Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Just a heads up, like my bowels after Thanksgiving, my blog has MOVED! Please go follow it over on HERE! NOW! GO! OR DIE! (you probably won't die, but you know….you might)

Monday, September 21, 2015



Veruca Salt’s father spent about $900,000 on Wonka Bars in order to get ONE Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka. So I might be the luckiest person in all of Candyland, considering that I recently received a Golden Ticket courtesy of the maniacs in the band, PRIMUS, without sacrificing anything (except my SOUL)! To clarify, I got the awesome opportunity to design a screen-printed poster for a fantastic special performance of PRIMUS AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY that happened last week in San Francisco at the famed Palace of Fine Arts.

The poster sold out at the show, but we saved a handful of them to be sold online THIS FRIDAY, SEPT 25th at 1PM Eastern Time exclusively HERE on my website (

This scrumdiddlyumptious 7-color screen-print was printed by the magical Oompa Loompas at MONOLITH PRESS on violet French paper that was magically infused with experimental blueberry gum straight from Primus’ Chocolate Factory.
This Tour-Edition “Violet” Version of the print that Primus used for their concert measures 18” x 24” and is a numbered edition of 250 (but I only have about 40 left to sell online) and comes signed by me and my snozzberries.

$50 each, on sale HERE on my webstore starting Friday Sept 25th at 1PM Eastern

But you know what? There’s so many different flavors, colors, sounds and worlds inside the Chocolate Factory, so I couldn’t just do ONE single color print! That would be sillier than Agustus Galoob’s decision to fall into the chocolate river! So here are some additional VARIANT edition prints that are each SUPER limited editions and will go fast! They won’t last nearly as long as a gobstopper.

All variant prints will also go on sale HERE on my webstore starting Friday, Sept 25th at 1PM Eastern.

18” x 24” 
Limited Mirror Edition of 8
Signed By Alex Pardee
7 colors, printed on Reflective Prism French Paper

18” x 24”
Limited Edition of 15
Signed By Alex Pardee
7 colors, printed on Black French Paper

18” x 24”
Limited Edition of 14
Signed By Alex Pardee
 7 colors, printed on Pastel Yellow French Paper

18” x 24”
Limited Edition of 8
Signed By Alex Pardee
3 colors, printed on White French Paper

Until then, keep rowing, and rowing, and ROWING AND ROWING!!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Original "EYE KILL YOU" Painting Now On EBAY!

Hello there, guardians of weasels and eaters of sadness! I just wanted to give you a quick heads up that I decided to put my new painting up on eBay, mostly because one of my favorite movies that I have seen recently is "What We Do In The Shadows" and there's a scene where Vlad the vampire says "Let me do my evil bidding…on the Internet". So now I would like to see YOU do your evil bidding HERE on the Internet.

The auction is still live for the next 3 days and has no reserve price, so whatever you bid, there's a chance you can win it to protect your walls from TERRIBLE things like wall-paper and anger-holes.

Here's some info about the painting that is HERE ON EBAY:

By Alex Pardee
20" x 16"
Acrylic & Ink on Clayboard

And here is a little step-by-step process in case you are curious about how many mistakes I make along the way. Spoiler alert: IT'S A LOT! 
Anyway, happy bidding, and THANK YOU for your support!!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2015

"PRIMUS" Limited Poster Release Info

Attention, tweekers! Call up Wynona, throw her big brown beaver into Jerry's race car with you, go pick up John the Fisherman and drive on over to South Park to celebrate with the a guy named MUD, because my PRIMUS SCREENPRINTED POSTERS ARE BEING RELEASED IN JUST A FEW DAYS ON MY SITE! (Weds, August 12th at 2PM EST if you want to be all "exact" about it)

For years now, one of the most consistently weird bands has released a brand new poster for each one of their shows while on the road. EACH SHOW! Like every 3rd night, a new poster. That's like 150 posters that are floating around in the print-iverse. All curated by the one and only ZOLTRON the Incomparable! And although I am just a little twinkle in a galaxy filled with star artists that have created these posters, I couldn't be more honored to be amongst these stars as MY PRIMUS POSTER GETS RELEASED FOR SALE! This poster originally debuted the other day at the Rose Music Center in Ohio and quickly sold out at the show. Fortunately, everyone involved was nice enough to give me a stack of posters big enough to paper-cut my entire body until I face-plant on my keyboard from loss of blood. But I'm going to be careful with them, and instead of mutilating my own body with them, I'm just going to SELL THEM TO YOU! That's fun, right!?
BUY SELL BUY SELL TRADE! That's what this crazy world is all about now and you can blame most of that on Pokemon, Magic Cards and drugs. 

Anyway, these 18" x 24" 5-color screenprinted posters were drawn/designed by me, gorgeously printed by hand by DANNY ASKAR, and blessed with some royal drool and curses by Primus themselves. Here is the specific on-sale info regarding the regular edition as well as a few fun variant editions. Both the regular edition as well as the special variant editions will ALL GO ON SALE AT THE SAME TIME: Weds, August 12th, at 2PM Eastern exclusively here on my personal site).

Here is all of the info for the poster release:
WHEN: Weds, August 12th, at 2PM Eastern
WHY: Because Primus is great. Dinosaur Jr is great. Beetlejuice is great, and life is great.

ALL OF THESE VERSIONS will be available for sale on Weds:

"PRIMUS" Tour Edition Print
18" x 24"
Limited Edition of 225 (only 50 available for sale)
5 Color Screenprint on White French Paper
Printed by Danny Askar
Signed and Numbered by Alex Pardee
$60 each

"PRIMUS" Hand-Painted Black-Plate Edition Print
18" x 24" 
Extremely Limited Edition of 6
One Color Screenprint on various colored French Paper
HAND-PAINTED Embellishments by Alex Pardee
Signed and Numbered by Alex Pardee
$150 each (limit one per customer)
*Print color is chosen at random. Because the print is hand-painted, slight variations may occur.

"PRIMUS" Blue Meth Edition Print
18" x 24"
Limited Edition of 12
5 Color Screenprint on Ice Blue French Paper
Printed by Danny Askar
Signed and Numbered by Alex Pardee
$75 each

"PRIMUS" Urine Trouble Edition Print
18" x 24"
Limited Edition of 14
5 Color Screenprint on Urine Yellow French Paper
Printed by Danny Askar
Signed and Numbered by Alex Pardee
$75 each

"PRIMUS" Purple People Edition Print
18" x 24"
Limited Edition of 11
5 Color Screenprint on Light Grape French Paper
Printed by Danny Askar
Signed and Numbered by Alex Pardee
$75 each

"PRIMUS" Original Ink Drawing
Signed by Alex Pardee
19" x 24" 
Ink on Bristol Paper

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Almost 5 years ago, I stopped writer/director Adam Green in the hallway of a Fangoria Convention in LA after he was exiting a panel discussion where he had previewed his then-new film "HATCHET 2". I was a huge fan of his previous films and, even earlier than that, a "fan commentary" track that I had stumbled upon for Friday The 13th Part 4 that he had done with Joe Lynch (who is another ridiculously cool writer/director). After I stopped him, as I had genuinely wanted to just say hello, I nervously did just that, introduced myself, and out of instinct I guess, I handed him a little art book that I had made and said something along the lines of "thank you for the inspiration, here's something I made". That little art book that I handed him was called "Digging Up The Marrow."

Last Thursday, in Berkeley, California, Adam Green and I got to show the very first public screening of "Digging Up The Marrow", the film that we have made inspired by that little book that I handed him 5 years ago. That was, in short, fucking COOL. 

Over the following week, leading up to this past Friday, Adam & I (and Zerofriends' own Proak the Fire Hydrant) got to travel across the country, continuing to show our film to new audiences in Boston, New York City, Austin and Los Angeles. That was also, in short, fucking COOL PART 2.

During what felt like the longest and shortest week I have ever had showcasing our monster movie, Adam and I also brought along merchandise, an art display that showcased some of the design work on the film, one of the actual monsters from the film (by the magical Greg Aronowitz), and some answers to some questions regarding the long and amazing process of making a film with about 20 great friends, including my new friend, the one, the only, the impeccably best appropriate hugger ever…. William Dekker himself…RAY WISE!!!

Even though we not-so-bravely fought against blizzards, cancelled flights, cancelled trains, too much luggage, snow-blind driving and basically surviving through a potentially horrific reality-show version of "Planes, Trains & Automobiles", the tour went perfectly. Every crowd was great. Every theater manager was great. Every questionably drunk cab driver was great. And every hotel that we didn't have time to sleep in was great! 

If you weren't able to make one of the tour-screenings, "DIGGING UP THE MARROW" is available now on iTunes and all VOD formats (Hulu, Xbox, Playstation, VuDu, Xfinity, etc) in the United States. It will be released in other countries soon! 

If you haven't seen anything about the film, I would suggest going into it blindly, but if you must, here is the trailer for the film:

Thank you to anyone and everyone who bought tickets to the screenings and picked up some MARROW Merchandise along the road, as that was pretty much how we paid to go on the tour! It turns out we have a small handful of "Marrow" exclusive signed tour prints (along with some Marrow Doppelgängers and the original Marrow Booklet that I handed Adam years ago) leftover from the tour and they are now for sale here on ZEROFRIENDS ( and Adam Green has the Marrow TOUR SHIRTS for sale and BluRay pre-order HERE) for a limited time.

Below are a few photos from the tour (there's a BUNCH more on my Facebook page), and although there were a ton of great questions asked during the Q & A sessions (including a super-fun Q&A hosted by AINTITCOOL's Harry Knowles at the Alamo Drafthouse), the one question that Adam and I keep asking OURSELVES is….HOW AWESOME DOES THIS FEEL TO MAKE A MONSTER MOVIE TOGETHER?! In short, it feels REALLY fucking cool!

Thank you everyone. Expect more journeys into The Marrow in the future. We loved it down there. And thank you to Paul Bustamante for a lot of these photos and the photos on my Facebook page.

Saturday, February 7, 2015



Q: What will you have for sale?
A: A lot of things that have embarrassed me at some point in my life. Old zines I made when I was angry, comics, a few paintings I’ve never shown anyone, some rare prints and artist proofs, CD’s I’ve designed, vinyl records, and a toy or two.

Q: Can I buy anything online?
A: For the most part, NO. This sale is like a weird garage sale, and I’ve checked with about 14 weird garage sales, and none of them have sold things online, so we aren’t either! HOWEVER, I am keeping some things aside and will be putting a small number of rare items on eBay starting MONDAY, Feb 9th so that people outside of the Bay Area don’t miss out on EVERYTHING. Stay tuned for the link to the online auction.

Q: How much is stuff gonna be?
A: A little bit more, a little bit less. Plus dollars.

Q: Will you sign something for me? Then will you sketch me something crazy if I buy something?
A: Some things are signed already, but I would be happy to sign anything you buy if you want. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to draw at this event because I GOTTA HUSTLE AND MAKE MONEY TO MOVE TO A NEW PLANET! Space ships aren’t cheap, you know?!

Q: Why is that yellow “Awful Homesick” book so expensive?
A: That is a first edition printing of the book from around 2008. There were only a couple thousand books printed with that cover. After it sold out, Gingko (the publisher) reprinted a lot more, but with a different cover and in a larger edition size. In the Book World, this version would be considered an “older one”.

Q: Will you be selling any original paintings?
A: There are a few small paintings for sale, but I will have one LARGE 3-piece painting that will be part of a “Silent Auction” throughout the day during the sale.

Q: What is a silent auction? Can I still place a bid if I am not a mime?
A: Of course. The way a silent auction works is that you just place your bid on a piece of paper and keep checking back throughout the auction to see if you have been outbid. If your bid is the winning bid, we will contact you at the end of the sale if you aren’t present.

Q: Can I be part of the silent auction if I can’t make it to the store?
A: Technically, yes. You can call and place a bid. However, the silent auction will be for IN-STORE PICK UP ONLY! So if you win, you have to come pick it up! The painting is too big to ship.

Q: How long will the sale last?
A: 11AM – 6PM Saturday, Feb 7th. If there are any left over items, they will still be available to purchase in the store all weekend, but I will not be there after Saturday.

Q: Do you take credit cards?
A: Yep. Thanks to technology, shout out to Square and iPhone, I will accept credit cards as well as cash.

Q: Do you take trades, like in Bartertown? I love that movie!
A: I love it too, and sometimes in the past I have taken trades, but not this time. I’m trying to move and condense what I have, not get more! Trading time will happen again sometime! Thanks for understanding!

Q: What are you talking about?
A: I don’t know, I’m tired!

Zerofriends SF is located at
419 Haight St (right around the corner from Upper Playground in Lower Haight)
San Francisco, CA
(415) 872-9109

The Moving Sale starts at 11AM and goes until 6PM or until supplies last. See you soon!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


It's time to call The Lucas Bros, because I'M MOVING! And what's the number one most stressful thing that goes along with moving? Survey says……CRYING! Wait, ok, what's the number TWO most stressful thing that goes along with moving? That's right: CLEANING! Cleaning under beds. Cleaning out closets. Cleaning out whatever is underneath the molded zebra blanket that's still covering the shopping cart in the backyard for some reason. Wait…is that blanket…also…moving? Ha, what irony! 

Anyway, amongst my extreme-hoarder-style cleaning I came across literal haystacks worth of rare art prints, personal samples of products that I've made, zines, first-print books, toys, prototypes that NEVER got made, and other random morsels that have collected microscopic dust-creatures for a while. So I dusted them off, hugged each one of them, said thank you to them for allowing me to make them, and then figured that it was about time that they all went and visited other peoples' homes for a while! That's you! You're "other people"! 

So I'm having a MOVING SALE! All of these items, plus more that I'm finding throughout the week, will be on sale at ZEROFRIENDS SF (our San Francisco retail store) THIS SATURDAY! 

Here's the full details:
Saturday, Feb 7th from 11AM - 6PM
419 Haight St (Lower Haight around the corner from Upper Playground)
San Francisco, CA

*Sale will be IN STORE ONLY. First come first served! Nothing can be held over the phone. Nothing will be put online (although there MAY be a couple of silent auctions that anyone can participate in so stay tuned). You have to come to the store! It will be fun! My inner gypsy will be frolicking as I desperately try to raise some money to help with my move! 

Make sure you follow my instagram @alexpardee and the store's instagram @zerofriendssf to see some more individual items that will be up for sale on Saturday! 

See you SATURDAY! Meanwhile, watch this trailer for one of my favorite movies because THIS IS EXACTLY WHATS HAPPENING IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015



Starting on Feb 12, 2015 in the San Francisco Bay Area (technically Berkeley) at Shattuck Landmark Cinema, and ending on Feb 19 in Los Angeles at the Landmark Regent Theater, my 5-year-old-conjoined monster-hunting brother Adam Green and I will be adventuring across the US to 5 cities in one week showing and sharing our new feature film "DIGGING UP THE MARROW" before it gets officially released on February 20th!

These “Touring Through The Marrow” events will include a screening of the film, a pop-up art exhibit of my original artwork that inspired the film alongside never-before-seen concept art and photos from the film’s production, an audience Q&A with Adam and myself, one of the actual “monsters” from the movie “in person”, plus artwork, books, and other exclusive tour merchandise for sale.

Below you will find the specific dates and theaters that we will be stopping in. Please note that the "San Francisco Bay Area" screening is technically now in Berkeley:)

Tickets for the tour will go on sale SOON through each cinema directly.  There are two options for ticket prices.  A REGULAR admission ticket to the event is $15, however if you’re hoping to secure an exclusive limited edition art print from me, we’re also offering a $50 "VIP ticket.”  A VIP ticket is all about the print.  By purchasing a "VIP" ticket you are guaranteed one of the limited DIGGING UP THE MARROW art prints created by me and available on this 2015 tour only.  (Pictured here.) 

Each 16" X 20" giclee print is produced by Zerofriends using archival inks on velvet cotton rag paper.  VIP ticket holders just need to present their ticket at the merchandise booth after the film to pick up this print.  For non-VIP holders, prints will be priced at $50 in person but only available while supplies last at each event (alongside other tour merchandise). So by buying a $50 VIP ticket you can look at it like you are buying the print and getting your admission for free... or you can look at like you are saving $15 off of the print... whichever way you want "dig" it.  But don’t fear, not everyone in your party needs to have the same priced ticket to sit together or to meet us. We will do the best we can to high-five everyone!  Every screening is first come first serve open seating and the guys will be happy to speak with and sign for everyone.  The VIP ticket is only for the print (and a tiny little extra "sample" of the marrow, but more on that later…)

As soon as tickets go on sale we will be the first to tell you! Stay tuned, as I think the Marrow trailer drops soon too...

Thurs 2/12 – Landmark Shattuck (Berkeley, CA) (This is the only San Francisco Bay Area Screening)
2230 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704

Mon 2/16 – Landmark Kendall (Boston, MA) – Presented by Rock N Shock 
One Kendall Square, 355 Binney Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

Tues 2/17 – Landmark Sunshine (NYC, NY)
143 East Houston Street, New York, NY 10002

Wed 2/18 – Alamo South Lamar (Austin, TX) - Presented by Ain’t It Cool / Harry Knowles
1120 South Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX 78704

Thurs 2/19 – Landmark Regent (Westwood, CA) **PREMIERE**

1045 Broxton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024