Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NEW OLD SHIT: Stolen From The ARTchives#2: UnZINE shit!

Continuing the new weekly feature on the blog exploiting old shit from my past, (last week Stephen Reedy & I shared an old music video for Deadmau5 HERE) this week brings 2 pages from 2 separate unpublished old zines of mine. In the late 90's I was obsessed with making zines. I wanted to work in the comics and humor industry but got multiple rejection letters from comic book companies and humor publications around 1995. At that time all of the submission responses from a lot of companies had "check boxes" that had multiple options as to why your work was rejected. On 5 in a row, the 2 boxes that were checked were "your art is not good" and "there is no market for your art". This rapid succession of letters basically made me too scared to ever send off any more submissions, so instead I just started a self-publishing company called Eyesuck Ink and printed everything myself and didn't ever have to show anyone anything or get anything approved or have people tell me I suck, because I already knew it, so I ran with it. Over the course of about 7 years, I managed to write, draw and publish about 15 different books, zines & calendars. Shit was fun. But there are still a few books I never finished, or never published beyond a few photocopied versions. Here are 2 different pages from 2 different books that will most likely never see the light other than the backlight of your monitor right now. So here ya go. Both are from about 1997-1998.

From my unpublished "My Book of Nonsense":

And from my limited free "My Book of Memories" (only about 100 were printed):

See you next week with more new old shits!