Saturday, October 23, 2010


Just a quick update from the road, on the Calvin & Hobbes Newspaper 2010 Tour…..

...where Cage & I are running around like madmen trying to say hello and goodbye to as many people as possible, wishing I had my Tardis fixed so I could buy a little more time. But as soon as I get back, on Sunday, a special amazing friend will be visiting the ZEROFRIENDS San Francisco Retail Store!
On Sunday, Oct 24, artist, survivalist, humanitarian, and overall inspirational human being MIKE KERSHNAR will be doing a special live-paint-jam session at the Zerofriends store, where he will also be hanging out, chatting, signing things, and enlightening anyone within 100 yards.
I met Mike years ago at the Agenda Trade show after he had recently just travelled the world, lived off of the land, and created art with different tribes and children from everywhere. A well needed shot of inspiration, talking with him and seeing some of the art that he created, in a way, planted the seed for my Sketch 4 Sketch tour as I was envious of the fact that he just took off and travelled, no second thoughts, and created spontaneous art anywhere and everywhere in its purest form. A good dude, that Mike Kershnar:)
And though I am rushing home that morning from the L to the A, I will be stopping by to exchange good vibes and steal some hugs form Mike, and I suggest you do too!! Here is the info:

248 Fillmore St, SF, CA
Sunday, Oct 24.
Painting, signing, hanging, chatting, being awesome.

Come join!

Mike in action.

900 BATS!!!