Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jux x ZF Artist Signing THIS SATURDAY!

If you haven't seen it yet, Alex Pardee got a chance to curate the entire "Imagination" issue of Juxtapoz Magazine, which is ON NEWSSTANDS EVERYWHERE NOW!

This Saturday, December 21st, from 1-2 pm there will be a special signing at Zerofriends in San Francisco with Juxtapoz 
"Imagination Issue"  artists Alex Pardee, Jorma Taccone (of The Lonely Island), Matt Ritchie, and photographer Chloe Rice. Get your January, 
Imagination Issue signed and if you don't have one yet you can get one there! (They will probably sign other things for you too…yep, including MacGruber DVDs!)

419 Haight St
San Francisco, CA

As a bonus, the first 40 people to show up to the signing will receive this exclusive FREE 5"x5" mini print that features Alex, Matt, Chloe and Jorma all hanging out like friendly friends.

See you this Saturday!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

JUXTAPOZ: The "Imagination" Issue is out now!

I can’t remember the last time I had to physically run away from a situation. But there has been THOUSANDS of times that I have simply wanted to escape.

When I was asked by JUXTAPOZ MAGAZINE to curate another issue, I wanted to do something different than the “Halloween” theme of last year. With the Halloween-theme, I featured artists that I have loved for years and that have influenced me visually and technically. This year I wanted to feature artists that have influenced my imagination, in some cases even since I was a child, in more ways than their visual techniques. After discussing this with Evan Pricco, the Editor In Chief of Juxtapoz over lunch, the theme of “imagination” pretty much birthed itself right there in a bowl of noodles.

The theme of “imagination” gave me a great launching point for curating this issue of JUXTAPOZ. And understanding the fact that the term “imagination” can be so broad, especially when applied to the world of art, I knew immediately which direction I wanted to go in and what specific faction of “imagination” I intended to focus on. At first, I was convinced the common thread between all of the artists I wanted to feature was that each one has created some kind of imaginary “world” with their art. But over this 3-month journey of assembling the issue, interviewing these artists, exploring the worlds that they have created, the stories written within those worlds, and discovering just WHY these artists have admirably built these universes without any promise of success or recognition, I realized that in addition to a passion for imagination, we all had something ELSE in common: a desire to escape.

Every artist and creator that I've gathered for this issue, despite any roadblocks, social opposition, competition or conformity, has spent a lifetime utilizing their imaginations, forging their own extravagant worlds to inhabit for when they wanted to escape reality. And when their worlds got large enough, these creators shared them with the rest of us, in turn giving US more places to escape to both as viewers and fellow creators. I have ventured in to each one of these artists’ extraordinary worlds consistently throughout my life and have continued to feed off of them while spending a lifetime building MY world that I hope to continue sharing forever.

This special “IMAGINATION” issue of JUXTAPOZ is NOW IN STORES and on newsstands everywhere, or you can get this issue FREE when you subscribe to JUXTAPOZ here at their website. 

Just some of the “world-builders” and imagination based features in this issue include: David Copperfield, Charlie Immer (whose amazing JELLYFACE painting appears on the cover), The Lonely Island (and their secret 4th member Barry Langsfield), Lisa Hanawalt (who is interviewed by an intoxicated Santa Claus), Edible-artist Wolvesmouth, Craola (and his love for Dr. Seuss), Matt Ritchie’s tiny overpopulated world, Tim Schafer (creator of some of the most innovative video games ever), Scott C, Tara McPherson, BUNNYWITH, filmmaker Stephen Reedy, Ransom & Mitchell, John Gourley from Portugal.The Man, Kristen Lepore, Franky Aguilar and more.
Plus beautiful portraits and photography by Chloe Rice, Homer Liwag and Bryan Derballa.

Go get it before it becomes a figment of your imagination!

PS. You don’t need to rely on inspiration if you know how to harness your imagination.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


This is both a Public Service Announcement AND a 72-Hour-Limited Edition Timed-Released Print announcement, but for public services.

According the Official Random USA poll a few years ago, an estimated one third of all Americans believe aliens have visited the planet Earth, and of these a large percentage believed alien abductions were happening frequently.

And according to reliable and accurate sources The History Channel and Animal Planet, Alien abductions can occur at anytime of the day or night and they have happened in both big cities as well as isolated outlying areas.

In numerous very detailed accounts, a light is observed outside the bedroom window and shines in filling the room. Then, aliens generally enter the room either through the doorway or walls. In some cases the victim simply awakens to find them standing by the bed. Then they get kidnapped. 

However, there are a few documented cases where the aliens don't immediately abduct the person. Sometimes, they hide in the victim's closets or, more specifically, in their giant toys. 

Big tin foil hats and weird glasses are known to protect you from alien visits, but those are stupid ideas, so instead, in order to help defend yourself from these harbingers of anal-probing, get one of these very practical and very limited "DigesTED: The Alien Prevention Edition" prints seen above (that will only be available for 72 hours) and hang it up in your room in order to inform the aliens that "Hey guys, check out this print, I know what's up and what your plans are, and I'm prepared, so I'm ahead of you. Go back to Melmac now, and stop your weird visits, thanks!"

"DigesTED: The Alien Prevention Edition"
Limited Edition Timed Release Giclee Print
Starting THIS FRIDAY, Dec 6 at Midnight (Eastern, 9PM Thursday night Pacific)
And ending SUNDAY, Dec 8 at Midnight (Eastern)
Signed And Numbered By Alex Pardee
20" x 16"

At the end of the 72 hour time period, the exact number of prints that we sell will be the exact number of prints released for the edition. So, if only 3 people, one spam email and one armadillo buys them, then the edition will be 5. Cool? We think so!

So yes, from December 6, starting at 12:01 AM (eastern) all the way through December 8 at 11:59 PM and any single minute in between those times, you can purchase this new "DigesTED: The Alien Prevention Edition" Limited Edition Print (as seen above) either online at ZEROFRIENDS.COM or in person at our Zerofriends Retail Store in San Francisco.

Our San Francisco store is located at:

419 Haight St (Lower Haight)
San Francisco, CA

And remember:

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Brown Thursday Is Almost HERE!" FREE PRINTS!


The most important part of the disease, I mean the announcement, is this:
We are giving away MORE FREE PRINTS THAN EVER BEFORE! So listen closely to the sound of your voice as you read along with the following information.
Our Brown Thursday Sale officially starts the night of Wednesday, Nov 27 at midnight eastern time (9PM pacific) and goes through Dec 8th or until supplies last.

Spend $25 or more (before shipping) on any combination of items on ZEROFRIENDS.COM and receive your choice of ONE of these two signed, numbered limited edition 8"x10" prints from ALEX PARDEE and DAVE CORREIA.

Choose from "The Pilgrim of Death" By Alex Pardee (Limited edition of 400) or "TurKid" by Dave Correia (Limited Edition of 400).
Please note in the comments section upon checkout which of the two prints you would like (if no print is specified we will send you one of the two at random). Offer good until ALL Prints are gone. Limit ONE per household while supplies last.

But that's only PART of the good part! 
Spend $50 (before shipping) and get BOTH of these 8"x10" prints for FREE! Limit ONE EACH per household while supplies last.

No need to add these prints to your shopping cart, we will automatically ship them to every qualifying order.

But OH MY GOD! That's STILL not the best part! 
Spend $150 and get one of these super-limited signed 8"x20" "Trail Of The Pilgrim" print by Alex Pardee (edition of 100). Offer good until ALL Prints are gone. Limit ONE per household while supplies last.


And an even BETTER part of this whole deal is that you don't have to wait until someone let's you in from the cold to fistfight someone to get deals! You can do it from the safety of on-your-butt starting on the night of Nov 27th at midnight (eastern, 9PM pacific)!

That's right, an entire day before some of you hoarders line up at Best Buy to get a 3-D TV you'll never watch and a Hunger Games Blu Ray for 4 dollars, you can ON-LINE UP at and check out, alongside BRAND NEW PRODUCTS, the new (temporary) slashed prices on a few Different Signed Limited Giclee Prints, all of our 8" x 10" prints and 5" x 7" prints are on sale, as well all of our t-shirts!
Sale officially starts MIDNIGHT EASTERN TIME (9PM Pacific) on Weds night (Nov 27)

Step by step instructions without illustrations:

1. Go to ZEROFRIENDS.COM, where, at the time of the sale, we will be putting up brand new t-shirts, new girls' shirts, new prints, restocking our hoodies, and more! (you can see previews below!)

2. Look around at some of the BRAND NEW PRODUCTS and take a look at some of the sale items.

3. Take notes. Smile

4. Starting On Brown Thursday (technically Wrad Wednesday night), Nov 28, (Officially starts midnight Wednesday night at midnight Eastern Standard Time) Purchase ANY combination of items equalling $25 or more before shipping and receive, along with your order, your choice of ONE of two free 8" x 10" signed & numbered print of Alex Pardee's "Pilgrim of Death" (limited edition of 400) or Dave Correia's "TurKid" (limited edition of 400)*
Spend $50 or more before shipping and receive BOTH of the free prints!

4.5. Purchase ANY combination of items equalling $150 or more and receive, in addition to the two free 8" x 10"s, a FREE 8" x 20" signed and numbered print of Alex Pardee's "Trail of the Pilgrim" Painting, totaling 3 free prints.


*Limit of ONE free print of each print per HOUSEHOLD. While supplies last.

Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you from all of us here at ZEROFRIENDS.
See you invisibly there!

(below are just previews. some old, some new. not everything is available just yet, but even on the products that are, if you want to get a free print you should probably wait or something! Good advice!)

Alex Pardee x SMUT CAVE

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Console Wars means FREE PRINTS!

In the late 80's, the Sega Genesis promised to do what "NindenDIDN't", and then fizzled into the ether after a decade-long battle, momentarily calming the vast Pixel Sea that Nintendo had claimed. Soon after, Sony emerged with a confident threat that "we weren't ready", and they were right. While Nintendo continued to make children happy with mustachioed men, ocarinas and silly cart racing, Sony's Playstation kept the adult consumers' soup warm and tasty until one day Microsoft decided to enter the ring and shit in everyone's soup bowls. 

Then, it was back and forth, and back and forth until everyone seemed to be on the same playing field, playing the same games, holding hands online, no longer alienating their friends for only having "the shitty old first generation Xbox360" or for choosing to play GTA 5 on PS3 because those controls make it easier to cheat. All was calm, even if everyone online just rage-quits or tells each other to fuck themselves and eat bags of dicks for unfair level boosting, then laughs about it in the morning.
However, starting today, November 15, 2013, THE GREAT CONSOLE WARS have begun again. 
First up to strike is the new-favored Playstation 4, unleashing its early offense until next week when XBOX-One tries heartily to take back it's crown that it once had in the early 360 days. Then, only time will tell who is prettier, who can punch harder, and who has a better strategy for taking all of our money.

And even before either of these titans goes head to head over this holiday season, everyone already has a favorite.

So to commemorate these favorites and these brave soldiers who are about to jump headfirst into battle, with only your feeble hands controlling their fates, we would like to ask you to "pick a favorite", and get that favorite for FREE with any purchase of $10 on Can't pick a favorite? Need to represent both sides of the battle? No problem, just spend $20 and get BOTH of these console warriors to stand by your side while you dish out head shots and patiently wait for the next Uncharted or Gears of War. When the smoke clears next year, we'll see which warrior fought harder, and which system emerges victorious, but remember, whoever wins, we lose (time, money and social lives). 

By Alex Pardee
5" x 5"
Open edition giclee print
Available FREE with purchase from NOW  through Friday Nov 22nd. 

Here's how to receive your FREE "Console Warriors" print:

1. Go to our brand new, revamped "ZEROFRIENDS" online store at
2. Spend a total (before shipping) of $10 or more on ANYTHING in the store.
3. Upon check-out, type in the "comments" section which Console Warrior you would like (XBOX or PLAYSTATION).
4. Complete your checkout. No can't, and don't have to add the free print to your shopping cart, it will be automatically shipped to you with your order as long as your order was placed between NOW (Friday, Nov 15th) and Nov 22 as was over $10 before shipping). Any order over $20 will automatically get BOTH "Console Warrior" prints for FREE. 

*NOTE: If you do not note which print you would like we will automatically send you one of our choice. 

**NOTE: Limit ONE EACH of the prints per oder (Limit total of 2 different prints).

Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Male Pregnancy Print! And Bunnywith Closing Show

What’s it like to be male and pregnant with a repeating monstrous baby in your head? If you’re Anthony, you know exactly what it’s like. “Anthony’s Pregnancy”, my new limited print release is AVAILABLE NOW ON Zerofriends , as part of my ongoing “Vertigo” series. 

By Alex Pardee
16 x 20 
Limited Edition of 100
$60.00 Each
Comes shipped with a free 8x10 story of "The Pregnancy" as part of my ongoing "Vertigo" series of prints and stories revolved around famed nightmare hunter Verti Parker.

Also, my "BUNNYWITH" show is coming to a close this week at Gallery 1988:East and to celebrate a successful month, I'm going back to LA and hanging out at the gallery tomorrow, Friday, from 4-6 in case you wanted to come get anything signed or just wanted to laugh at my new "one-sideburn" look.
Oh, but that's not all, because I will be at the gallery doing a Shining, i mean a signing, I will also be releasing one new Bunnywith print that will ONLY be available tomorrow from 4-6.

$10.00 Each 

Gallery 1988: East
7021 Melrose Ave (at La Brea)
Los Angeles, CA

Thursday, October 24, 2013

"WILLOW CREEK" Limited Print On Sale NOW!

A few months ago, I got a wonderful present from one of the most intelligent maniacs alive today, Bobcat Goldthwait. That present was "complete creative freedom" to design whatever I wanted for the poster to his latest horror movie, "WILLOW CREEK", which has been making a bigger-than-creek-like splash at every film festival this year. The film is centered around a couple who venture up into Willow Creek, CA, where the very first Bigfoot footage was recorded, in hopes of seeing the sasquatch themselves, even though their views on the subject are conflicting. The film moves quickly from hilarious into harrowing as they descend deeper into both the town, the legend, and the forest.  After watching the film, it was clear to see that the entire Bigfoot mythology and iconography is based off of 3 ingredients: The witnesses, the stories they tell, and the dense forest. 
So i took all 3 of those main ingredients and designed this poster, which I am happy to announce will finally be available to purchase as a limited edition print through ZEROFRIENDS starting NOW!

Designed By Alex Pardee
For Bobcat Goldthwait's "Willow Creek"
Limited Edition of 100
18" x 24"
Signed and numbered by Alex Pardee
Printed with archival inks on velvet cotton rag paper
$60.00 each


Above photo by CHLOE RICE

Bobcat has been making the rounds with this amazing film, so if you have a chance to catch it in person, DO IT! Here is the trailer for it.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Full BUNNYWITH x G1988 Art Show Info! ACK!

In 5 more days I will be opening my most prolific, ambitious, affordable, silly and IMMATURE solo art gallery show that I have attempted in my life.
This Saturday, October 19th, at 7PM, my "BUNNYWITH" show will open up at Gallery 1988:East in Los Angeles, where, in short, alongside some new paintings, toys and masks, I will be simultaneously releasing over 100 brand new "Bunnywith" prints (produced by ZEROFRIENDS), most of which will be only $10 EACH. And that's not even including a ton of free things that I'll be giving away for no other reason than because I appreciate you coming out to an art gallery on a Saturday night when you can CLEARLY instead go to the Disco or to the Drive-In to make out with people or girls. 
Well, if you're a fan of short stories with more mystery and little details, then look no further and I hope to see you there! Here's a link to my Facebook Event Info for it to remind yourself to come hang out:

However, if you want a more in-depth explanation of the silliness that will be taking place, including the COSTUME CONTEST and the print releases, then please continue to read on, reader, to decide if standing mere feet away from Pink's Hot Dogs and Golden Apple Comics on a Saturday night will be worth it for you and ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS that you will be bringing. (Spoiler alert: It's TOTALLY going to be worth it!)

I jumped in my friend Marty's delorian and went a week into the future, after the Bunnywith show opened, and collected the most frequently asked questions from everyone who showed up, and I'm glad I did because it turns out there was a lot of information about the show that I almost wasn't going to mention. So here is my future-derived FAQ's for the "BUNNWITH" Art Show this Saturday, Oct 19th, at Gallery 1988: East:

Q: What is "Bunnywith" all about? 
A: Bunnywith is about 3 feet tall.

Q: No, I mean what is the CONCEPT of "Bunnywith" about. Like, what IS it?
A: "Bunnywith" is simple. It's a Bunny…WITH something else. Like Bunnywith Hat. Or Bunnywith Herpes. Or Bunnywith A Fanny Pack made out of human skin. Each painting and print is a different "Bunnywith".

Q: Is his name actually Bunnywith? Or just Bunny?
A: Bunnywith

Q: He has no arms!? WTF?
A: Well, you have no dick, but I don't find it necessary to point that out in every photo of yourself that you put up on Instagram because I'm nice.

Q: Bunnywith sounds sensitive.
A: ...

Q: Where/when will the show be?
A: The opening reception is OCTOBER 19th (Saturday) at 7PM.
At GALLERY 1988 (East)
7021 Melrose Ave (corner of Melrose and La Brea)
Los Angeles, CA
The show will be on view at the gallery until mid November.

Q: What is the cost of admission?

Q: Will there be art for sale?
A: YES! There will only be a few larger new original acrylic paintings, but there will be OVER 100 new Bunnywith prints to choose from, in addition to some limited Bunnywith toys from RETROBAND, and even new high-end Halloween masks from Atomic Vomit.

Q: Are the prints limited?
A: No and Yes. ALL but ONE of the prints are non-limited prints, however, I can only bring so many to the opening. So there will be a limited amount of each print available for purchase at the opening. There will be ONE signed limited print being released too.

Q: If you sell out of a print at the opening, can I still get one?
A: Yes, Gallery 1988 will be re-stocking most of the prints throughout the duration of the show, and they will be selling the prints online during the show as well. 

Q: Can you show me some examples of the prints because I hate surprises?
A: you go, party pooper.
Q: Don't you mean, "Pardee Pooper"? 
A: No, that would be my butt, and you're a dummy. Meanwhile...

Q: Will the Bunnywith prints be available anywhere else aside from Gallery 1988?
A: At this point, NO. Perhaps far down the road, but until further notice, NO. The ONLY way to get these prints at this time will be either in person at the gallery or online at from Oct 21-November 15th. 

Q: How much are you selling the prints?
A: Most of the prints will be priced at $10 each, unframed and unsigned. Some larger ones will be a bit more, but the idea is to make the prints affordable enough so that everyone can go home with one!
There will be ONE framed, matted and signed version of each print that will cost a little more too.

Q: Will you be there to sign the prints if we buy them, since they are unsigned?
A: Yes, I will be there the entire night, so please don't hesitate to ask me to sign anything or just say hi. 

Q: How do I know what you look like?
A: I will be wearing giant bunny ears and most likely a non-matching beard. Like a lazy version of a Furrie.

Q: Speaking of, can I dress up? You mentioned a "Bunny Costume Contest"?
A: YES!!! Please, I encourage dressing up. It's so close to Halloween! Why not?! Though you don't HAVE to dress up like a bunny, the contest will be a "Bunny Costume Contest" so I will be awarding my favorite Bunny costume with a prize. And there will be runner-up prizes as well that I will announce throughout the week.

Q: Does it have to be a "Bunnywith" Costume?
A: Nope, just any kind of BUNNY costume. Be creative. It doesn't have to be an expensive store-bought costume. I just want to smile. My smile will be the judge.

Q: What will the main prize for the contest be?
A: A framed original "Bunnywith" piece from me. I will also be giving away some runner up prizes that I will announce via my TWITTER or INSTAGRAM @alexpardee throughout the week.

Q: What else will be going on at the show? What else will be for sale? Why should I go? I'm tired. I want to eat pizza. Saturday night is the same night that I was going to see Machete Kills. Why should I go to your show?
A: Actually, maybe you shouldn't. BUT, if you keep up with my Twitter or Instagram @alexpardee , I will be sharing a few more incentives to go, but seriously, there will be so much silly art for sale for cheap that it would be really cool if you came and hung out and chuckled with mature kids and immature adults, even if you just want to stare and wonder why there are no arms on Bunnywith.

See you there!!!
Facebook Event and Art Page (invite your bajillion friends!):

Monday, September 23, 2013

Bunnywith A Little More Information

If you're new to "BUNNYWITH", don't worry. Unless you have the intellect of Dennis Rodman, I think you'll catch on pretty easily. Just hang in there.

For being such a simple concept, I have a million over-complicated things to say about BUNNYWITH, a character and idea that I came up with almost 15 years ago while trying really hard to decipher the incoherent Jamaican accent of my Algebra teacher at Sacramento City College. But for now I'll be fairly quick. Because that origin, much like every other evolutionary step in my goofy little armless rabbit's life, felt like a joke. A long joke that might someday be worth telling, but also a joke that I pretty quickly took seriously because it was the only thing in my life at the time that made me laugh.
Well, I've managed to find other numerous ways to laugh since then, no help from Duck Dynasty, littering, OR Morgan Freeman, but nothing that has caused me to ever forget about BUNNYWITH. 

After two comic books, a short-lived web-comic, plush toys, mini-vinyl figures, a still-in-progress phone app, and a few years in between, I felt like now was the right time to introduce Bunnywith to a new environment. And a new audience: the completely accepting non-judgmental, gallery world. I think he'll be OK, though. After all, he managed to survive being the only plush toy ever on major retail shelves to come packaged with an aborted fetus. Plus, Bunnywith has been bugging me for months to be let out of his drawer (yes, he sleeps in a drawer. Not MY drawers, A drawer). 

Here's how it works for any of you wide-eyed beautiful newcomers:

Now take that concept, repeat it 100 times in slightly different (and mostly ridiculous) ways, with completely random adornments, and you have an art gallery show. Well, you don't have a normal art gallery show, you have a BUNNYWITH art gallery show. And hopefully I will see YOU there at this non-normal, silly, and possibly offensive (to weak-minded lumpy folk) art gallery show. 

Come "with" me.

Saturday, OCT 19
6 PM (Tentatively)
Gallery 1988: East
7021 Melrose Ave (At La Brea)
Los Angeles, CA

Stay tuned for more information regarding the 9 billion things that will be a part of the opening show.