Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Zerofriends x Agenda 09. Live Painting.

Usually AIDS tests, pregnancy scares and Matt Damon movies are the only things that most of us get to enjoy twice a year. But now, since the Agenda Trade Show is happening again this week, it looks like that elite list will expand by one!
The Agenda Trade Show, which takes place in San Diego alongside the giant ASR show this week, Jan 22-24, is like an urban streetwear gypsy parade, where independent art and streetwear companies, like our own Zerofriends, can gather and show off their goods to retailers in hopes that their local townspeople will buy our curses and snakebite cures. 

All of us from Zerofriends will be there again showing our apparel, and on Thursday, I will be doing a live painting at the booth all day. Agenda is more for retail buyers so I don't think it is open to the general public, but if you happen to be wandering around in that area, of if you are a buyer looking to purchase some unique gypsy gear, come say hi to us. 
And below is me quoting myself amidst the press release announcing Zerofriends' participation in the Agenda show.

Renown illustrator Alex Pardee's collective apparel company, ZEROFRIENDS, returns to Agenda to continue it's expansion into the vast streetwear universe. Taking a unique approach to each t-shirt design, creative director and lead artist Alex Pardee adds a storytelling element to each garment:
"When I was younger and I picked up a shirt with a cool graphic on it, I often made up stories in my head based around that art. So it seemed natural, since I was creating the shirts, to actually include my own personal stories to go with the apparel."
Thus, each shirt in the new ZEROFRIENDS apparel line not only has near-perfect recreations of some of Pardee's favorite new paintings and graphics, but also has a hidden story screen-printed on the inside.
Alex continues, "Zerofriends is a collective of storytellers, only we tell stories that you can wear."

Alex Pardee will be attending and performing a LIVE painting exhibition at the Zerofriends booth the entire AGENDA show!

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