Saturday, June 14, 2008

With this weapon...SHRED YOUR ENEMIES

Alex Pardee x Zerofriends x DING


You know that movie Three Amigos where the three goofy white guys look for El Guapo and talk to a singing bush and do a shitty little synchronized dance in order to stay out of Mexican trouble back when stereotyping was the new black?

Well, in this case, Zerofriends is Steve Martin, Ding is Martin Short, and I am for sure Chevy Chase.
Yah, we are OK on our own, but when we join together and dance in unison, strange and awesome things just happen.

This first release from DING is one of those awesome events.

If any of your mobile phones or gadgets (like your MacBook, Ipod, Guitar Hero Guitar, Wii, XBOX360, etc) are suffering from BORING-ITIS cuz they look like everyone elses, you can now give it some style and dress it in designer clothes! Well, not really, but its pretty close. Close enough that when your Ipod or cell phone goes off to school or work, all of the other plain-clothed gadgets are going to be jealous!

One of my most popular images from the "Patient" Series is now available as a vinyl "skin" from DING, a company that offers a TON of "Dings" to fancy up any and every device that you have. Probably even that old Casio watch you still have! This is really cool for me because this company is mainly focused on Bands and they took a chance with me, a lonely little visual artist, to be their first attempt outside the "music" scene. So this is a great way to show your support of my work and at the same time make all those other fuckers jealous when you are wailing on Guitar Hero using a Guitar with a giant naked Hand-Man vomiting a yellow Beast from HELLLLLL.

Check out some of the examples below, and go TO MY SECTION OF THE DING STORE
to purchase!!! And stay tuned, because if this one does well, DING will be releasing some new images in the future!!!

Direct Link to my section of the Ding Store:

Click any of these to go directly to buy some "Dings".

Sunday, June 1, 2008



Damn, son.
Over on his myspace page, CHADAM just released the first OFFICIAL screenshot from the CHADAM movie that i am feverishly working on with HD Films and Warner Bros. It's insane how much work is being put into this project from everyone that's involved.
Check out the shot above