Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Part 2

It was Easter Eve, a saturday, if i remember correctly. My sisters and I were decorating the Easter Tree with our Mother. We were singing Easter Carols...happy, excited, waiting for Dad to get home from work.
A few hours passed, and we started to worry. Dad wasnt home yet. Mom called the office. The said he had left.
After about a week ,the police gave up.
It was snowing outside, even though it was clearly April. The house was cold. I threw some logs on the fire....thats when i noticed the smell.
The firemen came, they broke through the chimney top. We were all waiting, expecting them to pull out some dead cat, or a bird...
Instead, they pulled out my father.
He was dressed in an Easter Bunny costume. He had been climbing down the chimney on Easter Eve, his arms loaded with eggs and candy. He was going to surprise us.
Thats how i found out there was no Easter Bunny.

This is the only picture i have of my father, its from the day they pulled him out. He looks so happy....

Saturday, April 23, 2011

This Is My Rifle....





$50.00 Each



Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Free At-Home Version Of STEVE BUSCEMI'S EYES!

I'm sure by now you have seen one of the best and most disturbingly and confusingly beautiful Tumblrs to emerge ever, "CHICKS WITH STEVE BUSCEMI EYES". And I'm sure that you, like me, immediately think of a thousand things you want to make ugly by splattering Steve Buscemi's puffy peepers on and laughing at his expense! But then you realize you have no photoshop skills and yearn for the good old analog days of non-electric scissors, tape, and Arsenio Hall. Well, guess what? I FEEL YOUR PAIN! And so like the true martyr that I am, I adopted the punishing task of accurately recreating the bulging beauty of Buscemi's headlights in accurate measurements and perfect detail for you Photoshop-illiterate antiquated Encino-men to physically print out, cut out, and TERROR-EYES PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE (or, as those crazy futuristic computer whizzes refer to it as, IRL)!

So go nuts, run to the grocery store, take your drivers license picture with it, make a sleep mask, or spend that last day at Coachella freaking the fuck out of people with your new demonic paper eyes! But most importantly, in the name of the man who's the reason I watch Fargo 4 times a month, HAVE FUN! Cuz we did.



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Alex Pardee x Wes Craven x Mondo Posters

Just in time for SCREAM 4, which comes out this Friday, I am proud to announce the unveiling of my upcoming poster releases as part of the acclaimed MONDO POSTERS' ongoing DIRECTOR SERIES. I am honored to be a part of the project and was excited when I was picked to work with director Wes Craven & Mondo to design posters for 2 of my favorite horror movies ever (Craven's DEADLY FRIEND being a close third! BEBE!). Anyway, check em out below, and here is a nice write up about them from our friends at Prints are limited and will go on sale on APRIL 14 ONLY THROUGH MONDO! Now, what's YOUR favorite scary movie?! And no, you can't say the Justin Bieber movie, that's way too obvious.
Here's FirstShowing:

"We've seen his work previously for special posters commemorating Inglourious Basterds as well as an awesome Sucker Punch shirt at Comic-Con in 2009, now artist Alex Pardee has teamed with Mondo to deliver two new fantastic movie posters for Scream and A Nightmare on Elm Street. One could argue that these two Wes Craven films have influenced two different generations of horror and helped the changing face of the genre in their own ways. These cool posters somehow capture the spirit of the horror and gore of each film. With Scream 4 hitting theaters this Friday, it sounds like these posters hit the web just in time.

The new posters are part of Mondo's Directors Series, and the filmmaker himself, Wes Craven, says, "It’s an honor and great fun to be chosen by Mondo to participate in their Director’s Series. I think the posters brim with wild imagination and sly humor. Thank you so much – I’m pleased my films have earned a place in your gallery!" A Nightmare on Elm Street has a print run of 160 and Scream has 140 of the prints available. They measure 16 x 24 inches and will cost you $35 each when they go on sale at some point on April 14. As always, follow MondoNews (@MondoNews) on Twitter to find out when exactly they'll be on sale. "

Saturday, April 9, 2011

"HEROES" Fukushima Charity Print Now Available.

I can only wish I was so brave.

I have been following the reports of the massive destruction and progress in maintaining and rebuilding the areas of Japan that were affected, at first, by the Tsunami and then secondly, by the radiation leakage from the Fukushima Power Plant. Had the emloyees of Fukushima ran away screaming and hiding, the plant would have completely broken down, risking a devastating amount of radiation into the surrounding areas, and possibly further. But they didn't. They stayed and fought. And they continue to fight.

I was reading a lot about the group of heroic plant workers, now dubbed the "Fukushima 50" who are selflessly risking their lives to prevent the plant's destruction when I ran across
THIS ARTICLE that really hit me. When asked why he risked his life to continue working and helping at Fukushima, Hiroyuki Kohno basically said "If I go, I will not return with the same healthy body. But I have no wife and no children, so I feel like it is my duty to fight." Almost immediately after reading that I had the urge to draw this image inspired by their bravery.

I have no idea how someone can be so brave, but I thank Kohno, and all of the other Fukushima workers for being, in the simplest term, HEROES.

My "HEROES" Print is now on sale online at Zerofriends and is available in both LIMITED & smaller, unlimited editions. Here are the details of the print as well as the information about the charity we are donating proceeds too.
Click on any pics to purchase


Designed by Alex Pardee.
Limited Edition of 200
17" x 22" Printed with Archival Inks on Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag.
Each print is hand signed and numbered by Alex Pardee.

PROCEEDS from the sales of these prints will be donated directly to the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant employees
and their families via the American Nuclear Society in support of the rebuilding process after the
devastating damage caused by the recent Tsunami.

You can read about the charity organization HERE

Detail of print:

Thank you for your support.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekend Update with Mennis Diller!

WEEKEND UPDATE…With Mennis Diller!

(*Please note, the following transcript is loosely translated into semi-proper english from Mennis Diller's seemingly incoherent speech after eating about 875 ketchup packets from Wendy's and washing it down with an entire bottle of that Crystal Skull-Vodka. Bear With Me.)

Bi-Coastal madness is happening this weekend, as I have a couple new fun pieces in 2 different shows on both the west coast and the east coast. And what fun would it be to show you guys some random fun new "My Favorite Monsters" paintings without having them already available for you to buy as of RIGHT NOW?? It would be NO FUN, i tell you. No fun at all. And I LOVE FUN!
So yah, please read on for info on both fo the cool events that I (along with a ton of other rad folk) will be a part of this weekend. Oh, and I'll be at the Sacramento one! So come say hi!

FIRST UP, On the West Coast, in Sacramento, and courtesy of the deliriously awesome ringleader, JAY 222 and the best toy store in Sacramento, Dragatomi, I will be taking the Porkchop Express to be a part of a tribute show to one of the best magical movies ever, "Big Trouble In Little China" alongside heavyweights like Dave Correia, Robert Bowen, Wayshak, Skinner, and more! Here is the flyer as well as my little contributions. The framed originals will be for sale, and I will have prints of all 4 of these available at the show on Saturday as well! But if you can't wait, the prints are now for sale online at ZEROFRIENDS. Click on any of the pics to take you to the online store.

The "BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA" Art Show will be held
On Saturday, April 9th at 6PM.


Lo-Pan, 8" x 10".

JACK BURTON. 5" x 7"

LIGHT-NING (3 Storms). 5" x 7"

THUN-DER (3 Storms). 5" x 7"

And you can get all 4 prints for one cheaper price:)

In case you live inside an old persons pants and have been raised to be afraid of awesome, here is the Big Trouble in Little China trailer!

And separately, on the other side of the country, I am playing a "tiny" roll in a very huge event that my friends and amazing artist TARA MCPHERSON & SEAN LEOPARD have put together. They are opening their brand new boutique in NY called "COTTON CANDY MACHINE" and for the opening, they asked 100 dang rad artists to contribute a tiny painting that would sell for $100.00 each! All art will be sold on a first come first serve basis the day of the event. All remaining available artwork will be put up for sale here on the Cotton Candy Machine website on Monday April 10th. Sorry but there will be no pre-sale for this event. Here is the info for the show, and you can see my contribution, plus a BONUS (!) below the flyers.

Here is my framed original piece that will be for sale at the Tiny Trifecta show at the Cotton Candy Machine. Continuing in the "My Favorite Monsters" series, this one is inspired by my favorite mixture of the Ewok Chief and Hannibal Lector: THE CHIEF FROM CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST
And once again, what fun would it be to NOT have these available as prints already? Zero Fun, that's what. So yep, click on any of the pics and go right to the ol' Zerofriends Store to purchase them online.

Cannibal Chief. 5" x 7".

Go check out this piece along with 99 other pieces this Saturday in NY!

Opening Reception Saturday April 9th, 2011
7pm to Midnight
235 South 1st Street (between Roebling and Havemeyer)
Brooklyn, NYC 11211

And while I was at it, I just couldn't stop myself from painting one of the most iconic image from that same movie, so here ya go a bonus "My Favorite (Giant) Monster" Print now available online: THE CANNIBAL GIRL (click the pics to go purchase)

And a detail…of head.

And I don't blame you if you haven't seen it, but let this trailer for CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST open your minnnnnnnnnnndddddddddd.

And lastly part 6, in case ya missed it…..THESE are now available too!!!

Thank you for your continued support.

Love, Alex & Mennis Diller!

MY LITTLE BONY Products Now For Sale!

HEY!!! GUESS WHAT!? Your favorite skinless magical creature's portrait is now available on multiple products (including our very first GIRLS Shirt!) for you to buy and love, and hopefully love so hard that you ruin them and have to buy MORE!
Click on any of the pics to teleport to Zerofriends and view/purchase the My Little Bony products!