Friday, October 15, 2010


We got into some Big Trouble In Lower Haight the other night for Movie Knights, with guest host, artist Robert Bowen. It was our biggest and best turnout, which was awesome. We only have 2 more events left, PLUS a special Movie Knights this SATURDAY, October 16, where we will be showing Return Of The Living Dead, plus an extra special secret guest will be showing something special and secret:)

Here are some photos from our "Big Trouble In Little China" Movie Knights event!

The Guest Of Honor, Robert Bowen, sat in the Guest-Of-Honor chair, but Danny Trejo's girlfriend was angry about that.

Artist Dave Correia wins for best interactive shirt ever. Hands Down.

While Robert Bowen wins for least expression ever.

Jack Burton and Double-Laughing-Chin.

Yes, its blurry, because it was THAT rad of a croud.

Hahahaha Paul, where did all of your cheese go???

In my FACE is where it went!!!

Oh no, too hot, too much, too….cheese!

Spilling into the streets.

Robert & I getting into Big Trouble.

Then we all watched Tiger Woods hit a ball!

After the movie, we passed out fortune cookies, and if you're fortune said you were a winner…well, you WON! We gave out 5 special Artist Proof prints of a piece that Robert & I had collaborated on. Print available soon at

Taking pictures of taking pictures.

We love these two (balti)MORE than anyone!

The happy ZF Crew

They all survived to the end. And look, our ratio was AWESOME this time. 6 GIRLS!!!!! Good job, Movie Knights!