Saturday, February 3, 2007

Jeh Fouward

Photo i took of Jeph Howard of The Used, when we were stuck in the elevator for a cool 6 minutes, which is like 4 hours of elevator time. Try it. He's rockin his sweet Tokinas.

"What was i Juxta-suppozed to do about it?!"

5-color screenprint, coming soon to Juxtapoz.
Courtesy of my undying love for Ryan Reynolds. Dude is awesome in Just Friends.

The Baroness vs Wolfgar the Gray

My good friend, and Ruler of all things Party-related, Nichole Baroness and me, at a party i didnt fit in at.

the reason you would've hated to be my friend back in the middle ages, aka the greatest picture of me this side of the shire.

Siskell and Ebert

Since i feel like all i have the ability to do lately is put out sneak peeks at stuff that wont be ready until i am old and grayer, here is yet another sneak peek at something.....CRAAAAZY.
PS. No this does not involve a movie. Yes it does involve smelling like shit.

Merched Out

I Did a bongload of new merch for The Used for their new tour, TASTE OF CHAOS, which starts in a few days. This is round 1.

Goodnight, Lava

I gots me's a shows!
New paintings, scribbles and a Super-Limited 20-page zine with a hand-screened cover that will never be available anywhere else except 5024SF on March 1st.
You should go.

Duck and (El-P) Cover

If you are literate enough to be around a place that sells books and magazines next month, and you like how all those words on paper come together to make beautiful sentences, be sure to pick up the march issue Synthesis Magazine. I drew El-P for the cover and the glorious Jeben Berg interviewed me about LOST, Marin county, stephen hawking and my horrible bowels.
Here is the cover:

and here is my beautiful hand working on it:

If you are in and around SF this month, go check out Greg "Craola" Simkins' show at 5024sf i heard it almost sold out in a day and looks amazing. good effing work greg.