Thursday, August 29, 2013

NEW "Red Handed 2" Print $20 OFF!!!

If we would ever slow down to pat ourselves on the back, it would be for nothing more than the quality of our giclee prints. But the credit can't totally be taken by Zerofriends.

A few years ago we met a Leprechaun named Dandy at the end of an inverted, dark rainbow. But he had no gold. And no beer. Instead, Dandy had an Epson 9900 printer with archival inks. And he KNEW how to use it. But none of his Leprechaun friends cared about printmaking, as they were in the GOLD business. So they left him alone at the rainbow, defeated. So, we took him under our wing and nurtured him while all of his other friends traveled around the world to open "Cash 4 Gold" stores. 

So excited to have (zero)friends and some freedom to play with his Epson un-judged, our Leprechaun started producing amazing prints out of his magical device and after working side by side with Alex, Dave and the rest of us, the quality that this Dandy and his Magic Epson were able to spit out was incredible. And it keeps improving the more we all play with our Leprechaun together.

So to celebrate the continuous improvements that Dandy makes to the quality of our prints, we are releasing and selling Alex Pardee's "RED HANDED 2" limited edition print starting TONIGHT at midnight (eastern time, 9 pacific).

But Dandy or no Dandy, it wouldn't be a celebration if we didn't have a SALE! So guess what? We are knocking $20 OFF of the price of this "Red Handed 2" through Sunday, Sept 1.

"Red Handed 2"
Hand signed and numbered by Alex Pardee
Limited Edition of 100
16" x 20"
$60.00 (on sale for $40 NOW!!)

Ok so let's recap:
A Leprechaun helps us make things. We salute him.
Tonight at Midnight we are releasing Alex's "Red Handed 2 Print".
It normally will cost $60. But until THIS SUNDAY, it will ONLY BE $40!!!
We salute you as much as our Leprechaun.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Hi! Alex here. When Zerofriends was just a little elementary school collective of candy-salesmen back in 1986, we quickly figured out something that makes everyone happy: FREE CANDY! And when other kids' faces were stuffed with Mike 'n Ikes and their smiles leaked with sugary  drool, their happiness was infectious and all of a sudden WE were smiling too. And we LOVE smiling. 

So right then, on the four-square court, right after Little Dougie got hit in the face with the tetherball and was still smiling because of his sugar rush, we knew what we wanted to do for the rest of Zerofriends' life:

But now, we've moved on from free candy, to FREE PRINTS!

Fresh off of our "FREE DAVE CORREIA PRINTS" event last weekend, we are rolling right into our "FREE ME PRINTS" this weekend. By "ME" i Alex. I have a brand new crop of 8"x10" open edition prints being released this Friday, August 16th on
And when you purchase any ONE (or more) of these specific 5 NEW PRINTS of mine, (seen above and below) you can pick out any ONE 8" x 10" of mine from my entire collection (new prints included) FOUND HERE ON THE STORE!

Ok, so let me re-iterate since this is no simple free candy transaction.

1. Starting FRIDAY, AUG 16th through SUNDAY, AUG 18th, check out the 5 brand new 8" x 10" giclee prints that will be released this Friday.
2. Buy one. Why not? You have a bathroom? They're perfect for bathrooms. You got a car? Hang if from the rear view! Art is fun! 
3. Before checking out and paying, go through the site and browse through some of my other 8" x 10" prints and take notes with your brain. You can see all of my 8" x 10" prints available easily by clicking HERE.
4. Point at one you like and say "THAT'LL DO!" and then make a mental note of the name of it.
5. Now go check out. In the "COMMENTS" section, simply state the title of the 8" x 10" Alex Pardee (me) print that you would like for FREE! Do not add the desired free print to your cart! Anything that's in your cart you WILL BE charged for! (Limit ONE FREE 8" x 10" PER ORDER). If you don't specify which print we will just randomly surprise you!

6. Smile! And we will too! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Nothing's better than 15% off!

What's better than saving 10% on BRAND NEW THINGS? Duh, saving 15%, of course! (Don't get ahead of me, NOTHING is better than 15%)

And now you can save 15% ALL THIS WEEK ON BRAND NEW ITEMS! Click HERE to visit the store or on any of these banners!

Just think of all the things you can buy when you save 15%: 
•camouflage shoe laces
• spiked cat collars
• a new peg leg
NOW through Sunday, August 11.