Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thank you for letting me hug you in person...

Thank you to everyone who came out to my recent signings and release of the Krakken....i mean the release of the Walrus Rider toy! The signings are really fun because I'm usually pretty shy but these give me an excuse to talk to you and it's cool meeting fans, friends, and strangers who don't mind that my nervous sketches look more like my hand turkey drawings than they should.
If you missed the releases, you can still buy the Walrus Rider in select stores, or thru the Loyal Subjects ( or thru Upper Playground (

A HUGE HUGE, MILEY-CYRUS-MOUTH-SIZED THANK YOU to everyone at Upper Playground, The Loyal Subjects, and Munky King for making these events happen and for helping create the Walrus....

Heres a little selection of some photos from the events:

My good friends over at TOYBREAK (a cool, fun Toy Review show) came by the LA signing and ended up reviewing the Walrus Rider on their latest video episode which i embedded below. "Embedding" kind of implies that I forced this video into bed, which, for the record, maybe i DID. but who cares. Check out the review and checl out some of their other episodes OVER AT TOYBREAK