Friday, March 27, 2009

What "REALLY" Happened with the Jon Incident...

So, I was notified by my brave friend, ANONYMOUS, via the un-scary communication form of blogging, that I should "actually tell the truth" about what happened, so i will let my buddy ANONYMOUS do it for me, with my quick response afterward:
Take it away, hippy!

Anonymous said:


How about you actually tell the truth about what happened? You posted online promoting Jon's idea which is great. You then went on to tell people to register with fake email addresses and vote for him multiple times. This is a contest that is giving away $50,000 and a lot of people have put an incredible amount of time and effort into this because they believe in their dream assignment. 

We as "admins" as you call us, did not call Jon a cheater, the only cheater was YOU Alex. We told Jon that we were going to go through all his votes over the last 48 hours and if we found people who voted more than once, those votes would be removed. 

We would love Jon to stay in the contest because like you, we also agree that his idea is a good one along with a lot of other great ideas by other people.

Whether Jon stays in the contest is totally up to him. 

Dream Assignment Team"

@ Dream Assignment Team. I see you REMOVED my post attacking you on your awesome site, yet you then came right over here to post "what really happened" and attack me on mine. You're so cute.
And in response, I never criticized the fact that everyone is putting in "an incredible amount of time". I KNOW they did. I know JON did. But I didn't happen to be FRIENDS with any of the other contestants and none of the other contestants asked me for my support. And MY friends are JON'S friends. It just so happens I have a lot of friends. And the front page of the site says "get your friends to vote!" So i did. If some of them voted twice, then dont count those. But you should apply that to all of the other entries because I bet there's some other "complete liars" who might have had their spouses vote twice. Geez, What assholes those contestants are, supporting their family and all by sneaking in an extra little vote! And when you run a CONTEST based on GENERAL PUBLIC VOTES, you should probably think of a better way of conducting it other than leaving it up to the CONTESTANTS to use their RESOURCES to bring people to YOUR site, especially if you expect it to be such a "fair" contest. Do you not understand the internet after all these years?
And speaking of registering under fake names, I highly doubt your real name is "Dream Assignment Team". But then again, maybe it is, hippy.

Thanks for your time.
Alex Pardee (real name)