Monday, October 25, 2010

NEW OLD SHIT: Stolen From The ARTchives#1: FUZZY NINJA!

Hello again. I know you have heard a lot of me today with the whole crazy IPHONE APP RELEASE I announced earlier today and spammed the shit out of Twitter, but guess what?! I never stop, cuz like, if I did, I would explode. My body works oppositely than it should, my body is like the movie SPEED, only faster, and less retarded (I hope). So, though I have already announced something crazy rad earlier today, I am no doing something completely different in the middle of the night.:)

Starting right now, at 1:30 AM, on a weekly basis for the next few weeks (and hopefully longer) I will be showcasing a new feature on this blog called "NEW OLD SHIT: Stolen From the ARTchives", where I will basically be swallowing my pride and digging up some art stuff from my past (and from some of my friends' pasts as well). Some might be tolerable, and some might be downright embarrassing, but all of it will be fun!

Case in point:

Stephen Reedy (Director of most of the Zerofriends short films) and I have collaborated on a ton of projects in the last few years. However, one of those projects has rarely been seen. Until now. And guess what!? Yep, even 8 years ago, Stephen was as insanely awesome and crazy visually as he is now. This little music video that Stephen directed and animated in early 2003 pretty much marks the first semi-official collaboration between Stephen and I, but in reality, I did little more on this project that stand 20 miles away cheering his insanity on, and I MIGHT have said, "IT NEEDS MORE BUNNYWITHS AND SOME VIDEO FOOTAGE OF YOU KARATE CHOPPING" or something. Another cool little fact about this video. It was officially and specifically created for our old homie DEADMAU5 from one of his songs back in 2003, before he was like the hugest electronic DJ ever in the universe, which kinda seems to be the case nowadays, which is insanely awesome! In fact, Deadmau5, in case you live under a bridge that does not allow any current information to cross it, is even the new mascot for DJ HERO 2! That shit is crazy. Good work, Senor Mau5 de Muerte. Stephen's main goal with this video at the time was to "make the fastest escalating action scene ever". Though I think he easily accomplished it, I think a better theory would have been "to make something to induce motion-vomiting from every part of the viewer's body within 30 seconds of epileptic fun". Mission quadruple accomplished.

Anyway, check out this fun video made by a mental patient, with music by a super successful mental patient, and featuring a herd of plush Bunnywiths from me, also a mental patient. A documented one.
Stay tuned for next week's New Old Shit!