Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hi-Fructose Show preview image and info.

Hi-Fructose is not just one of my favorite art magazines out there, but it's one of my favorite magazines of all time. even better than Ranger Rick, Highlights, and Foreskin Quarterly put together. That last one, FQ, tho, is quite an odd piece of collected trees that is dedicated to the beauty of the "uncut" man that I would have never discovered had I not had a job handling international magazine returns for Tower Records back in the day. And yes, Hi-Fructose is better than that one;)

Attaboy, Annie, and the rest of the Hi-Fructose crew have assembled a ridiculously amazing roster of artists together for a showcase at the COPRONASON gallery in Los Angeles next week which i am proud (and really humbled seeing a lot of the preview images) to be a part of. I think I should be there in person as part of a signing of the new hardcover collected HI-FRUCTOSE BOOK, too which is a STEAL at 25 bucks on amazon, go there and get it

Anyway, here is the info and flyer for the show, my piece that i did is shown above and below is a detailed shot.
Hope you enjoy and hope to see you there.
That will probably then be my 9th trip to LA in 2 months. Rad.

Hi-Fructose Presents:
@ CoproGallery
2525 Michigan Ave
Santa Monica, CA