Friday, March 27, 2009

For every action....TGIF!

So you know that old phrase, "For every action theres, like, a different action that doesn't really have much to do with the first one, but is rad anyway."?
Well, that fits today perfectly, because amongst the chaos of me being called a cheater and liar, on the OPPOSITE spectrum, something really cool has happened. Thank GOD its FRIDAY:

YouTube is an amazing company, even after the whole "corporate thing" went down and its harder to use licensed music and stuff. The other day, YouTube contacted me and wanted to "Spotlight" the URKEL TIMELAPSE video that I put up a couple weeks ago. However, instead of just saying "YOU USED THE THEME SONG THATS ILLEGAL SHIT WE HATE YOU", they actually kindly just asked if I was willing to change the music and re-upload it so they COULD feature it. Now, granted, the new version isn't as powerful, but the fact that they were willing to work with me to MY BENEFIT, is insane and cool. No way I'm changing the Shia LaBeouf video tho, The New Kids on the Block song is too close to home.

So yah, my Urkel Video is the "Spotlight" on the front page of "FILM AND ANIMATION" . That's a huge deal to me.
Thanks, YouTube.
Here's the video in case you missed it:
(note, new, royalty free music is used now. oh well;)