Thursday, June 4, 2009


My solo show, "SELF PORTRAITS OF OTHER PEOPLE" opens in 2 hours @ upper playground in portland, and i am very excited and nervous, as usual.

Meanwhile, a brand new episode of "The Jace Hall Show" debuted today with a HUGE segment about the CHADAM project that I have been working on for so long! The Jace Hall show is a cool internet talk/comedy show focusing on the video game and internet industry. Now i join the ranks of Ice-T, Tom Green, James Gunn, Olivia Munn, and a ton of other cool peeps as a guest on the show.
Check it out, its really exciting and you finally get to see some cool shit from the project, and don't pay attention to Corey's lack of intelligence or golden shorts. He seemed a little "special". Hope to see you tonight if youre in Portland. If not, hope to see you in my dreams!

if you are having trouble viewing the video, here is a direct link to it on Crackle.