Thursday, June 11, 2009

Who's hoooouuuse?? Zack's house.

Look who's now the proud owner of my "Secondmen" painting!!?

Why, of COURSE it's Zack Snyder, Director "Watchmen", "300" and one of my favorite remakes, "Dawn Of the Dead"!

Zack is dope, as I got a chance to meet him last week and seriously geek out on some stuff. I'm sure I probably Urkel-ed the fuck out of him, asking a ton of questions in a geeky voice, all about how the studio let him do DAWN they way he did, the reception of Watchmen, Gerard Butlers ABS! (note, ohmygodholyshit they were REAL and he SAW THEM!!!) and a ton of other stuff. But in true professional fashion, he was gracious as hell and not only chatted with me about everything, but talked to me a lot about his next projects, including a dark animated film about owls and an awesome secret project. we had a blast (at least i hope we did. haha) He (as well as his whole production team) is super supportive of us weirdo artists and it was really refreshing. If only someone didn't already fuck up the Day Of the Dead remake I would have begged to be a PA on that shit just to eat some flesh in the background.

So my final review of Zack: 9/10. I would have given him a 10 but he was in sweats!! It's impossible to get a 10 in sweats!