesome Parkour dudes flipping off of scaffolding to our right, stilt walkers, trapeeze artists, "Professional" Guitar Hero players, and Mistah F.A.B. getting hyphy behind us, so the focus was taken off of us for the most part and I was able to chill and paint with 3 other artists who rule the school.

Throughout the day, Dave taught me how to rescue chickens, and in turn, i educated Sam on the best way to fuck a chicken (as i have been TOLD), while Jeremy was arguing with all of us that the French may have invented kissing, but they didn't invent Parkour. Jeremy isn't usually wrong, but this time....he was.

Anyway, heres some pics from us painting, and a dope timelapse video of the Cube being painted. And its kinda hard to tell from the video, but we were constrained on time to a couple of hours, and as I was painting ONE thing, David Choe managed to paint 4 entire pieces, one on top of the other, it was pretty amazing. And in all sappiness, its pretty surreal getting to paint alongside some of the best in the genre.

word to the Korean, and the fisherman, and the Mexican.

The Cube before we de-flowered it.

Jeremy Fish

Samuel Flores

"Hey, asshole, the most beautiful and delicious Cinnabun is going to fall on your face in 2 seconds!"


David Choe is an angel. I'm not exaggerating. He's on top of Sam's piece.

The finished CHOE piece.

The finished FISH piece.

My finished piece.
My pic of Sam's was fucked so I dont have it but it was beautiful.

The Skeleton Crew

and then the Skeleton Crew went to dinner.

Video of us painting:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Alex Pardee x GELASKINS

Hey yo.
This morning Gelaskins released 2 new skins that i designed so all of your devices can now be wrapped and protected by either a huggable demon or a 2-faced businessman!


Direct link to purchase:

Some examples of the devices:

Click here for some more info about Gelaskins.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New "CHADAM" Details Emerging at i09

As of this morning, my favorite sci-fi news website, i09 (where i just recently learned about which movie contains the BEST wom-sex scene) posted some exclusive new screenshots from my upcoming animated series for WB, called "CHADAM", (the above is only a small detail) along with a new video of me briefly talking about the origins of the project and using the Unreal engine technology.
Go check out the screenshots and video here!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Exhibiting art on opposite ends of the world...

I am exhibiting some new (and maybe my most colorful) art in a couple of pretty amazing gallery shows on opposite ends of the world in the next couple of weeks.

The first one is "CLOWNS!" at COREY-HELFORD GALLERY in Culver City, CA. Here's the rundown from the CH Gallery:

"The classic American clown painting is re-interpreted by the new contemporary
fine art movement in this spectacular group show, featuring an unprecedented lineup of artists including Gary Baseman, Shag,Tokidoki, Colin Christian, Alex Pardee, Dave Kinsey, Chris Anthony, Natalia Fabia, Buff Monster, Joe Ledbetter, Audrey Kawasaki and many more. Open to the public, the reception for
CLOWNS! takes place on Saturday, November 15, and the show will be on view until November 29, 2008."

Below is the flier for the show, as well as the piece that I did for it, called "Chicago" (as well as a detail of the piece).

Now, the other show, which opens on NOVEMBER 19, is somewhat of a milestone for me, as its the first time i have had new, original artwork showcased outside of the United States! I will be part of the TRAILBLAZERS show at The BOUTWELL DRAPER GALLERY in SYDNEY, Australia alongside some artists that i have looked up to for years, like Anthony Lister, Kelsey Brookes, Ben Frost, Matt Furie, Kill Pixie, and a ton more. So yah, if you live anywhere near the ghost of Steve Irwin, go check out this show! I wish i could afford to be there myself. Some day.....

Here is the flyer, along with a couple of the new pieces that i did for the show (and a detail shot). Enjoy.

ALEX PARDEE x Burlesque Design

Wes Winship of Burlesque Design and I go way back. Back in the late 90's, Wes ran LifeSucksDie, easily the pinnacle "fuck-your-culture" magazine of the 90's, and I made crappy little homemade comics, and we bonded over heartbreak and hatred. Since then, Burlesque Design has emerged and Wes once again helped create the pinnacle screen printing and design company along with an amazing team of printers and artists. The dudes are GOLD. I have wanted to collab with Burlesque for a long time, and we finally got a chance to work together when I launched the NIGHT OF THE TREEPLE apparel line.

We turned one of my favorite designs from the line into a LIMITED, 7-COLOR SCREENPRINTED POSTER! The posters were originally used as a promotional give-away at the release party, but since a majority of those probably got eaten and or/drinks spilled on them from the madness that was the party, we just released a slightly different version to purchase in case you missed the release party!

This poster is 19" x 25".
7 colors, Screenprinted by Burlesque Design, on Archival French Paper.
Limited to 300, but ZEROFRIENDS only has a handful available for sale.
Each print is hand signed and numbered by Alex Pardee (thats meeeee)
Price: $75.00
(Limit of 3 per customer)


Here's the direct link to purchase:

And check out some dope photos of the printing process:

CROM show pics

"He conquered an empire with his sword. She conquered HIM with her bare hands."

APE went great.
CROM went great.
I love when things are great.
here's some pics from the CROM show, which is still showing at VARNISH in San Francisco.
Some of my favorite artists were in this show, Dave did a rad job of putting it all together.

The crowd...

Aiyana Udesen's beautiful entrance piece. Elvira and Conan > Mork & Mindy.

Nate Van Dyke

Lucien Shapiro's Emu Rider with Dave Correia's Vulture Crucifixtion in the back.

Wayshak and Correia

Brad Isdrab's Richard Simmon's Attack sculpture (My green Conan is in the background)

Close up of the SIMMONSes.

Jahkeeli Garnett

Lucien's leading lady.

Robert Bowen

Bowen again.

My immature pieces.

Jerome Opena (Dave C on the right)

Jerome Up Close.

Lee Ballard.

Thank you everyone.

Night....of the MOVIES

So, Halloween was fun.

In the Bay Area, there is an overabundance of DJ's, BUT there is an underabundance of DVDJ's, so I stepped up to the plate and threw down on the DVD mix, which basically boiled down to me dressing up like R.J. MacReady and forcing my good friends to watch movies in a cold, dark room. And there was cheese. And Beebee.
It was fun. I'll post more pics soon, i'm in the middle of a work-storm.
Until next year....