Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Treeple Apparel available to buy now!!!!

So, today is the day.
No, not for THAT.
Today is NOT the day that marks the anniversary of Simon Birch's circumcision, jerk. That was yesterday. (PS, congrats, Simon!!)

Today, Oct 1, marks the official launch of my "Night Of The Treeple" apparel line of shirts and hoodies, which are now AVAILABLE TO BUY ONLINE AT HURLEY AS OF THIS SECOND!

direct link to site:

Also, in addition to being able to buy the apparel, the new NIGHT OF THE TREEPLE Website also has a new exclusive video of me painting the new corporate store, as well as some codes in the download section to turn your myspace into a full-on, Treeple page!

Thanks to Russ, John, Evan and the whole web and e-commerce team at Hurley for putting together the site and for getting my vision off the ground and running like Forest Gump.
Actually, I really need to thank EVERYONE over at Hurley because a LOT went into the production of this, as we have all worked on all aspects of the product for months to make sure that it went far beyond my original vision.

And if you are weary of buying things online, or don't have the ability to (because you are a leprechaun and leprechauns can't buy shit online with GOLD), here is a small sample of retail stores that the TREEPLE clothes should be appearing in within the next couple of weeks (some stores may already have them, and if not, demand that they order them from Hurley!!!)

Check them out in these stores (more stores have them as well, this is just a few):

The Buckle
American Rag
Huntington Surf & Sport
Jack's Surfboards
Killer Dana

Here is what i painted at Hurley's new on-campus store last week in Costa Mesa:

direct link to photo: