Sunday, June 28, 2009

Handful of shirt....and potatoes

We here at Zerofriends are pretty open-minded when it comes to being creative. We find inspiration in the weirdest places sometimes, whether its the reflection of our faces distorted in the toilet water when we pee, or the dab of ketchup that ends up on our chests as we sloppily molest a burger with our mouths. Or, as an actual example, this candid photo that was snapped during our annual Zerofriends potato feast:

One look at this photo and we all agreed: "FUCK YAH, NEW SHIRT!!!"
Direct link to photo:

And so, I present to you, the "HANDFUL" shirt, a brand new exploration in potato-inspired apparel.


Direct link to purchase the "HANDFUL" shirt:

Detail shot:

And if that isnt enough motivation, we are continuing the tradition of telling stories with our apparel, as the following story about the graphic is printed on the inside of the shirt:)

"I went to school with a kid named Tommy Revenge who had an abnormally large right hand. Not just abnormally large for a 12 year old. Plain old abnormally large. He couldn't wear both gloves so his Mom wrapped his huge hand in a towel when it was cold, but the extra weight made him lose balance a lot. One morning we were all playing chicken with the groundskeeper and his ride-on John Deere like we always did, but Tommy's hand must have weighed a lot that day, because he got real close, and then just collapsed to his right, and fell under the lawnmower blades. Ironically, after the lawnmower completely diced him like a carrot, his huge right hand, the last thing to enter the blades, jammed them, destroying the machine. We always said that at least his last name suited him, as Tommy got his "Revenge". Kinda."

Thank you.