Monday, October 6, 2008


So, the SPARKS x UPPER PLAYGROUND Tour Is over, and i am tired and crusty. But it was an amazing experience and we capped it off with a few days and a dope event in Phoenix, AZ.
The event itself was rad and a ton of people came out, but the set up was a little weird because we were behind a gated blockade so that, on top of it being really loud meant that we couldnt hear too well. And add in the fact that I actually got really nervous in the middle of the event and was silently freaking out for some reason meant that I probably didnt get to meet as many of you as I had wanted to. If you came out to the event and I was an asshole to you or you thought i was ignoring you, I completely apologize (except to that drunk Indian that threw Scope on a little girl). It wasn't intentional.
That being said, Nate is still a Monster, and Sam is still a Tiger, and I love them both.

And a special thank you to DumperFoo for helping out a ton with the event, and helping out a ton with THE FUNNNNN. The dude is an awesome artist and he's running shit in the AZ, so watch out!!!

Enjoy....(More pics to come soon)

The finished pieces. Shortly before the event, the following conversation took place:

NATE: I think for the show I should do this angel/devil thing in the middle with his wings spreading out and kinda flowing into your pieces.
SAM: OK, cool, then I will do a guy with a dragon head dress and it will kinda flow into the wings of your demon.
ALEX: Yah that would be rad, and then I will do an immense pink sack tumor guy with a slit open face and he will be vomitting blood and eyeballs...
ALEX:...but like...I will make it good, maybe?

Sam Flores

Natefoot's Piece


3 Amigos

Phoenix is actually amazingly beautiful for an hour a day!

Nate and I went down a day early to hang out with Matt, Tyler, Joey, Sandy and Todd McFarlane (creator of Spawn) from McFarlane Studios. Seriously, if you ever assume that McFarlane is "all corporate and shit" i command you to A) Suck a leper's dick, and B) go down and visit those dudes and they will out-hang you in anything you can throw at them. and we threw a LOT at them... The whole experience was insanely refreshing and inspiring and i have to formally thank the guys for making us welcome there. And yah, Spawn's a little shorter in real life. And like Nate, he likes to hold mens' hands.

The tools of the trade, both for painting and for watching bowling.

Mickey Moose

Nate punished himself for our sins, and, in turn....

also punished himself in the head when he could no longer hold up the cross.

Joey from McFarlane drew a perfect rendition of Nate and my relationship.

Then Nate and I collabbed and drew our perfect (tho slightly disappointing) girlfriend.

More pretty...

My glamour shot....when you drink too much Sparks, the Sparks comes back out on its own because its CRAZY!!!

Nate's glamour shot...when you drink too much Sparks, you can raise the roof!!!

Sam's glamour shot....when you drink too much Sparks, you morph into a Furry.

The travelling circus of awesome.

I am going to miss them all.