Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Bloody Best, Hatchet 2, and overall Awesomesness

I just got back from one of the most fun 2 days i've ever had. Tuesday was the Hatchet 2 premiere and I am such a fan of Adam Green and independent horror that it was an honor to be able to tag along to that to witness the premiere of the FIRST theatrical UNRATED horror movie in over 20 years! It opens tonight at midnight all over the country in select theaters. If you can, please go out and support this movie if it's in your area. This is a big deal and if it's successful, actually has the potential to change the theatrical horror industry from only releasing PG-13 safe remakes to more fun, original horror! A lot of the best horror is being created and released overseas now and yes, those movies are amazing, but let's show the rest of the world that we can make original hardcore fun horror over here too! I had a ton of fun watching the movie, and I will try to put a short review of it up here in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, GO SEE HATCHET 2 THIS WEEKEND!!!!
Here is a list of the theaters that are showing it!

And you can watch the trailer for Hatchet 2 at the bottom of this post!

Then, yesterday, I finally got to do something that I have wanted to do for a long time! I met photographer Ama Lea about a year ago and fell in love with her photography. Then, shortly thereafter, i found out that she was working alongside my good friend Melissa Pizzamiglio (awesome makeup artist who has worked on all of our Zerofriends films), on a project called The Bloody Best (also alongside stylist Autumn Steed & Visual effects artist Roger Johansen), where creators involved in the horror industry pay homage to classic and modern horror, I wanted to be a part of it SO bad, but was aftraid to ask! But as a nice surprise, I got contacted by Ama Lea a few weeks ago and I flipped! So yesterday, was a whole day of playing dress up and having a bloody blast of well-needed fun. The official photos from the project won't be released for a little while, but when they ARE released, I will show you because they are INSANE!:) so much blood! But for now, check out a couple of behind-the-scenes photos and you can get a glimpse of the madness. And make sure you check out some of the other photos from THE BLOODY BEST PROJECT HERE, including photos of new horror icons like James Gunn, Adam Green, Danielle Harris, Ti West & so many more to come! I couldn't be happier to be lumped in with this awesome team.

From left, Model Pandie (who i got to murder), Photographer AmaLea, Some dirty old man, & Make-up artist Melissa Pizzamigilo.

Director & animator Mike Taylor from PRETEND FOR REALSTUDIOS came by to film some behind the scenes stuff too, so look for that soon also!

And lastly, the ZEROFRIENDS Retail Store in SF (On Fillmore @ Haight St), guest artist SKINNER will be co-hosting his favorite movie, BEASTMASTER, alongside me for our 3rd MOVIE KNIGHTS EVENT!
gonna be rad.
This is what you can watch with us. Prints/tix still available at the store!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Movie Knights #2 recap: SLEEPAWAY CAMP!

Well, needless to say, last night's Sleepaway Camp "Movie Knights" event at the Zerofriends SF store was a blast. The dicks were flying, the s'mores were on fire, and the night stayed as young as a 13-year old boy-girl!

We had a sold-out night and over half of the people had never seen Sleepaway Camp before so it was really fun keeping the secret the whole time amongst a mixture of vague dick and tranny jokes.

The night started with illegal s'mores inside the store.
We then moved into about 30 minutes of "camp-related trailers" ranging from Friday the 13th, Tourist Trap, The Burning & Cabin Fever, to Jesus Camp, Grizzly Man & The Care Bears Movie.

Then we set it off with the feature film, "Sleepaway Camp", and capped the night off with a one in a million raffle prize. Check out the adventures below and thanks everyone for coming out and hanging. Next week (THURSDAY, not weds next week) is "BEASTMASTER" Being co-hosted by the one and only SKINNER!!!

First things first, your friendly but authoritative counselors welcome you in, rape-whistle and all! (note to nerds: Yes, I am aware that the correct camp is Camp Arawak depicted in the film, but for "theme" sake, i chose to go with a more blatant title. Suck it, nerds.

And like most good camp counselors, drinking is an important skill for the job.

And these amazing and supportive campers from Bunk 15 even brought homemade brownies and cookies. They = rule.

For the second week, artist Robert Bowen showed up to watch everyone's reaction to the "ballsy" ending of Sleepaway Camp.

And brothers from the same mothers…Robert & Paul.

Title: Close-up of my delicious milk. 2010 Medium: Camera.

TIME TO MAKE SOME WHORES! I mean….s'mores!

What's a campfire without Dave Correia and I catching on fire?

Sean Leopard joins in on the burning sensation that my face was having….

And why stop at the face, let's stab and burn my neck, too!!! That marshmallow looks like Optimus Prime.

FInally, some whores are ready to eat! I mean…s'mores. I keep mixing them up!! they are BOTH delicious.

Hey FOOD NETWORK, look how perfect these are! Almost as good as our cake last week.

Welcome back to our state of the art theater, lined in the finest torso-linens. Sleepaway Camp is about to begin…

Light's out! Packed house.

After the twist was revealed, I made sure everyone who showed up went home with a signed "ANGELA" print as a thank you.

Close up of the print. Don't worry, I won't zoom in any closer. This is a semi-safe distance.

But WAIT!!!! That's not all, there's another twist! WHO HAS THE WINNING RAFFLE TICKET FOR THE GRAND PRIZE!!!??

GRAYSON HAD IT! YAY, GRAYSON!!! YOU WON! What is that you won???


And thus, the night has come to a severed end. Thanks again. shit was fun.

Oh, and btw, in celebration of the event last night, my "ANGELA" PRINT IS NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE TO PURCHASEHERE

See you next week!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Official (FINALLY) Facebook Page

Hey yo.
So Facebook was the only Social Network that i had kept as private, but there are 3 or 4 other fan pages out there that I had no control over so i decided to finally set it up correctly. And this page will be the same feed generally as my personal one, so please add this page, and I apologize if I didn't add you on my personal page. I love you just the same.
Here is a link to the new page, which has a ton of art and stuff that you might not have even seen before.
here is the link:

Direct link:


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tomorrow is Movie Knights #2: SLEEPAWAY CAMP

Yo, there are a few more tickets available for tomorrow nights MOVIE KNIGHTS event at the Zerofriends store.
It's CAMP night, so we will be donning our summer best and showing SLEEPAWAY CAMP and eating s'mores.
If you havent seen SLEEPAWAY CAMP check out the trailer below and get a glimpse at the print we are releasing on Thursday:)

Remember, the only way to guarantee that you will get into the event is to buy a Movie Knights print, which are available at the Zerofriends retail store in San Francisco, 248 Fillmore. hope to see you there:

Glimpse of the Sleepaway Camp print:

Tara McPherson Signing & Release at ZF Store SATURDAY!

In the continuing mass-attack of amazing artist appearances at the ZEROFRIENDS SF retail store, we are more pleased than witnessing a quadruple rainbow to announce that THIS SATURDAY, SEPT 25, from 6-7 PM, TARA MCPHERSON will be signing, hanging out, and releasing 3 new prints exclusively through Zerofriends. That officially declares Sept 25 as the official "Epic Day Of The Awesome". This is Tara's first Bay Area signing in almost 2 years, so you don't want to miss this!

I met Tara a couple of years ago when we showed together at a Harley Davison event and from then on out our Fantasy-inspired nerdinesses have ethereally high fived so much our palms are bloody.

Tara then joined us on the New York stop of Sketch 4 Sketch (which was insane) and it was really great sitting alongside of her and watching her interaction with fans. In other words, she's a rockstartist.

So, come down and join in the celebration of the "Epic Day Of Awesome" and say hi to Tara this Saturday, and I think she will have some other stuff to sell as well as the 3 prints we are releasing, which are actually already available as of this second on the Zerofriends store! All info is below:)

TARA MCPHERSON Siging & Print Release
248 Fillmore St (Fillmore at Haight)
San Francisco

And here are the prints that we are proud to be releasing, and that are available NOW on the Zerofriends store! CLICK ANY OF THE IMAGES TO VIEW/PURCHASE THE PRINTS!

“Lilitu” Limited Edition Giclee Print
Extremely Limited Edition Of 100
22" x 17" Printed with Archival Inks on Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag.
Each print is hand signed, numbered and loved by TARA MCPHERSON.

$100.00 each

Check out this detail of the print:


“The Handler” Open Edition Giclee Print

As part of her "Playing WIth Fire" Series
8" x 10" Printed with Archival Inks on Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag.
Each print is hand signed and loved by TARA MCPHERSON.
Note: This is an open edition, so prints are signed, but not numbered or limited
$25.00 each

CLICK HERE TO BUY "The Handler" print

“The Healer” Open Edition Giclee Print
As part of her "Playing WIth Fire" Series
8" x 10" Printed with Archival Inks on Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag.
Each print is hand signed and loved by TARA MCPHERSON.
Note: This is an open edition, so prints are signed, but not numbered or limited
$25.00 each

CLICK HERE TO BUY "The Healer" Print


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Calvin & Hobbes photo recap!

Yesterday N8 Van Dyke and myself got together at the Zerofriends SF store and hung out for a few hours, painted, and played that ol' Slave/Master game that always seems to occur whenever he and I cross paths. The place was warm, humid and crowded but SO chill and everyone was awesome. So thank you for coming out and hanging with us while we made offensive jokes and attempted to turn a mess into a messterpiece. We had a pile of fun.

We didnt know if we were going to be able to translate our detailed collab-sketch into a rendition that would do it justice, but we decided to try anyway.

As usual, Nate doesn't let me get too close to him when he's working...

...and then he tells me what to do all nonchalantly while i quiver.

Rockstartist HUCK GEE stopped by to show me that his beard is still better than mine. As is his lady.

Nate finally let me touch the canvas at the same time as him. Thanks Nate!

Not sure if the crowd was watching us paint or wondering how we fit Nate in the store.

And Duncan Blackman, who does a ton of amazing effects work for movies like Transformers, Pirates & Indiana Jones came to show Nate and I that he has been working on his height and ALMOST is as tall as Nate, but still has a couple inches to go. Maybe next year!

Nate thought it was a good time to show me how good his Popeye impression is.....

But we both know that mine is way better.

Like Tupac, we got shot.

Most of Nate's day was spent yelling at me. That's ok tho, i was messing up a lot. Discipline.

The UPPER PLAYGROUND crew each showed the camera how many beers it would take to have sex with Nate. 3, 4, and 2!

And a HUGE shout out to Carlos (left) and Ryan (right) who stayed and hung with us from start to finish! So much support its crazy.

Our finished paint-baby. Title: "Calvin & Hobbes". Acrylic and ink on stretched Wompa skin.

I poured a 4Loko out next to the tree in front of the store and then thought "shit, what if this insanely-should-be-illegal drink hurts the tree?" Then both Nate and I both referenced an old Calvin & Hobbes strip where Calvin peed on the tree outside his window and it killed the tree. Thus, the title seemed fitting.

Come stop by the store this week as our painting will be hanging up for a while. We are going to raffle it off somehow, so stay tuned.
AND, speaking of RAFFLES, we have tried twice to contact the 10 print-raffle winners from Sketch 4 Sketch, but have only heard back from 3 of you! please check your email! We have prizes to send you!

Word, see you this wednesday, as the movie of the week for Movie Knights is gonna be SLEEPAWAY CAMP!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Live painting, tall people, and cyborg bunnies!

Hamburgers, Hills, Giants, Robots, Best Friends and Zero Friends.

I'm making another little visit to the Zerofriends store tomorrow, Saturday, Sept 18, at about 1 pm, but this time I'm just there to tag alongside the headliner, the one and only N8 VAN DYKE (who's taller than Spawn, and drinks more too!)

Yes, you wonderful clouds of awesome, N8 Van Dyke, famous for his work in Heavy Metal, Upper Playground, and more recently, his amazing comic book adaptation of Jurassic Park. He's a phenomenal painter/illustrator and will be gracing the ZF store with his presence tomorrow to do some live painting, singing, and sketching for a few hours from 1PM to probably 3 or 4. And i'll be there painting a little as well:)

Located at:
248 Fillmore (corner of height and fillmore)
San Francisco

Also, to coincide with Nate's appearance tomorrow at the store, Zerofriends is proud to announce our first limited print release by N8 Van Dyke! It's stunning, check it:

“Hamburger Hill” Limited Edition Giclee Print
By N8 Van Dyke
Extremely Limited Edition Of 50
17" x 22" Printed with Archival Inks on Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag.
Each print is hand signed, numbered and loved by N8 Van Dyke.

Click on the photo or CLICK HEREto puchase the print, which will also be available in the SF store tomorrow at Nate's appearance.

Also, if you are in Los Angeles this weekend, my homie Tony Thaxton from Motion City Soundtrack is holding a really dope charity auction in conjunction with his company, Analog Playset, at the ATTICUS CLOTHING store! A handful of awesome artists and musicians have all donated their time to customize the iconic Analog Playset Robot toy and all proceeds will be donated to charity. Check out the flyer and info below and take a look at what I donated:

"BUNNYWITH Mission to Kill John Connor"
It also comes included with an original watercolor painting of him!

Here is the flyer for the show, and the info is below! Wish I could be there! Have fun if you go, and tell Tony hello!!!!

New art toy brand Analog Playset has put together a custom show + auction for their new resin robot figure at the new Atticus store on Melrose in West Hollywood on Saturday September 18th (7 PM to whenever).  The appropriately retro robot was designed by Analog Playset founder Tony Thaxton (of Motion City Soundtrack) and Beth Raebel. Sculpting and casting were done by Julie B. of Pretty in Plastic.
The artist roster for this one includes Joe Ledbetter, Alex Pardee, Dan Goodsell, Beth Raebel and several musicians including Mike Gentile (Hey Monday).   The customs will be auctioned off to benefit the Dear Jack Foundation which focuses on helping young adults facing cancer.  Hit the jump for a few preview images.

Atticus Clothing
7664 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046