Saturday, March 28, 2009

CAGE E.P. Exclusive Cover Preview

So, as I am heavily crunching away on the new CAGE "Depart From Me..." album art (going to be like 12 pages of all new illustrations and will be released on DEFJUX June 29th) I thought it would be relevant to share an additional part of Cage's universe with you.
As you may know, or may NOT know, Cage is releasing a download-only E.P. with about 8 new songs before "Depart From Me..." is released! I'm not sure when this E.P. will be officially released, but if you pay attention to CAGE'S MYSPACE PAGE , you can probably find out soon.

Anyway, the 2 albums will tie in both sonically and visually, even though the art styles will be completely different (The "Depart From Me.." art is going to be NUTS), but I thought you might want to take a peek at the cover for the "...I Never Knew You" E.P. So here it is....

And Cage just wrapped his new video for the single, "I Never Knew You" which will be featured both on the E.P. and on "Depart From Me..." which Shia LaBeouf directed and Dan Byrd (the kid from one of my favorite movies, the Hills Have Eyes remake) stars in. If you havent seen the little preview of the making of the video, video, check it out, courtesy of Grassyslope's Vimeo page:

coming.... from grassyslope on Vimeo.

And here is an interview with Shia & Cage about the album and video. check it out below, courtesy of MTV.

This is just another project in my life that makes me feel so goddamned happy that I have worked hard and suffered for years trying to turn my art into a career. I have been a huge Cage fan for years and it's things like this that make all of the struggle of being self-employed worth it.
Continuing the grind....

Cage and I noticing a bird just shit in one of the crewmen's coffee cup while on set of the video.