Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My piece for the JUXTAPOZ CHARITY AUCTION is up for bidding!

Hello you beautiful ponies.

As you may or may not know, JUXTAPOZ MAGAZINE has spent about a year collecting an INSANE amount of original art pieces and prints from seriously like 100 artists (myself included) to auction off online at Charity Buzz with all proceedings going towards PROJECT POWERHOUSE in Detroit, which is a really rad charity that is helping out some of the Detroit housing communities that have been hit the hardest in this severe time of economic crises.

Anyway, I have donated one of my pieces from my "Letters From Digested Children" Series and it comes framed and includes both the actual letter from the trapped child as well as the police report about the eaten child:) And it looks like this:

So yah, go bid on my piece BY CLICKING HERE if you are interested, and at least go check out all of the other art and artists that donated work to this auciton. its really like the craziest collection of art ever available at one place at one time. seriously. for reals. yes.

Direct link to bid/view my piece:

Direct link to view the whole auction:

You can find out more about the actual charity HERE:

And IN case you were wondering where i got my inspiration for my donated piece, which is called "DAVID THE SHARK HUNTER", you should know that, as usual, i looked no further than inside Stephen Baldwin's soul and watched this gem:

Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Zerofriends x ATTABOY Print Available NOW!

Artist & Co-Founder of "HI-FRUCTOSE MAGAZINE", ATTABOY & I, Circa 2004. Before Hi-Fructose. Before Zerofriends. Young & In Love:)

It's been a long time coming, but we here at Zerofriends are finally ready to announce our newest collaborative release, this time with world-renown illustrator, toy designer and co-founder of Hi-Fuctose Magazine, the illustrious ATTABOY.

Atta and I have been friends for years after meeting at the San Diego Comic Con back in 1999. We were both at similar "starving and trying really hard to figure out how to make a living doing what we love while being confused by most things in the industry" stages of our lives, and since that moment, we have both fed off of each others ambitions, while also individually growing and taking separate paths down a weird scary road that have both led us to our different accomplishments. I have always been influenced and enamored by Attaboy's art, as well as his passion and his strive to work and push the boundaries of the art world, whether it has been with toys, with paint applications and techniques, or even with the art-magazine world. With that being said, Zerofriends is proud to announce the release of his newest Ultra Limited Giclee print, entitled "Girl Parts". Go grab one HERE before they are goneeeee:)

“Girl Parts” Limited Edition Giclee Print


Extremely Limited Edition Of 50

11.5" x 22" Printed with Archival Inks on Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag.

Each print is hand signed, numbered and loved by ATTABOY.

$50.00 each

Direct link to ATTABOY PRINT:

A word from Atta about the original painting:

"Girl Parts was the first painting I made for my "A Touch of Evil Show" in LA. While painting, I pretended I had an alter ego named Kenji Kokamoto, who didn't make magazines, whose hands were stubs burned in a rave fire in Tokyo in the 90's. Late one night I even created a Myspace page for Kenjii and in an Ad in a magazine. Some days, Kenji was a girl who wore long diva gloves which eventually soaked in the blood from the not yet healed portions of her flambe wound, drawing cute out-of-context characters that her young cousin would like. Other times Kenji was a boy, not caring about anything he drew, confident and assured, like a deodorant commercial. 
Girl Parts dipicts a future, and that future, like our present, will be  part advanced, part regressed, dismantled. Exploded views, spare parts, unexpected explosions, glass and plastic, and oddly some religious themes are sneaking in.  A messed up future doesn't mean it's a dystopian one tho, there's ups and downs even in the darkest state, the darks just seem darker, making the lights stand out more, so to speak."

The print is incredibly detailed! Check out these close-ups!

Attaboy is an incredible artist and visionary. Here is a little more about him:

Attaboy is an internationally shown artist, creator and toy designer whose work is seen in galleries, museums, toy boutiques, magazines  calendars, and art books. Atta's Art focuses on the disturbed childlike sensibilities that he values above all else and is centered in a goo-filed worls; lust filled and awkward, uneasy with their own cuteness or simply unaware of it or how it affects them or others, all imagined in a palette reminiscent of a rusted cruise ship. His images and collectables are glimpses into Atta's insecurities and currupt sensibility often times providing more of a physical diary to his day to day undertakings.. 
Atta is the co-founder of the critically acclaimed "Hi-Fructose Under the Counter Culture" Magazine and has created and directed animation for cable TV.
He's also a former child model, but he doesn't like taking about that. He was once on David Letterman; Paul Shafer was cool, but Dave was kinda an ass.
That day he also got to meet Liberace tho, and that was rad. His fingers were nothing but rings.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Zerofriends Booth @ A.P.E. IN SF THIS WEEKEND!

Just returned from our first official Zerofriends commercial shoot, which was written and directed by Stephen Reedy and, in short, turned out awesome. Heres a little glimpse into the tiny and girlie room where our crew of 8 people were smashed together for 2 days. 2 slimy, messy, powdery days.

Good times.

And now we are back, just in time for the weekend, and to blast Debbie Deb's "Look Out Weekend, Cuz Here We Come" while we stroll into San Fran. But instead of "Slick deejays, fog machines and laser rays," we are going to be surrounded by slick homemade comic books, sewn together toys, and screenprints of laser guns. That's right, its time for A.P.E, the Alternative Press Expo in San Fran, where a small collection of some of the best indy comic folks around gather, sell their wares and tell stories of stealing stuff from Kinko's, getting poisoned from toxic printing chemicals, and fighting with staple guns. So if you are around, come by the booth, as we will have our usual collection of independently produced goods that will hopefully BLOW YOUR MIND!

And speaking of "mindblowing", UPPER PLAYGROUND just released this new shirt that i did, and we will have a handful of them available at APE!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Over 200 photos from "THE NORMALS" art experience.

Wow. I hate using the word 'literally'. A LOT. My hatred for that word might be the ONLY thing that Dane Cook and I have in common ever since i threw away the one Affliction shirt with like 50 wolves on it i had a few years ago. However, the last month has LITERALLY been a blur to me. Not because I was high. Not because I wasn't paying attention. But because I had my art show scheduled at Gallery 1988 for over 6 months prior, yet 35 days ago, i didn't even have an idea for what I wanted to do. No paintings, no direction, no sketches. Just panic.

I know i DO work better under pressure, but because I am still lacking a little confidence in my painting skills, when this little time-line fact hit me i was so overwhelmed I could feel my blood cells wanting to take a lemmings-dive out of my ears and nose.

Once I calmed down and shut the rest of the world off, I figured out what to do, and, because it's better to keep your enemies closer than your friends, I enlisted amazing-man-nemesis DAVE CORREIA to help me organize and to help build all of the installation stuff, while I set up a one-man assembly line in order to get 20 paintings done in 20 days, as the assembly line process was the only way I was going to get anything finished in time for the show, especially since I wanted to also release a new t-shirt and a book to go along with the show.

So, with Dave's help (and additional backup from Paul Bustamante on Bass, we worked non-stop on the show, and I couldn't be more relieved/excited that we got it done in time for the opening.

Inserting 2 added bonuses to the mix of prep time, I wanted to take full advantage that this was October, which meant HALLOWEEN, which meant, yes, I get to embrace my nerdy love for dressing up like something that only 4 people will appreciate, like JORDY VERRIL from CREEPSHOW.

WIth that being said, i encouraged people to dress up and hired good friend and renown photographer JON DRAGONETTE to set up a little photo booth and take portraits of penguins, chest-babies, batmen, and hot dogs.

And the second added bonus was that, coinciding with my show, next store the insanely awesome comic book store Golden Apple Comics was hosting the DVD release party for one of my favorite new films, "Trick R Treat" BUY MOVIE HERE:), which was written and directed by Mike Dougherty. So Mike and I met up and decided to join forces and release an exclusive Trick R Treat shirt at the show, which was rad to work on with him.

And, in addition to HATING the word "literally", I also never believed that people got "exhausted" to the point of being sick. I always thought that was kind of bullshit, like they just were too pussy to tell everyone to go away, so they would use the word "exhaustion" so that they could play videogames instead of do shit they are supposed to do. However, i seriously think i am "exhasuted". Good thing Uncharted 2 and Brutal Legend came out the day I got back. Wait...what? I am behind on deadlines already? And the A.P.E convention is this weekend??? Oh well, back to the grind. Brutal Legend, i will conquer you someday. Or not.

I put up 4 galleries on Flickr with over 200 photos from the last 3 weeks, including the behind-the-scenes photos of making the show, Jon's portraits, the entire art experience of the show, and the opening night photos. All of the photos are compiled from myself, Dave, Jon Dragonette, and, so thank you everyone for helping out with the photos And THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT TO SUPPORT AND MAKE IT THE BEST SHOW OF MY CAREER.

Here's a random selection of the photos, but to see all 200 photos, CHECK OUT THE PHOTO GALLERIES HERE!

Direct link to all 200 photos:

and some of the original art (and the book and print) is still on sale online here:

We finished the set up mere hours before the opening.

In the ultimately awesomest form of flattery ever, Sean Leopard from Zerofriends arrived in a pitch-perfect homage outfit to my "Tonight To Knight" painting. WOW. Wow.

Lady Blueberries painting.

Lady Blueberries in the flesh (or fur)

Myself and Photographer Jon Dragonette

The humble and accurate beginnings of Paul's "CARL" costume.


Spidey, before and after his make-up.


Hotel paint-a-thon = confused housekeepers.

Me with Gallery 1988 director Jensen, who is, obviously, Poisonous.

50% of THE USED, with a side of good friends Mark Yamamoto, CW, & Sean Leopard.

Director of Trick R Treat, Mike Dougherty & I chilling with the lurking Lady Blueberries.

It was such an insanely awesome opening that I didn't even get to say hi to any of my friends that came by, let alone these dudes who i had NO IDEA were there. would have loved to say hi! Seth Green & Shawn Ashmore with Mike Dougherty. (Polaroid photo by RESERVE RESULT: )

Carl helping Jordy get dressed.

The MYSTERIOUS BuffMonster and the (Probably drunk by now) Batman-Leopard.

The Masks Of The Marrow

IIIIII...saw Jordy kissing....Kuatttoooo Claus.

Kuato, Carl, Rapist #3, Autistic Batman.

Getting bear-head is better than regular head. The end.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"NORMALS" Show art up for sale online now!

Just a quick update. I went right from my art show to shooting our very first commercial for Zerofriends, but I will get a full update with photos (shot by Jon Dragonette, who took the above portrait) and all that good stuff about the show as soon as I get back to the land of the living, but as for now, all of the original pieces, as well as the book, the print, and the shirt, are available to purchase and view HERE NOW!

Direct link to view or purchase art:


Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Hiding From The Normals" Full Disclosure (kinda)

Hello you all.
It's Sunday night. I just got to LA and am in a swanky little Ramada Inn above a diner called Whispers where it's either legal to still smoke inside, or the multiple-personalitied bowlers that took over the place just don't give a fuck. Either way, it's pretty rad. For the next 3 days I will be setting up and installing my largest, most focused solo art show that I have ever created.

The show is called "Hiding From The Normals" and it takes place at GALLERY 1988 in LA (on Melrose & La Brea). (Its all ages, free of charge;)

I haven't said much about it, and unfortunately, i still don't WANT to say much about it, because I really really want you to be able to get a new experience if you are able to go check it out when it opens this Tuesday, October 6 @ 7pm.

However, with so much cool stuff going on in LA constantly, I would like to let you in on a little info and background surrounding the show, because it's a little different than my other shows, and there's A LOT to it.

Here's a few, short secrets that will hopefully get you excited about coming by to check out the show:

1. The entire show is based off of the beliefs of a man who recently went missing in real life. The man was a supposed crackpot and believes that there is another world living under ours filled with mutants. It is not known if this man is still alive or not.

2. In addition to creating paintings inspired by this missing man's beliefs, I have managed to get my hands on some actual evidence supporting the existence of this world. The evidence and some of his notes & sketches will be showcased alongside of the artwork.

3. I have recently become obsessed with this world that I jumped into, and I really hope that this showcase generates some interest in this universe called "The Marrow" so that this whole underworld can be expanded into something larger, like a film or an animated feature (hint, hint). So if you can't make it out to the show, but know anyone in the area, send them down!!

4. There will be BOTH a super limited PRINT release, as well as a limited CATALOG/BOOK release, called "Digging Up The Marrow: Excerpts from the Journals of William Dekker" Prints are signed and limited to 50. Books signed and limited to 200.

3. Because of the theme/inspiration and the time of the year, i am taking full advantage of October, which means that I am dressing up! And we are encouraging people to dress up in awesome costumes, both so I don't feel super stupid and outcast, AND because there is a cool prize for THE BEST COSTUME (judged by me:). I think it would be cool to have 2 winners, a BEST GIRL & A BEST GUY, so let's do that. Come dressed up!!!!!

4. In conjunction with MY show, at G1988, right next store, at the same time, the insanely awesome writer/director Mike Dougherty is hosting his DVD release costume party for his new anthology horror film, "Trick R Treat" which is Also, as a little extra fun thing, I teamed up with Mike this week and drew up some Trick R Treat art that we are releasing at my show as a Limited shirt! (I think there's less than a hundred of them available)

5. This show is going to be my LAST solo show for over a year. I will be participating in a few group shows, but 2010 is going to be full of some different kind of adventures:) Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here are a few glimpses of the work from the show. But trust me, you need to come see it in person. Myself, Dave Correia, Paul Bustamante, and Jensen & The Gallery 1988 crew have worked really hard to put together a show that pictures just won't do justice to. But nonetheless, I will take a ton of photos and try to share them with ya soon! Word.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

More "Normal" clues are emerging...

More details have surfaced (below) regarding the subject matter and inspiration for my upcoming solo art show, "Hiding From The Normals", which will open this Tuesday, Oct 6, at GALLERY 1988 in LA at 7pm. It's the most focused and fun collection of work that I've done to date.
Stay tuned....or be warned. Either way, enjoy:)

Introduction to “The Marrow”
September 16, 2009

I seem to live in my own little world most of the time, which means I'm somewhat oblivious to a lot of current affairs, including, unfortunately, those amber alerts and "missing" posters that plaster telephone poles and the bulletin boards of Wal-Marts. However, a few months ago, one of those posters did happen to catch my eye because it was, well, different. The poster was decorated in your standard "missing" flare with some basic info and a (who knows how recent) photo of the person in question. But the photo was of an older, grizzled man. The information stated that, not only was he was in his late 50's, but that he was a former police officer turned private detective.
A scary thought. The super hero who's supposed to SOLVE the cases of kidnappings could possibly BE kidnapped? I found the irony somewhat unsettling, so I looked him up when I got home.

"William Dekker -
Cardboard City Private Detective Agency"

Turned out that William Dekker, according to numerous sources, was a supposed crack-pot conspiracy theorist who was hell-bent on uncovering a super secret society of mutants that lived under the surface of the Earth. I guess, because of his unprofessional advances, scattered propaganda and neglected hygiene, no one believed him. Or, perhaps no one SHOULD have believed him. I mean, these paranoid types are a dime a dozen nowadays. In fact, at the time of his disappearance, he seemed to have cut himself off from all family and friends.

To make a long story short, something sparked my interest in Detective Dekker, but I wasn't interested as much in how he had gone missing or what his current state was as much as I was interested in some of the things he had written about. Dekker had traveled throughout the country and, on multiple occasions, gathered information and clues pointing to hidden communities living underneath the major metropolises of the United States. And not just small kingdoms of homeless people either. He stated that these communes were intensely developed, imaginative worlds with fully constructed houses, buildings, vehicles and animals. But what was even stranger about his "discoveries" was that the inhabitants of these underworlds were...well, as he referred to them early on...monstrous. 

The small amount of information that I found on William Dekker, whether it was bullshit or not, fueled my imagination and I became obsessed. In a certain way, I guess I donned my own private investigator persona and began to dig. There was nothing much on the Internet, so I had to resort to the old school ways of libraries, archives and word of mouth. I contacted lost family members, found some old financial records, and I rummaged through his old properties as well as his most recent apartment.

Which is where I found his journals.

In no discernible order, this small stack of books contained hundreds of observations, deductions, child-like sketches and scribbles documenting the inhabitants of these "worlds" that he was convinced existed. Not many of the entries were dated, so putting them in order is near impossible. However, eerily enough, there did seem to be a final entry in one of the journals, which was dated 3 months ago today. That entry simply read:

"I have found it, I have found it. I was INSIDE. It was beautiful. You can laugh all you want, but I knew it. I think they might have seen me. I hope they didn't, but it doesn't really matter anymore. I finally did it. Goodni----"

The entry was cut off.

I took it upon myself to gather up some of the evidence that he had collected, as well as his journals, and do my best to abridge his ramblings and use his clues, descriptions, and stories to create portraits of some of these fantastic inhabitants of the alternate world that William Dekker referred to as "THE MARROW". 

This upcoming art exhibit contains excerpts from Dekker's journals, alongside some of MY interpretations of his visions and discoveries. You can write off Dekker as a head-case and discredit his ranting as much as you'd like, but take into consideration one of my favorite quotes from the missing detective:

"Whether you believe in them or not, these places are REAL."