Saturday, March 7, 2009

Prints selling out fast. Heed my warning...

I'm a firm believer in "Taking hints".
If I am heading out on a long drive, and there is a homeless man at the intersection who turns his sign around to read "Beware of the long drive. You are doomed," at first I laugh and say, "What a silly little bum." and I continue driving.
But then, lets say, I see a burnt hitchiker a few miles later with a sign saying "Sometimes dead is NOT better, Alex." Well, that doesnt matter usually either and I toss whats left of my Iced Chai out the window and scream "Sometimes PEETS is better! Than Starbucks!" And i laugh and continue to drive. But then if i stop at a truck stop and a ghostly jogger named Pascual walks up with a head injury and moans "Don't go, Alex, Dont do ittttttttt." Then i thank him, take a hint, cancel my plans and turn around.

Where am I going with this?
Well, I don't really remember now that the whole spinal meningitis scene from Pet Sematary is flashing in my brain. Oh yah, hints!
Well, here is a pretty blatant hint that I would like for you to take, free of hint-charge. (if you are a child of the 8-bit NES Nintendo Power Hotline era, then you know that hints, especially Metroid hints, are charged by the minute and your parents hate paying for hints).

ZEROFRIENDS ( would like to let you know that the following limited edition giclee prints designed by me are getting close to being completely sold out. This is just a hint. So with it as you must.

Mainly, i am giving you a HUGE hint with the "VOMIT IS LOVE" print (pictured below), as there are less than 5 of them left out of an edition of 200.
Click on the pic or just go to ZEROFRIENDS to pic one up before it joins the other retired webkinz.

And while we are on the subject of one of my favorite images, "VOMIT IS LOVE", and now that the print is almost sold out, I can finally reveal my inspiration for the piece. In a rather embarrassing, but endearing moment at my uncle Randy's wedding, upon their first "married" dance, they nervously looked into each other's eyes and the rage of their previous night's alcohol and salmon shot forth towards each other, but like some sort of disgusting fairy tale, the vomit clashed and morphed into a flock of beautiful butterflies. My friend, Jon Dragonette was there to capture the moment. And that moment has always touched me.

On that note, here are a couple of other prints that are going rather quickly, so get your mitts on them shits like you're cleaning up after your dog.


Thank you all for your continued support.
We love you.