Monday, October 27, 2008

"Suffer no guilt, ye who wield this in the name of CROM."

My mom almost named me Conan, which actually would have been more appropriate later in my life because one time, this Mongol General was interviewing me and my scrappy little Mongol friend, Tegus, and the General asked Tegus, "Hey, man, so what do you think is BEST in life?"
And that little pussy Tegus said some shit like "Oh, i dont know, maybe like, having a pet falcon on my wrist, and like some wind in my hair."

I almost punched him. That's the gayest answer he could have said. I was stunned, i knew we were dead. The interview was going to be over. The Mongol General was visibly shaken, as he turned to me and screamed:
"To crush your enemies", I responded firmly, "to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!!"
The Mongol General calmed down..."Good", he said.."That is good."

Because of my quick Mongol wit, i flipped that interview into one of the best ones ever.

And now, because of my past with a bunch of fantasy shit like that, its only natural that I would like to take part in "CROM", a group art exhibit curated by
DAVE CORREIA, featuring a handful of artists who are exhibiting new artwork all based around the CONAN movies!

The artists exhibiting are:
Dave Correia
Sean Andress
Lee Balard
Robert Bowen
Jennifer Chang
Jahkeeli Garnett
Brad Isdrab
Harper Jaten
Jerome Opena
Alex Pardee
Lucien Shapiro
Aiyana Udesen
Nate Van Dyke
Jon Wayshak

It's going to be fun, as the show takes place RIGHT after the APE (Alternative Press Expo) convention that most of us on the list will have booths at during the day.
So yah, go to APE, get some weird comics that have drawings of Cary Elwes, and then come over to VARNISH FINE ART Gallery and check out the CROM show. Here is the info, above is one of my pieces that I did for the show.

77 Natoma St
San Francisco, CA 94105

Saturday, November 1st, 2008
7pm - 10pm

Join us to celebrate the opening reception for Crom group show of artists participating in APE (the Alternative Press Expo).
Admission is Free; You must be 21+ to attend