Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We Portlanded!

This weekend, Dave Correia and I took a Halloween road-trip up to Portland, OR. However, on our way up through Oregon, something mysteriously tragic happened and ultimately transformed us into jaw-jutting mouth breathers (more than normally I mean) named Where'swolf and Bat-Shit.
Still, we let nothing stop us as we continued to endure our travels, braving the full moon, inhaling the rain, devouring rats (and voodoo donuts) and even stopping to meet a bunch of amazing people and artists at the UPPER PLAYGROUND PDX gallery. Thanks to everyone who came out:) Here's a handful of photos from our travels. The only thing missing was our favorite photobombing stingray.
Happy Halloween!

Right before THE INCIDENT
A few hours later, we were up and on our way...

YOGI from Kamp Grizzly, easily one of the best creative advertising firms in Portland, came out to shake our filthy paws.
Look semi-closely
And we got a nice surprise (and surreal) visit from "Private Parts" director Betty Thomas and her friends!
Dave got thirsty and cheated.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


"American Where'sWolf in Portland"

Two American students, Waldo and Davids, were on a walking tour of Portland just a few nights before Halloween and, after straying from Burnside, were attacked by a Werewolf.

Davids was killed instantly, and Waldo was bitten, transforming him into a monster upon the first sight of a full moon. Waldo spent years wandering around the world on all fours, carrying his dead friend Davids along in a cardboard refrigerator box, visiting overcrowded metropolises in hopes of meeting someone who knew the kind of Black Magic that could help Waldo resurrect his best friend.

Dead Davids' corpse in tow, Waldo wandered through Egypt. He ran with the bulls in Spain. He attended Australia's largest carnival, and he even lived underwater, all the while trying unsuccessfully to avoid the full moon whenever possible because ever since that Werewolf attacked the duo, Waldo's had an extra....appetite during a full moon.

Yet, even after all of these travels, Waldo still couldn't find anyone who could help resurrect Davids...until he found himself wandering through Haiti, where he met a scab-riddled but sweet man named Tomato, self-proclaimed King of Voodoo. Waldo pleaded with Tomato to not only resurrect Davids, but to also make him a superhero since that was one of Davids' pre-death fantasies.
Tomato casually obliged, but with a stipulation: In addition to being a superhero, Davids would no longer be the handsome, well mannered, easy going, pasta loving stamp collector he once was. Now Davids would literally be deformed, and "Bat-Shit Crazy"

Together, the reformed duo of (Waldo) the Where'swolf and Bat-Shit Crazy now traveled the globe together, one fighting crime, and the other just kinda wandering and dopily sneering and occasionally irresponsibly dropping his belongings. Years later, a book company published a series of books based around Waldo's travels, but due to clearance, the books did not include any mention of Davids the Bat-Shit Crazy superhero. Nor did they mention Waldo's transformation into a Where'sWolf. But we all know the truth.


If you would like to COME MEET the nomadic Where'swolf and Bat-Shit in person in a very rare appearance, and (not required) buy signed limited mini portraits of them, come to UPPER PLAYGROUND PDX this Sunday, October 28, from 3-5PM.

Upper Playground
23 NW 5th Ave
Portland, OR
October 28, 3-5 PM
Super Limited Mini 5"x7" Prints available for $10.00 each (sold separately).
Limited edition of 30 each
Individual prints Signed By Alex Pardee and Dave Correia

Here's a look at the prints that they will be offering exclusively at the UP store ONLY from 3-5PM. These prints are limited to 30 and will never be available again
Where'swolf? by Alex Pardee

Bat Shit by Dave Correia

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"The Aroma" Limited Art Masks!

Not since Rocky Dennis hopped on the back of a motorcycle have I been this excited about a MASK!

Ever since I constructed a "decapitated head on a table" costume when I was in 3rd grade (which proved annoying since I had little use of my arms to ring the doorbells so I ended up kicking doors), I have dreamt of making a legitimate, spooky, cool Halloween mask. I've tried things in the past, like make-shift ski-masks, screen printing on t-shirts and wearing them like executioner hoods, and even re-painting existing Halloween masks to trick myself into imagining that I made them.

However, it wasn't until I psychically linked up with monster-mask maker Pat Gierhart from Atomic Vomit that any of my selfish, gross and monstrous fantasies would ever come close to being true. And in true horror-movie Genie fashion (see: Wishmaster) Pat Gierhart granted my wish!
Inspired by my "AROMA" Painting (seen here), Pat created an AMAZING sculpt that we worked on a lot in order to get the eye-holes proper, the drips drippy enough, and the "aroma" sweet enough to devour.

And then, after hand-molding, hand painting, and adding real sprinkles, plus a little time incubating inside the wombs of both of us, one of my favorite things I've ever been involved with was BIRTHED!

And guess what??? It turned out that it was TRIPLETS, as my bosom buddies SKINNER and L'AMOUR SUPREME also birthed mask-babies at the same time!!

So now, the ultimate question (other than are the flammable as well as edible): WHERE CAN YOU GET ONE OF THESE FACE-HIDERS!??

The answer: you can ONLY get my "Aroma" mask directly from Pat himself, as he is making the ultra-limited masks to order directly. So here is all of the information about our 3 wearable (and collectible) fine art masks that Pat Gierhart made in collaboration with myself, Skinner & L'amour Supreme. And as an extra co-sign, the quality of the masks are insanely incredible. The materials are top of the line, the latex is thick so there's no "floppiness", each mask is coated and durable, and the hand-painted aspect of the masks is amazing (and it's got REAL SPRINKLES!)

By Alex Pardee x Pat Gierhart
Limited Edition Hand-made Collectible Wearable Halloween
Art Mask

Each mask is a limited run, latex mask based off of Alex Pardee's designs. There will only be an extremely limited edition of 10 made with this color scheme. They are wearable, OR can be used as an art display piece. Delivery time is 4-6 weeks from the time of order.
The price is $500.00 each.
To place an order, please email PAT GIERHART DIRECTLY AT THIS EMAIL ADDRESS:

NOTE: Both SKINNER'S and L'AMOUR'S Masks are available directly through Pat Gierhart as well at the same price.

Please email Pat Gierhart at atomicvomitkills@gmail.com for ANY inquiries, questions, or concerns about the masks. Thanks!! Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Zero Friends Forever" Now Available


NY Comic Con has come and gone and amidst the new friends, the old friends, the zerofriends, and the photobombing stingray during my signings, we released a bunch of new items that ended up wrapped around the chests and clinging to the walls of some of New York's finest nerds! But now, as we settle back in to Oakland, CA, we are proud to announce that all of our new prints (and a couple new surprise shirts!) are on sale NOW exclusively on our webstore, Zerofriends.com.

Click on any of the pics or links to go become BEST FRIENDS, ahem...I mean ZERO FRIENDS FOREVER!

Featuring some full sized 17" x 22" Limited Giclee Prints like this one called "Hang In There"

And also we have some special new "New York" additions to our Monster Print line!

And lastly, we finally have a new hoodie and a new GIRL'S TANK!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Zerofriends Invades NY Comic Con!

I never really understood that movie Escape From New York. Why would anyone ever want to ESCAPE from New York. New York is tremendous! It's one of our favorite things. And this is the one time of the year that one of our other favorite things mashes itself together with New York! COMIC CON! The NY Comic Con is rapidly increasing in size like the 50 Foot Woman, so it's exciting to be a part of it, especially amongst the madness that is Manhattan. So, if you are attending NY Comic Con, please swim through the masses of Adventure Time and Bane cosplayers and search for our Zerofriends booth. Your swimming will be worth it, as we will have a whole sea of new products, as well as our usual fun books, shirts, prints and more.

Also, I will be hanging out at the booth and signing little sketch cards (for free of course) EVERY DAY (Thursday thru Sunday) from 1-3 PM so come say hi!


Daily Signings from 1-3PM with Me, and additionally, Dave Correia & Jon Wayshak will be signing and sketching at the booth too at the very specific time of TBD:) Check my TWITTER for updated times and any special appearances if we decide to kidnap some folks who are way cooler than us and force them to sign at our booth:)
Here's a quick rundown of some of the new releases at the Con.
Oh, just a heads up, everyone who spends $50 or more will receive a FREE "My Favorite Monster" print
And everyone who spends $100 or more will receive a FREE 8" x 10" Print as well as the Free "My Favorite Monster" print. Word!

A brand new series of various sized, signed prints from Alex Pardee (that's me) and Dave Corriea, celebrating the fun that is FRIENDSHIP!

In honor of our favorite genre and our favorite city, we are releasing a new supply of "My Favorite Monsters", all centered around some of NY's most devious creatures. And yep...thats Frankenhooker!

We will also be having some very special, one of a kind laser-engraved mini-sketchbooks available that we are calling "MoldSkins" because the books are bound in ancient paper forged from rotted skin. There will be a few different Moldskins available designed by me, Jon Wayshak and Dave Corriea. And as a special bonus, there will be a specific "ZEROFRIENDS" moldskin that will come with 3 original, unique sketches already drawn in them by me, Jon Wayshak & Dave Corriea. Fun. Moldy. Yummy!
We will also have a some new hoodies and girl's shirts available at the booth too, including this new Escaped Conviction pullover hoodie, just in time for NY's impending cold spells.

And lastly,time is running out on purchasing the limited timed-release of my Juxtapoz print, so we are taking a few of those with us as well since you will never be able to buy them again after

Oct 15.
So that about does it, with the exception of a possible sasquatch sighting and maybe breaking into song. See you at the con!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

ZFF: ZeroFriends Forever!

It's OK to feel alone in the world. In fact, its OK to BE alone, unless you're a Siamese twin I guess, because then one half of you would be dead if that were the case. But sometimes we here at Zerofriends aren't that strong and need a shoulder to cry on, a shoe to accidentally piss on, a hand to hold, a back to piggy, and someone to help keep us in check so that we can avoid getting in too much trouble with the Robocop fan club. But you know what else helps us get through the day? You. You are our friends. And your hands have been there to hold our hair back when we vomit out of confusion. When our server crashes you sit patiently. When we run out of shirt sizes you buy a different one. You wait in line at comic con to come high five us. You only get a LITTLE mad that my free WayCooler app is still only for the iPhone. So that's why we wanted to take some time out right now to celebrate true friendship and to create some new artwork that revolves around the wonderful and whimsical bond between friends, both new and old, big and small, Ross and Rachel, Jacob and whatever that other vampire fucker's name is.

All of these new images below are part of a new ongoing collection called "ZEROFRIENDS FOREVER" and will be available in archival print form, signed and numbered, this week at the New York Comic Con at the Zerofriends Booth #3003, where I will also be hanging and signing every day of the con from 1-3 PM. More specific con information soon. For check out a few new friends, and a few familiar ones too. (Note, the prints will be on sale on the Zerofriends site at the end of this week too for anyone who isn't going to the NY Con:)

"Zero" is the new "Best".
"Hang In There"
By Alex Pardee
17" x 22"

"Walking Lava"
By Alex Pardee
9" x 6"

"The Gooblins"
By Alex Pardee
17" x 22"

"The Back Pact"
By Alex Pardee
9" x 6"

"Thank You"
By Alex Pardee
17" x 22"

"Hill and Liam"
By Alex Pardee
6" x 9"

"Shark Mate"
By Alex Pardee
9" x 6"

and a special guest print-appearance by one of MY best friends, Dave "Best Friend" Correia:

"Hand Held"
By Dave Correia
16" x 18"

Full Zerofriends x NYComicCon info soon!