Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My New Responsibility

Regardless of whether or not I'm going to be there, I am working feverishly on a new book in time for Comic Con in San Diego.
Here is a hint at both the power and the burden of my new responsibility:

Also, spoke briefly with Cage tonight, and it looks like i'm going to be starting work on his new album soon. I'm fucking excited.

Too bad I can't end my excitement with Grand Theft Auto 4, because it seems as though i reserved my copy at the ONE SINGLE GAMESTOP IN THE STATE that didnt open at midnight to sell it. Rad.
Guess i just have to pass the time with Flavor Flav and MC Serch on TIVO.

Good night.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Cutthroat Island

Jon Dragonette and I collaborated on a photo for an Upper Playground magazine ad and it turned out effin sweeeeet, like the frosting on an apple fritter. Shut up. YES, i put frosting on my apple fritters. Ridiculous frosting that is made of clouds and sugar and car parts and troll tears. Its delicious.

So, after i ingested every color of house paint, we slit open my neck and froze the arterial spray in time with Jon's flash.
And now, the ad is running in a bunch of magazines this month, like Juxtapoz, Mass Appeal, VIce, and maybe more, so keep your eyes open. Hope you like it.

We had fun, and Jon decided to celebrate the debaucherous photo shoot by getting a skateboarding ticket an hour later. He rules.

PS, Jon's photography is awesome, and he just launched his new portfolio site, which you should CHECK OUT HERE


So the IN FLAMES album, "A Sense Of Purpose" was released last week. Go get that shit. It's metal. It's viking-like. It's heavy. It's dope.
I drew the pictures in lamb's blood with a touch of bloody snow and a dash of ancient dagger-shavings.
You can view all of the art over on my MYSPACE PAGE in its own little album thingy.


MTV and In Flames defend me from scary people with long hair who hate bright colors

Right before the IN FLAMES album came out, MTV ran a really cool article that addressed the number of people and IN FLAMES fans that criticized my use of bright colors and "non-metal" imagery for the artwork found on the cover and throughout the new album packaging.
In Flames has been extremely supportive of my art direction throughout this entire process, securing their place on my "Do Not Rape WIth A Shark Fin" list.
I love those guys.

Check out the article HERE.


Coming Soon from Me and Hurley, together again.
I'm not kidding. This is serious.
Pay attention.

ZED's Dead, Babe. Zed's Dead.

Zed's not really dead.
Don't EVER listen to Bruce Willis. He's a liar. He told me Die Hard 4 was going to be good. He even specifically used that word, GOOD. What a dicking liar.

My friend, Michel Gagne, however, is neither a liar, nor dead.
He is very much alive, and he is one of the most prolific and beautifully unique animators working today. He's worked on some of my favorite films, including the Iron Giant, Osmosis Jones and the Clone Wars. He also writes and draws a fistload of books, like Insanely Twisted Rabbits, which i am sure you have heard of because somehow, he drew bunnies with spinal menangitis and made them beautiful enough for everyone in the world to discover and appreciate.
Anyway, why do i bring up this wonderful Canadian's name?
Well, because his new issue of ZED is coming out soon, and he asked me to do a pin-up drawing for the issue. I happily obliged, conjured up as much cute blood as i could, and drew me some Zed.

Keep your eyes open for ZED #9 and check out Michel's art on his own site, GAGNE INT.


The only LA solo gallery show with all new pieces that i am having this year will be at SURU
on Melrose on July 12th.

More info soon, but for now, peep a new SURU Logo T-shirt design that i did for them above.


Citrus Report Interview

I don't talk to people through telephones very much. Apologetically, that includes my parents and good friends most of the time. Not solely because I'm a dick, but because I have seen every Asian horror movie about unexplainable technology ghosts that exist inside fiber optics and satellite signals and, even though NOT ONE OF THEM makes an ounce of believable sense, I am convinced that bad technology ghosts are real. And they camp out inside my Blackberry.

So fuck that.

However, Brad from the Citrus Report secured a LAN line that we ran through many poltergeist tests and determined that it was safe for me to transmit my voice signals through without the fear of getting eaten by an imaginary thing that makes loud noises and looks like a dumb kid.

With that said, here is an interview that I did for the Citrus Report shortly before the opening of OWLEX in Portland back in December.


Photo by Jon Dragonette

FInally...Alex Pardee x ZeroFriends HOODIE!!!!

Hola everyone.

I tried cupping my right hand next to my mouth and screaming this announcement upon the world, but that took place 2 nights ago on my fence and so far the only person to respond to it was Henry, the bum who lives by the creek, hides in the bushes and pretends he is a duck so passers-by throw him bread. And he didnt even want to BUY anything. Dang.

So therefore i am now turning toward the internet.

We at Zerofriends are proud to announce our very first hoodie!!
Featuring an extremely close representation of one of my favorite recent pieces on the back, and 2 new, mystical editions to the Zerofriends family on the front!
Why is it my favorite? Well, because usually i paint naked men with only TWO owls coming out of their shoulders, and this time i went the extra mile and made THREE! Plus, this was done during my sleep deprivation period, so i kinda dont even remember doing it, which makes it cooler.

Full Zip. White Hoodie. American Apperal. 2 Sleeves that easily rip off if you are stronger than me, cuz i cant rip them off. I tried.


Available in Men's sizes S to XL.


Go cop one of them thangs right now HERE!

Monday, April 21, 2008

I need your ASS...istance

Hola everyone.
Alex Pardee here.
I to ask a huge favor from anyone / everyone.

A year or so ago, me, along with a group of my good friends and collaborators started ZEROFRIENDS, an art/video/music/business collective, which has been somewhat of a dream of all of ours for years.
Though ZEROFRIENDS will eventually expand larger than Raven Simone's stretch pants, for the last few months we have focused on creating exciting, high-quality apparel and Giclee art prints of some of my favorite work.
Things have been going rad, business is increasing, and we appreciate all of the support that you guys have been showing us, but when we started ZEROFRIENDS, we made a goal that within a year, ONE of the following events would occur:

1. Zerofriends would make it to the NBA Playoffs, despite Darren's bunk ankle.
2. Zerofriends would appear on that heinous dance show that Randy Jackson thinks he's part of where every ethnicity in the world wears outfits from old episodes of IN LIVING COLOR and pretends to have epilepsy in unison, and then people talk about it or something.
3. Zerofriends would save a cat from a burning time machine.
4. Zerofriends would have more customers and friends than we ever thought possible.

Unfortunately, throughout the year the first 3 have been eliminated from the list due to certain aspects of life, so we are left with #4:

"Zerofriends would have more customers and friends than we ever thought possible."

This is where you come in.
I need your help in spreading the word about Zerofriends so we can continue to increase our quality and quantity of products for you, my faithful supporters.
We have some exciting new projects and products coming up in the future that may only be possible with your help with spreading the word and letting people know about Zerofriends.

Please Re-post this bulletin, verbally tell your friends, write "ZEROFRIENDS IS NOT SUPER DUMB" on your forehead, and / or, more importantly, take a minute to visit the store and check out the art and the products that we have for sale.
Without you, Zerofriends would just be...umm...Zero.

PS. We created a secret coupon specifically for anyone who is awesome enough to read this whole thing.

USE COUPON CODE "HELLO" TO RECIEVE 10% ON YOUR FIRST ORDER (if you're already a customer, you can still use the "HELLO" code on your next order).

Thanks again for all of your support.

Alex Pardee


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Extremely Limited "Guilty Smurf" Giclee

"Guilty Smurf" Giclee Print
by ME!
Limited Edition of 26

What’s cute, blue, as tall as 3 apples, and has an extremeley checkered past?
YES! Of COURSE I’m talking about Guilty Smurf!
One of the most secretive and mysterious of all of the Smurfs, Guilty Smurf kept to himself the entire time all of the other Smurfs were basking in the glory of the limelight from the Saturday morning cartoon show and the popular toys. In fact, there wasn’t a single MENTION of Guilty Smurf in all of Smurf-lore until after the…incident.
Envy had built up inside Guilty’s soul as he sat in the darkest mushroom apartment, silently pining for the attention and fame that the other Smurfs were getting. But he was too prideful and stubborn to join the party after they were famous.
So instead…he sat. And HATED.
After 6 seasons of cartoons, he couldn’t take their arrogance any longer.
In one smurfy afternoon, Guilty emerged from his mushroom abode and bare-handedly slaughtered all 24 of those famous tiny blue fame-whores.
And then, he did something the others could never do.
He murdered Gargamel and his pet cat Azrael, too.
With blood drenching his blue hands, Guilty Smurf returned to the now-quiet (and cancelled) Smurf village and slept quietly and happily forever.

ZeroFriends is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Guilty Smurf’s massacre with an extremely limited Giclee print featuring the only known portrait of Guilty Smurf, painted by Me for the recent “Gag Me With A Toon” show @ Melt Gallery.

There are only 26 prints. One print for each Smurf that Guilty slaughtered.
Each print is hand signed by Me, numbered, and is dedicated to the loss of one of the fallen Smurf brethren.

Printed with archival inks on Velvet Rag Fine Art Paper.


#1. Papa Smurf
#2. Lazy Smurf
#3. Handy Smurf
#4. Brainy Smurf
#5. Clumsy Smurf
#6. Tailor Smurf
#7. Farmer Smurf
#8. Dreamy Smurf
#9. Harmony Smurf
#10. Painter Smurf
#11. Hefty Smurf
#12. Vanity Smurf
#13. Jokey Smurf
#14. Smurfette
#15. Poet Smurf
#16. Grouchy Smurf
#17. Baker Smurf
#18. Greedy Smurf
#19. Baby Smurf
#20. Grandpa Smurf
#21. Nanny Smurf
#22. Clockwork Smurf
#23. Tracker Smurf
#24. Wild Smurf
#25. Gargamel
#26. Azrael

get one here at http://www.ZEROFRIENDS.COM