Friday, October 17, 2008

Uninformed Man has an announcement...

Here's my friend, Uninformed Man, to tell you about something:

"Like me, my friends at TRADITION think Satan is the MAN. He sits in a Death Throne all day and just yells up through the ground at people he hates and his voice kills them with its INSANITY, and that's pretty rad. Plus his mom, Satania, was a cool enough mom to pop him out on Halloween, so he has the best birthday day ever. And Satan's birthday is right around the corner, so we all wanted to get him something special. But since he already has Jesus' ashes in a vile that he wears around his neck when he works out (just to show off), the Tradition homies organized an art show in his honor, that centers around The Occult, Horror and all things Halloween. It's gonna be so rad!"

So ya, thats PRETTY close to what's really going on. But basically, my friend EYEONE has organized a Halloween-themed art show at TRADITION in LA. Along with myself, there are a bunch of dope artists in the show, like AXIS, J. Bannon, Marco Zamora, Eye One, and more. If you are around the LA area this weekend, here's the info.

When: Saturday Oct 18, 2008
at 7:00 PM

Unfortuantely, i WILL NOT be in attendance because I'm too far away and my arms are too tired from flying down there a hundred times in the past 2 months. But i think everyone else should be there, including the guys from DETHKILLS doing live screenprinting!!!

Here are the quick little pieces I did for the show, which revolve around the fact that BATMAN (yah, your favorite masked detective) was originally an ancient mythical cult being whose story was basically about a bat hunter who, in a fit of symbiotic revenge rage, captured the bat that killed his wife and, since he couldnt live without his wife, he wanted to show the bat what it was like to depend on someone else for life and love. So the hunter shoved the Bat onto his head like a mask and forced the bat to remain a part of him. Shortly after, the tables turned and the hunter's foolish attempt at revenge backfired when he suffocated and died. The bat then took over the hunter's body and used his new found appendages and abilities to lead warriors to kill weak people because it was fun. True story.

Happy Halloween!!