Sunday, June 17, 2012

Now! The "Tu'Maury Povich Show!"

Hello, middle american maniacs! Tu'maury Povich here!! Tu'day is Father's Day, and I am excited to share with you one of my favorite episodes of my show.

Last week, we did something a little different on the Tu'maury show. Taking place off site, in a magical location called the Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, NY, we had special guest artist Alex Pardee create a game show where the audience had to look at famous silhouettes and GUESS if the character beneath had a tumor or not! Everyone got prizes, laughs were had and NO ONE found out they weren't the father of any of their 9 children. It was glorious.

Now, with the help of my editor and co-host, Vanna White-Blood-Cell", you can (kinda) play along on your computer as we reveal all of Alex's artwork from the show in this clip from our show!

And don't forget, all of these original paintings, plus even more than you see here, are NOW UP FOR SALE on COTTON CANDY MACHINE'S ONLINE STORE. Enjoy the show!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tu'Mor Recap #1!

This weekend marked the opening of my first solo art show in the ultra-inspiring Empire State at Tara McPherson's COTTON CANDY MACHINE where I also attempted to turn an art show into an interactive ongoing game show, complete with prizes, a host (me, as Tu'Maury Povich), a lovely co-host (Chloe, as Vanna White-Blood-Cell), and an announcer (Sean, as The Leopard).
The actual game show part of the event went a lot smoother than how I can imagine a real game show even going, so for that, I thank all of YOU!
Then after the game show part we just hung out and let everyone watch me try to draw with one eye while standing up. It was amazing.
The show will be on display at the gallery for the rest of the month and the originals will go up for sale online very soon, so if you are in Williamsburg, make sure you stop by and check it out, as Cotton Candy Machine also carries a ton of Zerofriends products too. Curious about how the "game" part was played? This video should tell you.

We are currently working on a full video so that you can see/play the whole game so until then I'm holding back on showing a lot of the paintings, but meanwhile check out some of the photos from opening day and night, where shit got weird, shot amazingly by Chloe Rice.


I'll send another reminder tomorrow but THIS FRIDAY, we are teaming up with GelaSkins again for another super limited signed & numbered Iphone HardCase release! This Friday, at Noon pacific time, only on the ZEROFRIENDS STORE we will be releasing 50 of these non-adamantium but still gorgeous iphone cases!

DON'T MISS OUT! Your iphone may never forgive you. It's like missing the opportunity to get your phone a tattoo from a tattoo artist that will only be in town for one day!
It may throw a fit.
Now, additionally, TOMORROW NIGHT, IN PORTLAND, at our ZEROFRIENDS Pop-Up Store in conjunction with Upper Playground PDX, will be the first of 6 FREE "MOVIE KNIGHTS" events, where anyone who shows up will get to hang out and watch one of our favorite movies with the PDX crew and get a FREE movie-related print from either Dave Correia or myself.
To kick things off on the right creepy foot, Dave Correia will be providing the first 45 people to show up with gorgeous free print you will get just for hanging out and educating your brain about slugs and puns as you watch "NIGHT OF THE CREEPS", my all time favorite sci-fi flick!
Thursday, June 14th at 7PM, the first 45 people to show up and watch the movie get this free Dave Correia "Night of the Creeps" Print!

And here is the remaining schedule for the other "Movie Knights" events as well as my signing on July 5th! (which now has an added bonus of the one and only SKINNER joining me!)
June 14th:  Night of the Creeps, free print for the first 45 people by Dave Correia
June 21st:   Toxic Avenger, free print for the first 45 people by Alex Pardee

June 28th:  The Fly, free print for the first 45 people by Dave Correia

July 5th:     First Thursday art walk from 6:00pm - 10:00pm.   Sketching and signing with Alex Pardee and SKINNER from 7-9.

July 12th:   Chopping Mall, free print for the first 45 people by Alex Pardee

July 19th:   Dark Crystal, free print for the first 45 people by Dave Correia

July 26th:  Trick 'r Treat, (2008 version) free print for the first 45 people by Alex Pardee

Monday, June 4, 2012

Full Tumor Details

In case you missed it, I am heading back out to NY this week and having my FIRST solo art show in New York with all new paintings at Tara McPherson's COTTON CANDY MACHINE Gallery in Brooklyn this SATURDAY, June 9th, from 7-11 PM. (Yes, please note the opening date CHANGED!)
But, unlike anything I have ever done before, and in the spirit of my life-coach, Maury Povich, I am going to attempt to combine a completely irrelevant game show with an even more irrelevant art show!
Before you bother asking me how such silliness can be taking place, and before I apologize ahead of time for it possibly going about as smoothly as the Miami cannibal incident, I'll try to explain how it will work.
Around 7:15 on the night of the show, the first 50 people to show up to watch the game will be given a raffle ticket. We will then have a drawing to pick the contestants. There are 14 slots open to play the game. The game is simple:
I show you a silhouette, and you have to examine the silhouette and tell me if you think the actual painting behind it features a character WITH a tumor, or WITHOUT a tumor. It's easy. It goes like this:

Both winners and losers will be given out a secret specific, limited edition prize!
And after the game, all of the paintings, along with a new handful of additional paintings straight from TumorTown will all be on display.
Anyway, I was going to show you TwoMore paintings as examples, but I figured that one was enough. Hope to see you there, this SATURDAY!!The gallery will also act as somewhat of a ZEROFRIENDS pop-up store as well, as Cotton Candy Machine are a main retailer of our products and we are bringing some more stuff!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Simply put, nothing has had the creative impact on me as much as Chloe Rice has. My whole life I have always lived in multiple imaginary worlds to escape a lot of the aspects of the world I live in. But after going on adventure after adventure with her, one of the things that fascinated me about her brain is the ability to inject those imaginary worlds into the one we are living in. All of a sudden, in addition to sitting in the dark imagining a world where people have animals living inside their deformities, or where rabbits with no arms can be comedians, and that everyone rides on the back of metropolis-sized cities, I am now noticing those things while walking around in the streets. I'm noticing when fire hydrants are waiting for the bus. When trees look like they are hugging, or at least trying to hit on light poles, that when laying upside down, most dogs look like Martin Short, and that there are a ton of creatures living amongst us that I never noticed before. I look at existing things and existing shapes in a way I have never done so before. Even my new upcoming art show is based around seeing shapes in a different way. It's been an amazing realization.
So with all that being said, it makes me super excited to share CHLOE'S NEW ETSY STORE with all of her handmade felt creature toys, called "HEART FELT"!
Stumbling upon a strange gun with a little felt heart on it, Chloe accidentally pointed it at an angry squirrel and POOF, it turned that angry squirrel into a fun and playful huggable friend. There's rebelious teeth that have crowned one of there own a king. There's sitcom-and-Costco loving Lampreys, polite Yeti's, and more!
So if you get a chance, take a trip through her store (with more one-of-a-kind, handmade creatures being added regularly) to see some of her creations while they are still available to adopt! Hugging has never FELT so good!

Friday, June 1, 2012