Friday, October 31, 2008

"...and now APE will run red with blood again!!!"

Just a quick heads up before I don my Kurt Russell disguise and pumpkin the shit out of tonight.

Zerofriends, my apparel and publishing company, will have a booth set up at the APE Convention (Alternative Press Expo) in San Francisco this weekend, Nov 1-2.

Link to APE:

I will be floating around the booths (Zerofriends is BOOTH #150) off and on both days in my usual nervous fashion. But DS and Captain Shotgun will be manning the booth if I'm meandering, so come say hi to all of us. We will be set up alongside the usual gang of assholes, Dave Correia (Play With Knives), Jon Wayshak, Brad Isdrab, Lucien Shapiro, so come say hi, and check out a bunch of the new apparel in person as it smells better than online.
Also, we will be selling BUNNYWITH #2 for the FIRST TIME IN YEARS!!! Its been sold out forever and we finally had it reprinted just in time for APE.

And lastly, in addition to some of our regular Giclee prints that we offer, we will be debuting a new, smaller, but ULTRA-CUTE (god damn corgi puppy cute) 8 x 10 Hand Signed Giclee print available for only $10. Check it:

And on Saturday night, right after APE, is the CROM art show at Varnish Gallery that a lot of the artists at APE contributed Conan pieces to!

Hope to see you there.