Monday, November 8, 2010

Zerofriends Presents, CAGE: Captain Bumout

Hello world. It was a year ago today that Director Stephen Reedy, DP Chris Saul, myself as producer and our small Zerofriends Films crew shot our first Zerofriends short film, THE WINTER STALKER. Not ONE person on our team has stopped working for a moment since then, and the results have been incredible. We have all come a long way, lost some money, lost some more hair, juggled other jobs, won some film festivals, Chis and his wife had a baby, Dave Correia learned how to build tentacles and houses and robots, I moved like 3 times, and we even added an amazing effects wizard to the team (Teague Chrystie). So nothing makes me happier than when I click "play" on the little youtube box below and I see the final results of all of our collected dedication. So please take a couple of minutes and check out Director Stephen Reedy & Zerofriends' newest monster, the official music video for someone who I have been a fan of since Agent Orange, CAGE. I am proud to present, "CAPTAIN BUMOUT":

We spent weeks in pre-production with Dave Correia designing rubber tentacle-puppets and figuring out the effects, then shot the video in LA at R&R gallery over 2 days, alongside a warehouse of Cage fans and friends and made a nuclear mess of the place, and then worked on editing, effects, sound and post-production as hard as humanly possible. It was finally finished last night at 3:30 AM.
Thank you in the most amazing way possible to our creative team, Stephen, Cage, Chris, Megan, Dave, Teague, Melissa, Rich, and everyone else involved. This is my favorite thing ever. And I finally got to die on screen. So much fun

And speaking of Cage, this tuesday, KID CUDI's new album is released which is A) Awesome, and B) Has a CAGE Collab song called Maniac on it! So please go our and support!

Let us know your thoughts on the video too!