Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I'm a little late with this recap, but I have an excuse. I was stuck in Antarctica and I couldn't leave without first figuring out which one of my friends was infested with alien blood. Took me a while but I figured it out. It was the Oatmeal guy. I thought he just had diabetes, but nope, total Alien blood. What a dick.

Last week's Movie Knights event was co-hosted by none other than David Effing Correia, who wisely chose to show John Caprenter's remake of The Thing From Another World, aptly titled "THE THING". As our second to last Movie Knights event, the crowds are getting larger, louder, and more rowdy (we even almost had one rape and 2 bayonet stabbings last week! COOL!) and in turn, we are having fun. So here is a fun little photo recap last week:) And this week, for our FINAL MOVIE KNIGHTS event, I am showing my favorite thriller drama ever, "THE ROOM"! This weds, come on!!!

The Night started off with with some tongue, as surprise guest Kurt Russell accosted artist Lucien Shapiro's mouth!

And though he looked constantly concerned, Kurt Russell seemed to be honored that super-talented (and beautiful) artist/designer Hannah Stouffer was hanging out drinking elk's blood and dancing.

He then conned Hannah into a loving headlock while his chest-Kurt stared creepily at her.

There was no gratuitous pizza shot this week, so you get a REMIX of an old one!

When fans draw while watching movies at the store, and make awesome art within like the 2 hours we are hanging out, it makes me really happy.

I try to draw also, but I still get nervous and just scribble ghosts with boners and flying squishy heads.

Oh, hello CAGE, what are you doing here? Hmm, are you possessed? maybe Kurt Russell's perfect imitation of his shirt mesmerized you. And Dave Correia, why are you so far away, this was your night? Perhaps you, too were mesmerized by Chest-Kurt.

"So, umm, Dave?" said Kurt Russell, "you mind if I talk for a long time about my chest?"

Some people can't hang with Kurt Russell's rage.

From left to right: Chris McCreary, Robert Bowen, Jeben Berg (mouth agape), Ken Harman, and Kurt Russell who, luckily, was very alert and spotted danger right at this moment, saving the others from doom.

Alright, Dave Correia, show that dang movie already!!!

Wait! Before the movie starts, let all the girls look at my ass-thing.

Dude you're STILL sleeping??

After the movie ended, Sean Leopard, Kurt Russell, and Dave Correia held a cool raffle where 4 winners received a giclee print of one of the greatest THING-inspired paintings EVER MADE, by the host himself, Dave Corriea! Look at this THING!

This 11" x 14" print (along with a ton of other cool stuff) is available NOW on
Dave Correia's webstore.
You can purchase the print by CLICKING HERE or on the pic above.



Almost everyone stayed until the end, and this was the biggest Movie Knights photo yet.

Then, as if the Antarctic God's warmed my heart, the actual monster dog featured in the opening of The Thing just wandered in and made the night extra special. Man, Kurt Russell AND the dog? Such a good night. See you tomorrow when we channel the spirit of TOMMY WISEAU!!!!