Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"The Poisonous Hug"

It's new print and story time!

Ever hear the one about the Olympic athlete that became physically paralyzed because he had visions of an LSD-inducing snake? No? Well, in the words of the prophet Norbit's girlfriend, "You will NOOOOWW!"
One of my favorite paintings from my "Vertigo: The Nightmare Hunter" Series is now available to purchase as a limited edition giclee print over on the ZEROFRIENDS online store. And as a bonus it also comes shipped with an 8" x 10" print of the story that goes along with the image.
Here's all the details, including an ACTUAL detail from the print.
"The Poisonous Hug"
By Alex Pardee (ME!)
17" x 22" Limited Edition of 100
Signed and numbered by Alex Pardee
Click HERE or on the pic to buy


And also remember that I curated this months special Halloween edition of JUXTAPOZ MAGAZINE that is on newsstands now, and as a special timed limited offer, you can purchase the cover image as a limited 16" x 20" giclee print ONLY while the magazine is available on newsstands, which means that you only have about 2 weeks before it will never be available again!
Click here to buy

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Awful / Homesick" SECOND PRINTING Now In Stock!

4 years ago, Upper Playground and Gingko Press published my very first art book, called "Awful / Homesick", which was a 96-page mishmash of 3 years worth of art, photos and other silly things. Within a year it sold out completely and has been out of print for 3 years.....UNTIL NOW! Due to popular demand and ridiculous prices on Ebay for the first printing, Zerofriends, Upper Playground & Gingko Press teamed up again to re-release it to you wonderful souls.
I'm sorry to inform you though, that it's NOT in 3-D, unlike everything else that gets rereleased.
But...it DOES have an all new cover and a new surprise twist ending!
(However, if you have the original first printing of "Awful/Homesick", please note that the interior pages are the same.)
The book goes on sale TODAY at 12 NOON (Pacific time) on the ZEROFRIENDS web store for only $20, and each book comes hand signed on the inside cover by my right hand of Awfulness.
But that's not all! To compensate for the lack of 3-D in the new printing, we are making up for it. The first 500 orders of "Awful / Homesick" will come shipped with a FREE signed, limited edition 6" x 9" giclee print of my "Gatling" painting!


The Free Print, "The Gatling"
Some pages from the inside of the book:

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week 1 Roundup of my JUXTAPOZ Web Picks!

The first week has passed since Juxtapoz let me write silly Halloweeny things all over their website in conjunction with MY CURATED JUXTAPOZ HALLOWEEN ISSUE, and I think it was a pretty insanely solid start. In the next coming weeks, expect even more fun, and, as a movie poster once told me, "Prepare to be unprepared"!
Here's a roundup of the first weeks worth of articles, but i suggest you read THIS one first, as it talks about the special Halloween Questionnaire that I am passing around and it introduces the kind of fun that I want to have with this weird internet thing...
Click on the pics or the links below them to check out the articles:

That's it for this week. If you want to bookmark my whole feed on the Juxtapoz website, CLICK HERE!

Dave Correia is our PRINTS!

In the midst of my Special Halloween Juxtapoz Magazine that just hit news stands and features one of our own monsters, the amazing Dave Correia
we are proud to announce two brand new exclusive limited giclee prints by Mr. Correia, both of which are featured in Juxtapoz and are part of his "Friends In The Dark" Collection that was recently on display at Upper Playground in Portland.

"Organic Symmetry"
By Dave Correia
17"x22", Edition of 100, $50

"Sphere Of Hallucination"
By Dave Correia
17"x22", Edition of 100, $50
And, in true "fashion", we can never offer something for your walls without offering something new for your chest, or your chest might get jealous. 
So lucky for your chest, we also just released my well-known "Escaped Conviction" (you know...the neck-slit one!) Pull-over Hoodies!  
I know its not quite the holidays yet, but your chest and walls deserve a Halloween treat! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

My Jux Cover Timed-Release Print Now On Sale!

In celebration (which is what I will be doing in my head for the next year after the excitement of this) of the Halloween issue of JUXTAPOZ magazine that I curated, Zerofriends is releasing the cover as a special edition limited timed-release print that will ONLY be for sale for ONE MONTH, during the shelf-life of the issue, and then never again! And it starts NOW!
Simultaneously, Juxtapoz Magazine was nice enough to let me wrestle their website into my artsy camel-clutch submission too, so I'm going to be personally curating a lot of the web content on their site for the next month too, writing articles, reviews, and featuring a lot of art and content that will be different from the magazine. So make sure to check their website daily for updates from myself, with a little help from the whole Zerofriends crew. The first few articles are already up right now. I promise that I will NOT feature anything to do with Steve Harvey, unless Johnny Ryan draws a picture of his urethra prolapsing or something.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jon Wayshak's "FOR THE FORGOTTEN" Opens Thursday!

So....brace all of your elves, as we are bracing ours, because one of the greatest, most humble, and somehow most completely demented artists in the world will be opening his new solo art show at our Zerofriends Oakland Gallery TOMORROW NIGHT, Thursday, Sept 6 from 6-9PM! And how do we celebrate??? By GIVING YOU FREE ART JUST FOR COMING TO CELEBRATE WITH US! But more on that in a minute...

We have collectively been such huge fans of Jonathan Way$hak for years since Dave Correia, Robert Bowen and I met him at APE (The alternative press expo) back in 2001. I was convinced he was the most skilled artist in the world back then, and he's only gotten better.
Tomorrow night (and through the month) he showcases a brand new collection of work that has to be seen in person to comprehend. But if you can't make it, you can TRY to absorb some of the magic by looking at the most emotional jpegs you've ever seen below as we preview just some of his paintings and drawings that will be on display.
Here's all of the info, and we hope to see you there!
A solo exhibition by Jonathan Way$hak
Opening Reception - Thurs. September 6th, 6pm-9pm
ZeroFriends Gallery
489A 25th Street, Oakland CA

Also, remember how i mentioned FREE ART??? Well, the FIRST 50 people to show up for the opening reception will receive this FREE 5" x7" limited print, signed and numbered by Jonathan Way$hak, courtesy of Zerofriends and Way$hak.
One print per person. Must be in attendance to receive print.

Now on to the goods!

And be sure to check out Matt Ritchie's interview with Jonathan Way$hak in the new Halloween JUXTAPOZ magazine that I curated. Here is his portrait for the magazine shot by Chloe Rice:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Alex Pardee x Halloween x Juxtapoz

In what may be my greatest art-related experience since I ate an entire family of live armadillos as a performance art piece back in 2002, I just finished curating the ENTIRE HALLOWEEN ISSUE OF JUXTAPOZ MAGAZINE!
The issue hits newsstands all over the world in a few days on September 11, and I can't wait to show it off. The issue is packed full of artists who have influenced me for years, as well as some newer artists that are creating their own worlds in every aspect of art from scribbling on paper to making video games. Evan & the rest of the Juxtapoz staff were amazingly supportive of letting me showcase who I wanted and how I wanted to do it, which means that the issue has a good-sized fistful of absurdity amidst its Halloweenishness. Pink vomit, human bats, M. Night Shyamalan, the internet, dog dicks, old men, and a comic book artist who tried to give The Joker a vagina are just SOME of the fun things included amongst the articles and art that I have gathered together for this issue. Also, keep your computers and phones tuned, as I, along with my fine surgically-attached brethren at Zerofriends, will be curating the online content of Juxtapoz as well. So please check out the Halloween issue of Juxtapoz when it comes out next week! You will make us all happy! And by all I mean the huge list of artists featured in it, which includes Sam Kieth, Dave Correia, Jon Wayshak, myself, Jhonen Vasquez, Nychos, Allison Sommers, L'amour Supreme, Edmund McMillen and so much more madness that I want to vomit on myself .