Friday, September 2, 2011

New Garbage Pail Kids Paintings!

If you are anywhere near LA, and are even remotely interested in some good disgusting 80's nostalgia, you HAVE TO go check out the official Garbage Pail Kids art show tonight at GALLERY 1988. The good dudes at 1988 & THE HUNDREDS have put together a phenomenal show and given how much impact Garbage Pail Kids, and specifically artist JOHN POUND who painted a majority of the cards, had on me in my childhood, I couldn't be more excited to be included in this event. We were asked to pick specific cards from any of the original TOPPS-series cards and use them as inspiration to re-imagine the card however we wanted to. Here are the 3 that I did for the show, all of which are original watercolor paintings measuring 11 x 14 and up for sale at the show TONIGHT, SEPT 2, AT GALLERY 1988 MELROSE in LA. Wish I could be in attendance at the show but I'm locked up in a hole drawing more shit, dicks and robots with SKINNER for our 2-man show (also at G1988) next month! Word. Thanks for the vile memories, GPK's.

Here is a side by side comparison with the original cards: