Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not totally, but KINDA insane SALE!

Hey holmes. If you follow me on Twitter, then you might have noticed that I have been holed up in my studio working like a madman, cutting all forms of interaction with real humans off, and instead chose only to communicate via VHS tapes and other cutting edge technology like Brian Oblivian. This, in turn, has driven me a little insane. Not full Lohan yet, just kinda insane.

And this insanity has driven me to do something SOOOOOO (kinda) CRAZY! During one of my 3 hour naps, I must have slept walked back to my computer and subconsciously lowered the prices by a few bucks on a bunch of our prints and t-shirts! Take a moment to poke around. You might find something you missed. And now it's cheaper!

And as a bonus, the KINDACRAZY doesn't stop there! I guess I also, in addition to drooling and saying things like "pigs make great backpacks", I convinced the rest of the Zerofriends crew to GIVE AWAY ONE "MONSTER" PRINT WITH EVERY ORDER OF $25 OR MORE!!!
So yep, shit is kinda crazy over here, so I let it kinda spill into the store!
Here's some specific details:
From now thru June 30th, you will receive ONE FREE 5"x7" Signed Giclee Print from my "My Favorite Monsters" Series 1 set if you spend $25 or more. (Limit one print per ORDER)
During the checkout process please let us know in the comments section which "MONSTER" print you would like.  If no print is selected, a random print will be sent to you which cannot be exchanged.

Get to shopping by clicking the above picture, CLICKING HERE
, or using the direct link below!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Watch CHADAM: The Animated Series, ONLINE NOW!

This blog has been over 2 years in the making. So how do I start it? What one sentence could I use to introduce something that has forced me to feel so many different emotions, forced me to throw so many punches to fight for it's evolution, forced me to learn compromise, trust, genuine excitement, fear, and appreciation for sacrifice? I've thought a long time about what this first sentence should say the day that I write it. And I honestly don't think that there is any more accurate description for my feelings other than those felt the moment Henry Frankenstein maniacally raved that his creation, against all odds, in a world where he was thought to be a madman, raises its dead right hand….
So, in the words of the crazed Dr. Frankenstein, "IT'S ALIVEEE, IT'S ALLLLIVVVEEE, IT'S ALIIIIIIVVVVVVEEE!"

What do I mean by "It"?
Simply put, CHADAM: The Animated Series (which I created and have been slaving away at for 2 years) is now up and running with the first FIVE EPISODES APPEARING ONLINE AT THEWB.COM as of last night at 2AM.

It, indeed, has been a long ride, but I hope it is not even close to over. I will spare you the long-winded details of the exhilarating ride that it was, but now that it is released, expect some additional content and stories and stuff that I can now finally share after having to keep quiet for so long.

Please take a few minutes to watch the first episode, and if you enjoy it, there are already FIVE full episodes up, with the final 5 Episodes going live on June 22. As of now, there are no plans for any further distribution, like DVD or anything, so please let WB know somehow that you want to see it in other capacities! That's the only way it's gonna go anywhere. As with everything else I do, and we at Zerofriends do, we are the underdog, and we need your help and love! So please, help spread the word!
And a big thank you to our very small team of talent, patient and passionate artists and programmers and cheerleaders that helped bring Chadam to life.

Here are the FIRST EPISODE OF CHADAM: The Animated Series, and you will find a link to the rest of them below:)

Check out the rest of the episodes HERE!




In what is sure to be one of the most insanely incredible print releases this side of Hell, we here at the outer realm of Zerofriends are more than epically proud to announce the release of a very amazing bloody limited Giclee print from one of my favorite artists in the 6th quadrant of the netherland, SKINNER!!!!

And oh what a print this is.

“Language of the Abyss” Limited Edition Giclee Print
Extremely Limited Edition Of 100
17" x 22" Printed with Archival Inks on Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag.
Each print is hand signed, numbered and loved by SKINNER.

$50.00 each

A word from Skinner about the original painting:

"And through those staggering peaks loomed a cathedral of sacrifice.
A catalyst of cosmic mayhem etched invariably along the necks and
grooves of those archaic and malevolent instruments.
Played horrifically and with unknowing cadence, those hideous and
mindless beings of the pits have mastered the forbidden rhythms of cold, callous space.
The power to bring forth a whirling, unstoppable maelstrom of sound no one person may survive.
These lords of your undoing and enemies of all natural law wield unyielding.....Blackened Knowledge, the language of the abyss!"

taken from the ancient tome, Necronomicon Jr.

To see more of Skinner's amazing artwork, visit



Direct link to purchase "Language of the Abyss":


Look for more Zerofriends x Skinner Collabs in the future!! We love him. You should too!

Oh and if you missed it, here is SKINNER painting his ass off in NY!