Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New WAYSHAK Print Release Tomorrow!

Most of us Earthlings get one chance in our lifetime to sell our souls in exchange for ultimate power. A lot of us have already missed this chance because we weren't even aware that it was offered.
Jon Way$hak, on the other hand, not only didn't miss his chance, but he must have figured out a way to sell his soul multiple times in order to get his skills to where they are today. If you have not yet had the chance to feast your eyes on Jon's artwork, please allow this new print release to be your gateway drug. That being said, we are honored to be releasing our second collaboration with one of our favorite artists, Jon Way$hak.

Thursday night, May 29th, at 9 PM PST, we will be releasing Jon's limited "CONTRADICTION" print in 2 different editions: A "regular" edition (limited to 50) and an "ultra-limited hand-embellished" edition (limited to only 10!), both go on sale at the same time. Jon's first print that we released sold out in mere hours, so don't miss this one!

Full info:
By Jon Way$hak
16" x 20"
Limited Edition of 50
Printed with archival inks on velvet cotton rag paper
Signed and numbered by Jon
$65 each.

By Jon Way$hak
16" x 20"
Limited Edition of 10
Printed with archival inks on velvet cotton rag paper
Uniquely embellished, signed and numbered by Jon
$150 each 
(Actual product may vary from photos due to the nature of Jon hand-embellishing each one differently)


Thursday, May 22, 2014


Zerofriends' resident demon,
Dave Correia, has been literally locked away in his studio for the last 3 months preparing an entire body of new work for his upcoming art show "DARK MATTERS" at BASH Contemporary in SF on May 31st. He hasn't seen daylight in over 90 days. He has only been able to eat the fish and bread that we shoved under his doorway and he's only had his own sweat to drink.

All of that has been motivation for Dave, however, and we can't WAIT to show you what he will be unveiling for the show. But to kick things off, we wanted to release a special "sneak peek print" to help Dave ease back into the world of interacting with society before his show. So tonight, May 22nd, at 9PM PST, we will be releasing a limited print of one of his large handful of new amazing oil & acrylic paintings, this one called "COLLECTOR" available tonight exclusively on ZEROFRIENDS

By Dave Correia
16" x 20"
Limited Edition of 100
Signed & numbered by Dave Correia
Printed with archival inks on velvet cotton rag paper
$50.00 each

Remember, the original "Collector" painting, along with over 12 more new paintings from Dave Correia will be on display at his new art show "DARK MATTERS" at Bash Contemporary in SF on May 31st. "Dark Matters" will also feature the work of Zerofriends' Robert Bowen & Caitlin Hackett.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Greetings, mortals. 
At the stroke of Midnight (EST, 9PM PST) TONIGHT, May 15th, the same moment a giant Japanese lizard is unleashed upon movie screens, our voices will unleash an equally powerful beast. 
We will gather in a circle, cloaks covering our faces, candles forming a star on the dirt ground in front of the Zerofriends HQ, and we will chant these words:

"As we do this candle spell
Bring our prints 4 nights of Hell.
Candle black, paper white,
Turn bright colors black as night.
When all 4 nights of dark have past
All will hail the Dark Prints at last"

And upon that moment, and for the following 4 nights, 5 of our colorful prints from ME(!) and Dave Correia will be transformed by the spirit of the Dark Prints, creating brand new, exciting (but hopefully not cursed) collectible prints, and will be available for you to take home and bless your walls with the archival inks of the darkest lord. This spell will only last the weekend. After Monday, May 19th these "Darkness" prints will not be available any more in our online store, as they will have transformed back to their regular form.

Welcome to our very first "PRINTS OF DARKNESS" sale. Here is the specific info:

Exclusively at ZEROFRIENDS.COM, starting TONIGHT at 9PM PST (Midnight eastern), and ending 11:59PM PST on Monday May 19th, we will have FIVE DIFFERENT SPECIAL TIMED-LIMITED GICLEE PRINTS (Plus a FREE BONUS mystery 6th print!) available to purchase ANY TIME during these 4 days. The number of prints sold determines the edition size of each print. Yes, you can purchase ANY of these prints at any point during these times.

The "Darkness" prints range in size from 16" x 16" to 16" x 20".
All "Darkness" prints are $40 each, and will be available to purchase separately, or in a bundle pack of all 5 which also includes a FREE BONUS 16" x 20" mystery 6th "Darkness" print from Alex Pardee that we will not reveal until after the sale. This mystery print is not available anywhere but in this "Darkness" Bundle of prints.
The "Darkness Bundle", containing a total of 6 Timed-Edition signed prints will be only $200 (A $240 value).

Please note that these prints will NOT SHIP until May 27th & 28th due to the Timed-edition release. 

Quick Recap:

5 Brand new "Darkness" Prints from Dave Correia and myself will be available to buy this weekend ONLY.
If bought separately, each print will be $40.
If you buy ALL 5 of the prints for $200, you will automatically get a secret mystery "6th" print from Alex Pardee for FREE shipped with your order. 

All Darkness prints will be signed by Dave or me

Here are the prints that are being released.



Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I went into the year 2017 and recovered a diary of a woman whose husband went into space and got infected with an alien symbiote. You can read "The Astronaut" diary entries HERE on My Tumblr page if you want to journey into the dark future of alien possession.
Meanwhile, whether I am insane or not, I  am proud to be releasing this print based on my (and the symbiotic alien astronaut's) experience from the future.

This signed limited print might actually be simultaneously our BRIGHTEST as well as our SCARIEST print yet. And we are PERFECTLY fine with that.

Here's the release info:
By Alex Pardee
Limited Edition Giclee Print
16" x 20"
Edition of 200
Signed and numbered by Alex Pardee
Printed with archival inks on velvet cotton rag paper
$60.00 Each
(EARLYBIRD BONUS! Buy "The Astronaut" Before Sunday, May 11th at 11:59PM and INSTANTLY SAVE $10!!! The print will immediately on sale for $50 upon release. It goes up to it's regular price of $60 on Monday, May 12th)


Like a Trojan horse knocking on the front door of your castle…SURPRISE!!!!! We have a very limited supply of Alex Pardee's "300: Rise Of An Empire" Poster that he created and produced with Mondo that was only available at the movie premiere. And to make our army stronger, we want you to have one for FREE if you spend $40 or more (before shipping) HERE AT ZEROFRIENDS!

Yes, that is correct. We have 39 "300" Posters. Be one of the next 39 people to spend $40 or more and automatically receive one for FREE with your order. No need to add it to your cart, as you will automatically receive it. As long as THIS BANNER below appears on the front page of ZEROFRIENDS at your time of purchase, you will be eligible for your free poster. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014


..and so the story goes….

I've wandered the land for years. I've had my share of fun. My share of love. I've made some heroic decisions (if you count the car crash). And like everyone else, I've made some despicable decisions too (if you count the second car crash). But those decisions were always MINE. Even the decision to try to wash paper plates in the dishwasher. That was MY decision. At least, I thought it was my decision. But no….because eventually, my decisions showed themselves. When my skin started tearing, and my throat started feeling filled with small hands, and when my stomach was hurting worse than normal, that's when they revealed themselves. And that's when I realized that they have always been here. That's when I realized that I will never know who I really am. Because THEY are me. They are my decisions. And I can't control them….

By Alex Pardee
16" x 20" 
Limited Edition of 200
$50.00 Each
Exclusively on ZEROFRIENDS.COM

Anyone who purchases "THEY'VE ALWAYS BEEN HERE" through Thursday, May 8th, will automatically receive 2 of these 6 5"x5" mini "Decisions" prints (Signed by Alex Pardee) for FREE. No need to add them to your cart. They will automatically be shipped with your order as long as you purchase the print by the end of May 8th. Free prints will be chosen at random from these shown below.

Free "Decision" Prints: