Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Night of the Widgit

Hey everyone. so this is pretty rad, Hurley put together a widgit that is like a mini store for my myspace page where you can purchase any of the "Night Of The Treeple" shirts DIRECTLY FROM MY PROFILE!

its cool because it keeps a constant count of whats available so if something is not available in a certain size or whatever, it just wont show it. as of right now, everything is available.

Unfortunately, there are no womens cuts available right now. When we were developing the line, there was some hesitation that girls would be into some of the graphics, so if you want to still see some of these in girls cuts, you should send Hurley some support and love and suggestions here!!!

in the meantime, check out the little widgit thing here or on my profile page and get to shoppinnnnnnnn. they ship worldwide.

oh, the other little cool thing about this widgit is that you can embed it on your profile or your other blogs or facebooks or anywhere else that allow you to embed it, which would be rad cuz I need all the help i can get to assure that this "Cinematic Apparel Line" is able to continue, because, after all, wouldnt you like to see more shirts based on fake cheesy movies??? Imagine some shirts based on a zombie romantic comedy, or a Killer Car movie?!

anyway, thanks for your continued support. you are my wonder bra.