Friday, April 20, 2012

Bi-Annual "OOPS!" Print Sale TOMORROW in Oakland!

We all make mistakes. Fortunately for our customers, which is YOU (and hopefully Warwick Davis because that new show of his is incredible), we HATE selling our mistakes. So in the process of getting the highest quality prints and shirts that we can muster, we produce a lot of "Not Perfect Enough" prints during the tweaking process. So we let these lovely child-prints stack up over the year and then hold a bi-annual "OOPS!" Sale (the second being at San DIego Comic Con) where you can get a print that MIGHT have a ding on the corner or might have a 2% difference in blue, for over 60% off of the original price!

So this weekend, at our Oakland retail store, we are having our OOPS Sale, which not only includes huge discounts on out-of-print and hard to find prints, but also t-shirts and anything else we have laying around that has a hole in it (except Abraham Lincoln).

Saturday, April 21

12 - 6PM


489A 25th St (at Telegraph)

Oakland, CA

Monday, April 16, 2012

An Amazing Kickstarter project I'm a part of!

So, with the swiftness of a perfectly folded paper airplane tossed by a gazelle, and the excitement of a volcano about to swallow a virgin, I can finally announce my involvement as a concept artist for an amazing Kickstarter project spearheaded by by good friend, great director and fellow artist Jon Schnepp. You have no doubt seen his work in a couple of pretty nice little projects that he directed already like METAL(awesome)OCAPLYPSE or THE VENTURE (holy shit that's rad) BROTHERS!

Well, now he is taking his creatively beautiful chops and teaming up with Zenoscope Entertainment, Titmouse Animation studios (the best in the west...and east), and a handful of artists to create a new "R-rated" (yay!) animated series and "R-rated" animated movie based around Zenoscope's "Grimm Fairy Tales". Whether you have read this amazing series or not, in the simplest terms, imagine an "R" Rated animated version of the famous fairy tales you grew up with, but with the visual dementia of weirdo-artists (mixed with weirdo JON) making our own versions of the monsters and characters sprinkled throughout these animated worlds, all of us internally competing to be weirder and cooler than each other.

I love Jon, I love fairy tales, I love designing monsters, I love Titmouse, I love Zenoscope and I love the other artists and animators involved (some who have yet to be announced but BILL SIENKEWICZ just got announced along with me! I want this project to get funded simply so i can see Bill's work come to life!!!)

So please take a few minutes out of your day, as our fundraising time is running out, and watch the videos documenting the progress so far, the other creative forces involved, and the cool incentives (like original Dethklok art from Jon himself!), and if you can, let's band together and make some fucked up fairy tales! AHHHHHHHHHHH.

Here is the introduction video about the project and then below is the announcement video of MY involvement in the project that I filmed while on the road on my professional biking tour.
There are more videos, more fun, and links to help finance this amazing project on our OFFICIAL "GRIMM" KICKSTARTER PAGE!

Tons of original art now up for sale

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to our VERTIGO Re-Opening at the store this weekend. In addition to re-showing some of my favorite paintings, we have also been cleaning house a little in preparation for our warehouse expanding a little bit to make room for some new merch and equipment! So that means we unboxed a bunch of one-of-a-kind ORIGINAL PAINTINGS & drawings from myself, SKINNER, Dave Correia, and even some photos from Chloe Rice, to put up on the webstore. (and we are having an "OOPS" Print sale this weekend at the Oakland store but I will send out a separate email for that this week).

So CLICK HERE and spend a few minutes to take your eyes Windows shopping. Or Mac shopping...ZING!

Meanwhile, we have a few of the new "BREATHING ARCHITECTURE" Colorway 2 Limited Prints left, so jump on that NOW! Or forever hold your breath.

Thanks again for all of the support.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Vertigo RE-UP This Weekend!

Hey! Remember that time, just over a year ago, that I teamed up with 5 of my best friends, slept 2 hours and in turn created "VERTIGO", one of the most expansive art collections that I have ever personally done but the only people that could see it in person were in LA? Well, I have some kinda cool news if you happen to be living in the California Bay Area this weekend! (Sorry rest of the world, still working with The Fly on how to do this whole teleportation thing)

This Saturday, April 14 from 12-6 PM at our Zerofriends gallery in Downtown Oakland, I will be re-displaying a selection of pieces and props from my huge nightmare-based "VERTIGO" show that was on display last year at Corey Helford Gallery. Included in this showcase is 6 of my favorite paintings from the show as well as the gigantic 9-ft unfrozen "Molar Bear" (a monstrous beast made entirely out of extracted teeth) and a nightmare-extracting music box.

But as usual, we aren't just doing a showcase. We are also releasing a brand new never-before-available Limited Colorway Giclee print of "The Breathing Architecture" (online release will happen that same day as well)

AND we are giving away a FREE signed 8" x 10" "AROMA" signed print to the first 50 people that come to the opening and ask for it on that Saturday.

This is a great chance to check out my newly opened Zerofriends store & gallery in Oakland if you haven't had the chance to yet. And I will be hanging around there for a few hours, ready to chat about the paintings or about the actual Vertigo story as it is something that is very close to my heart, so come on by, get free prints and help welcome us to the neighborhood this Saturday, April 14!

Where: Zerofriends Oakland
489A 25th St
Oakland, CA
(@ Telegraph)

When: Saturday, April 14, from 12 - 6 PM

Free admission, and FREE prints to the first 50 people to ask for one.

If you missed the collection last year, there is an entire story surrounding the artwork which you can read about it HERE if you are interested.
See you there!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Exclusives Now On Sale!

Well, we are back from the Emerald City Comic Con and i STILL don't have a heart OR a brain. But what i DO NEW PRODUCTS FOR SALE!

Including all of our new non-limited items that we released this past weekend in Seattle, it seems that the Seattle rain-fairies have granted you all a chance to purchase some of the few limited items that we have left over from the con! So take a look at all of the new stuff below, click HERE or on any of the pictures to go shopping rain-free, and then thank the gorgeous Seattle rain-fairies for all of the exclusives that they saved for you!

"Wolferine" Variant Costume Giclee Print
17" x 22"

My Favorite Universal Monsters Series 2
5" x 7"
$10.00 Each

"This Island Earth" Exclusive Limited MST3K Variant
5" x 7"
Limited Edition of 55

"The Slain Beast" Hoodie
New Sea Blue Colorway

"The Breathing Architecture" T-Shirt
Now in both White or new CRANBERRY colorway

There's a few other new things floating around so take some time to go digitally spelunking....and know that we love you.
Thank you dearly.