Thursday, October 7, 2010


Our MOVIE KNIGHTS special "Night of the…" Night was a creepy blast. Total Slug Fest. Thanks to everyone who came out, and who continues to support the Zerofriends SF Retail store so we can continue to do little fun events like this. Here is a little photo re-cap from last night!

Hello, and welcome to DISGUSTING LAND, a world full of CREEPS and CHEESE and ITALIAN NIGHTMARES.

RIght after this photo was taken mid pizza-punch, I presented a fun group of trailers for the "Night of the Night", including some champion trailers, like "Night of the Comet", "Night of the Lepus", "Night of the Demons", "Night at the Roxbury", "Dark Night of the Scarecrow", "Night of the Living Dead", and even "Night of the Treeple":)

Zerofriends Co-owner Darren showed us how tiny he can make his mouth, while I showed us an interpretation of what my brain feels like most of the time.


Introducing the main feature, "NIGHT OF THE CREEPS", and listing all of the things in the movie that make it perfect, such as: Aliens, alien-subtitles, making out, meteors, slugs, the 50's, zombies, the 80's, Tom Atkins, puns, unibrows, handicapped people, Rusty's European tour, and Cynthia Cronenberg.

Paul was already laughing even before the movie started. This, btw might be my favorite picture of Paul ever.

After we got CREEPED, and the movie ended, we unanimously agreed that we all hated the BRADSTER, but no one more so than artist Robert Bowen. So….unlucky for him, The Bradster showed up right at the end! And so Robert had to take care of him….

Hey Brad, you're CRUISIN, man….you got DONE, DUDE! Don't take it personal! Oh shit you are full of delicious slugs and worms!! You ARE good for something!

Night of the Knights!

See you next week!!!