Sunday, September 28, 2008

Studio Visit and Video Interview

Sorry for so much posting, I am only home for a couple days and I leave for Phoenix in a few so I'm trying to share everything all at once because sharing is caring, especially with heroine needles.

So yah, here is a video interview that i recently did with HURLEY that I think is the most informative and comprehensive of any video interview i have done. Plus, you get a small glimpse into where I spend 16 hours a day.


Treeple Behind the Scenes

So we only had a camera the first day of shooting, so we have nothing but imaginary memories for the second day and reshoots, but still, i uploaded a handful of behind the scene pics to my photo album.


"Night Of The Treeple" Mystery Revealed

So, I impatiently waited as long as I could to blurt this out, as I have been working on it for as long as Jamie Kennedy has sucked, but I noticed today that a few of these images got leaked online so I figured I would announce this properly so you hear it from my horse-mouth, or whatever that saying is.

In case you live in the sewers with the CHUDs and Clay Aiken's secrets, and you missed this video floating around on the information superhighway, take a second to witness this recently uncovered trailer to a lost gem of a movie from the late 70's, somehow staring "Future Me" since in the late 70's i was 2 years old. But don't pay attention to that. Just pay attention to all of the Awesome contained here:

Now that you know all about Ross going to the gym and Ted and his unfortunate transformation into a killer tree, here is the announcement that will allow everything to make a little more sense:

This is not a trailer for a movie. This is a commercial for MY NEW CINEMATIC CLOTHING LINE BEING RELEASED BY HURLEY CALLED "NIGHT OF THE TREEPLE"!!!

So yah, within the next week or so you should start looking for the TREEPLE line to start branching out into a bunch of stores, like Buckle, Macy's, Zumiez, etc.

These images (including the old school poster up above) will be available on a variety of t-shirts and hoodies. Check em:

The idea behind the whole project was basically that I wanted to create a line of clothing that was both an homage to a genre of film that I love 70's and 80's horror / exploitation films), as well as a catalyst to introduce a new way of presenting apparel as a way of telling a story visually. In a way, the "Treeple" line is my own personal and original version of a 1970's exploitation horror film, as told through my art and Hurley's apparel.
I wanted to create "A Cinematic Apparel Line".

In an era where gorgeous models fought aliens in space (Barbarella), where a group of farmers buried people in the dirt and harvested their heads (Motel Hell), where the government was ALWAYS at fault for negligence, where alien plants took took over and replicated humans (Invasion of the Body Snatchers), deformed siamese twins became evil serial killers (Basket Case), and toxic waste was EVERYWHERE (Toxic Avenger, Empire of the ants, Food of the Gods, Robocop, etc), it was apparent that the reality of the story never mattered, it was simply fun and new to explore the "What if's?" of storytelling and filmmaking.
So I asked "What if toxic waste made trees attack humans and turn them into some kind of tree/zombie/slasher hybrid?! Like mother nature's revenge for neglect."

That's how Night of the Treeple was born.

This is a pretty monumental project for me for a number of reasons, none which include "because I love cinnamon rolls".

1. This is the first time that I have had been involved in every aspect of the finished product from start to finish, from the art, to the cut of the shirt, to the quality of the fabric, the stitching, the tags, the marketing, everything.
2. With Hurley being such a huge mainstream brand, when they approached me about doing a line for them, I wanted to make sure that I took a chance artistically and presentation-wise did something that was completely different than anything they have done in the past, and when I presented them the whole "Cinematic Approach" to the line, they completely trusted me and let me do what I wanted, which, when so much is at stake, is pretty amazing on their part.

The even let me screenprint this whole teaser story on the inside of every shirt:

So yah, that's the deal. I'm not saying there WON'T be a whole "Night of the Treeple" movie since we had a fucking blast making the trailer (more on that soon), but for now, be on the lookout for the new "Night of the Treeple" clothing from me and Hurley.

In addition to retail stores, it should be available online at HURLEY.COM on OCTOBER 1st!!!

Stay Beautiful.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Worshipping Satan Since 1983

So, I guess its official. According to these videos, He-Man and his whimsical universe of muscle-men and sorcerers programmed me to worship Satan.

I knew there HAD to be a reason why I loved sacrificing women and constantly dreamt of creative ways to overthrow God. I just didn't realize it was because i was allowed to "witness Man-E-Faces transform into a demon in the palm of my hand".

Thanks, Mom & Dad, for forcing SATAN into my life via Eternia and Greyskull.

And thank you JAKE WON, for enlightening me with this information.

PS, when the guy uses the "power of Snake Mountain" to change his voice to a demon, I cried a little in the pants.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm fat, he's skinny, we both like Yetis, let's PAINT!

Heads up, cuz like a loose-boweled grandpa, we're droppin some SHITTTTTT.

My good friend and amazing painter Jeff McMillan, in association with RVCA and SURU is having his first solo show, "A Maintenance of Inhabitants (for now)", this SATURDAY at SURU in LA (where I recently had my "Scratches & Abrasions" show) and the work he has put together is fantastic. Vengeful gnomes, regretful yeti's, mastadons, fez hats, monkeys, skulls and more!!!

We have wanted to jam out on something together for a while, so we thought now was a better time than ever to leak something fun out. Below is what we did together, which will be on display/sale at Jeff's show, along with a huge handful of some really dope shit. So if you are in the LA area this Saturday, September 27, go to SURU and say hello.


Cyndi Lauper x Alex Pardee

My sister used to think she was Cyndi Lauper. I used to think i was Boba Fett, so I guess Cyndi Lauper's not that bad.
Regardless, when I was asked to pick one of ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE's Top 500 albums of all time to deface for an art show at Gallery 1988 in LA, I figured that Ms. Lauper's "She's So Unusual" album would be a natural fit, since a lot of times i hear people mutter "He's kinda weird" under their breath at my shows. Or just at the mall or whatever.
So here is the finished piece, painted on the actual album cover.

"She's So Unusual & He's Kinda Weird"

And heres a little sequence of events:

The show, called "COVER BAND" features over 50 artists creating new works using some of the most famous albums as their canvas.

The show opens OCT 7, 2008 at GALLERY 1988

word, nerd.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

N8's forehead and Sam's snowballs

Here is a little video from the Boston stop on the SPARKS / UP painting tour that Sam Flores, N8 Van Dyke and myself are currently on.
Enjoy nate's head cracks

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Zerofriends Video Featured on VIMBY

Yo yo, looks​ like you get to laugh​ at how awkwa​rd i look on camer​a TWICE​ in one night​.​​
Well i'm down to take one for the Zerof​riend​s team if it means​ we get some extra​ expos​ure.​​
VIMBY​ was nice enoug​h to take some time while​ we were at the Agend​a Trade​ show and talk to me about​ the new Zerof​riend​s line that'​​s comin​g out real soon.​​
check​ it.

Headbutts, sweat, and alcoholic awesome....

Just got off of a horribly long, antsy, bumpy ride from Boston. The tour with N8 and Sam has been insane and i have learned a lot, such as the following:

On the rare instance that I fall asleep on a plane, I snore.

When the humidity is high, my body goes into a sweat seizure and cries sweat from places I had no idea possible. Like my eyelids and my forearms.

I have almost completely lost both of my eyebrows. Like that movie Powder.

When attempting to sound smart by referencing ancient cultures, triceratopses, and football-shaped babies, I actually sound dumb.

I will never be envious of a headbutt.

I still get ridiculously nervous whenever I paint in public even though everyone that watches is nice and supportive.

When I am nervous, I steal things from said nice people. Case in point, I signed a bunch of sketchbooks and things for some fans, and each one I asked if they had a pen to draw/sign with. When I got to the hotel, I had a pocket full of 30 or more pens. I'm sorry.

Sam Flores may have seen more movies than me. Which is crazy.

A good amount of bonding can occur over a tense "total recall" conversation.

It is scary when the loudspeaker on a plane says "if there is a doctor on board we have a medical emergency".

Red bull hates sparks and often sabotages them.

The roads in Boston were all designed by extraordinary engineer Stevie Wonder.

Secondhand smoke tastes the same in other states.

I learned some more, but as to not bore you, here are a small collection of photos from the 2 stops so far, as well as some video footage. Enjoy, and attention Phoenix, prepare to feel my elbow sweat, as I'm sure its hot as shit down there next week.

(no captions necessary. use your wonderful power of imagination)


click this one to see the whole thing

and the wonderful video from Atlanta, directed and edited by Alex Tarrant.
Boston Video soon.

I don't know how i'm going to survive Phoenix...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"He's acting a TREE."

Don't ask me what this is for....
It's a secret.

And it's gonna be awesome.

And yes, i am aware that my acting is impeccable.

"He's acting a TREE"

Monday, September 15, 2008

My art book "AWFUL / HOMESICK" available to buy NOW!!

Hello, sweet wonders of beauty!
I am on the road right now, just got back from the Dirty South last night (everyone there was amazing and Killer Mike and Lee Harvey Oswald killed it, pics coming soon) and i jumped right on a plane to Orange County to paint an 18 foot tall wall in Costa Mesa. Its hot and im sweating in places i didnt know i could sweat, like my elbows.
But quickly before i run back out, I wanted to let you know that my very first art book, "AWFUL / HOMESICK", published by Upper Playground, is now available to buy online at
ZEROFRIENDS, and YES, we do ship worldwide!!!
Check out some samples below, its bananas. I'm really stoked. and full of Elbow-sweat.
We only have a limited number of the books for now so act like a cheetah and buy them shits and eat a zebra.

Clicking on any of the pics below will also take you directly to the Zerofriends store.
Thank ya.

Direct link to purchase:

we rule.