Tuesday, January 31, 2012


After Skinner, myself and Lamour Supreme blessed San Antonio with a 100-foot long InHuman Centipede , the Dieties have descended down on our eyeballs and have forced The Unspoken darkness to shovel gravel and blood-fire into our sinuses. In other words, unearthly illustrator SKINNER has a new book being released online THIS FRIDAY, FEB 3 at ZEROFRIENDS.com!

And Skinner himself will be on hand, armed, and in person at the ZEROFRIENDS OAKLAND Retail store on Saturday, Feb 4 from 2-3PM for the official release/selling/signing/high fiving event in which anyone who buys the book in person on Saturday will be eligible for a FREE "BUTCHER KINGS" Zine in addition to the free 8"x 10"! Full details at the bottom of this post.

Published by Gingko Press & Zerofriends, the book is completely insane in the best way possible. But don't take MY word for it, because I am biased, as Skinner and I trade illegal skin and stab each other with WarSwords and Ice-Lasers on a regular basis. Instead, see what some kind folks are saying about this mystical new art book:

"Remember that metal-influenced dude that sat next to you in class that, Instead of working on whatever stupid school assignment was handed out for the day, he drew goblins and wizards with snakes for eyes? Well, Skinner is that dude, only he MASTERED that shit." - BRIAN POSEHN

"Skinner's wild world of demonic art reminds me that it's OK to look at scary creatures in a sensual manner. Yumm." - Andy Milanokis

"He's no Picasso!" - Dana "Master Shake" Snyder, Aqua Teen Hunger Force

"I just met Skinner but I have assessed in that brief encounter that he's on the right track. Taking things in stride and going along for the ride. That's the only way to play it." - James "DALEK" Marshall

"Skinner is a psychopathic psycho. That's the worst kind, you know..." - Larry Alberts. High School Art Teacher


172 Pages, 250 Illiustrations & Photos.

8.5" x 11". Hardcover.

Each copy is hand-signed by SKINNER

And as BONUS, The first 300 books that are purchased online at ZEROFRIENDS will come shipped with a FREE 8'x10" signed & numbered giclee print from Skinner!

So, just to match Skinner's artwork, I seemed to have jammed way too much awesomeness into this post, so lets sort things out a little bit:

1. SKINNER'S new art book "Every Man Is My Enemy" will be released online at Zerofriends.com starting this Friday, Feb 3.

2. The first 300 people to order his book will receive a FREE signed and numbered print from Skinner.

3. On SATURDAY, Feb 4th, Zerofriends will be celebrating the release of Skinner's new book at the ZEROFRIENDS OAKLAND STORE from 1-5PM and Skinner will be on hand signing and selling his book from 2-3PM.
489A 25th St.
Oakland, CA
Anyone who buys the book at this in-store event will also get a FREE 'Butcher Kings" zine along with the free 8"x10" Print.

Hopefully this all makes sense, but if not, just BUY THE BOOK IT'S INCREDIBLE!!!!!!

Here is a peek at the inside of the book. See you online this FRIDAY YO!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Full Sequence. TexASS Centipede

TexASS Centipede, Full Sequence

By Myself, Skinner & Lamour Supreme


San Antonio, TX


Super High Rez Full Sequence Image HERE

A bunch more photos are up on MISHKA's Bloglin. See your ass (to mouth) again soon, San Antonio.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

"&" Show Re-Cappppp

Thank you to everyone who came out to Dave Correia & my collaborative art show at Blonde Grizzly last weekend, called "&". Among the juggling, cookie inhaling (which is called cookaling), old friends, new pants, new masks, new movies (of which INDIE GAME: The Movie was by FAR my favorite) new ideas and hell-snow, we shared a ton of hugs and high fives with the locals and loved every second. See you soon, Salt Lake. Until then, here are a bunch of Utahgraphs from "Fun-Of-A-Gun" Utahgrapher CHLOE RICE.

Also, a lot of the original paintings and drawings are still available to purchase online at BLONDE GRIZZLY now!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"BUTCHER KINGS" Original Paintings on sale!

Skinner and I have a small handful of original paintings leftover from our "BUTCHER KINGS" show that we had at Gallery 1988 and we just put them up for sale on Zerofriends!


I'm Painting LIVE in San Antonio this SATURDAY!

TEXASSSS$$$! I will be hiding in your Alamo basement this Saturday!

Being a huge fan of Pace Picante sauce, Pee Wee Herman, and David Robinson's rookie year,

I will be joining forces with my favorite artists in all of the nether-realm, SKINNER & L'AMOUR SUPREME to paint LIVE in San Antonio this SATURDAY, JAN 28, at THE WHITE RABBIT, starting at 8PM and going all night, unless we finish the butchering of our sacrificial pygmy early:)

There's a lot more specific info over HERE on ArtSlam's site, including some details about OVER 30 OTHER ARTISTS THAT WILL BE PAINTING THERE! (one of them is Cody Schibi, who you NEED to see) but yah, we will be there. Doin shit like this:


I think I'm nervous. Be nice to me, San Antonio, I've never hung out with you before....and I've been smiling a lot lately. I wanna keep doing it!

Monday, January 23, 2012

All New original art from Alex & Dave on sale now!

View & Purchase All Of the Available Artwork From Alex & Dave's "&" Show HERE!

Thank you tremendously to everyone who came out for the opening of Alex Pardee & Dave Correia's "&" Art Show at Blonde Grizzly in Salt Lake City. We are still on the road and, if you ordered anything this week, will get all caught up on shipping everything out in the next couple of days! Thank you. Until then, ALL of the paintings and drawings from the show are now up online to view and purchase at Blonde Grizzly's webstore.

View & Purchase All Of the Available Artwork From Alex & Dave's "&" Show HERE!