Friday, October 10, 2008

Zerofriends x Union Massacre Saturday night in petaluma, ca

Last minute thingy:

Like a good little snitch in the projects, i wanted to drop some quick info and get the eff out of cyberspace for the night.
Looks like ZEROFRIENDS is going to be a last minute addition to the annual UNION MASSACRE show at the PHOENIX THEATER IN PETALUMA, CA this SATURDAY NIGHT @ 8 pm.
We just got a few BRAND NEW SHIRTS in and we are itching to show them off, so we are barging in on the event like Pilgrims and setting up shop.
In addition to some new shirts, we will have my art book, AWFUL / HOMESICK available for purchase too, and if you don't mind a drooling, sad and exhausted (but insanely powerful) chipmunk handling your goods, i would be happy to scribble in it for ya.

Also at the event, my favorite bi-polar bear TOPR is headlining, with Real Talk opening.
And 2 amazing artists, Chris Jehly and Sorrow will be live painting and blowing minds (and maybe mimes) all night. Should be fun.

$10 a person.

Oh, and I will have a couple of small pieces for sale at the auction as well.
Stay cute.

Direct link to the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA: