Thursday, March 26, 2009

Potpourri, with IN FLAMES, Shia, KidRobot, and Cake Face...

A few random things to update about, and my follow up commentary to the Home Invasion video, which seems to be a hit according to your comments.
So let's talk about that first.

We all had a shitload of fun making that video, and even more fun reading some of your insane comments. Stephen Reedy directed and edited it, and my homies the New Kids on the Block sang backup. Now, granted, Shia is a retardedly talented actor who pretty much carries most of the movies he's in, including stealing most of the scenes away from the CGI stars in Transformers thanks to the robots having zero personality but tons of ethnicity. And yah, that dude can switch into acting mode faster than Carrie's demeanor can change if she's draped in pigs blood. With that being said, it was hilarious reading some of the comments asking if this was "real", because we honestly didn't think anyone would assume it was real at all, so we weren't even trying to hide anything, such as Shia being in the timelapse, but that just means that once again, Shia carried this movie and made it believable. But what was funnier than those "is this real" questions, was the NUMEROUS responses that pointed out all of the evidence that it was staged, such as:

"no, you can see Shia at 1:18, totally staged."
"fake, shia is even wearing one of alex's shirts."
"alex already knew shia, from Cage, and also there's a picture of him with the transformers"
and even the real investigators got on board:
"alex NEVER told Shia that he was from San Francisco. FAKE!!"

So OK, you caught us, but why the fuck didn't ANY ONE OF YOU prove it's falseness by saying "OF COURSE ITS FAKE THERE IS A DEAD MEXICAN BEING USED FOR COMEDY REASONS!!!" Not one person pointed out that if this was real, it would not only be an admittance of MURDER, but close to the first actual proof of a snuff film via the internet. You guys are weird;)

But yah, I had a blast. I have known Shia for a few years now as he has been developing a feature film based on the early life of Cage, and it has been really cool watching him both blow up AND mature as an actor. Dude is talented as fuck.

If you missed the video, here it is again (click that HQ button if you like your eyes):

and here are a few pics from behind the scenes. Photos by Steve Reedy and Todd Westphal.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have done a couple of quick little things for IN FLAMES as their album "A Sense Of Purpose" continues to do better and better. Here are a couple of single covers and an updated version of their tour poster for their new UK/IRELAND tour.

And lastly, I ripped the face off of this tiny little 4-inch tall KidRobot Munny for Nichole "ToyBaroness" East from Kid Robot for her 30th birthday. Happy early birthday, Nichole.

I will have a cool announcement about CAGE thursday or Friday, so keep your eyes peeled like an uncomfortable banana.
Good night.