Friday, January 23, 2009

Me (master) x Joe Hahn (slave) @ Agenda Trade Show

The Agenda Trade Show started yesterday in the Whale's Vagina (San Diego, for those who don't speak Burgandy) where Zerofriends showcased our clothing to potential retailers, artists, and peeps with more pairs of shoes and sunglasses than i will ever have.

While Sean, Darren and Adam of Zerofriends are holding it down there, I had to fly back last night to catch up on a couple of immediate cool projects, which i will announce this week. But for the one day I was down there, I got a chance to live paint all day at the booth and talk to people about what I painted, which basically, was just "a giant blue hand squeezing some kind of sad animal who wants to go home."
I also got a chance to hang with my friend, Joe Hahn of SURU and Linkin Park, who offered to help me paint while i supervised him. Check out a small video clip of it below as well as some pics.

Me painting, and for some reason looking like I'm too big for the room which is odd considering the ceilings were about 40 feet in the air.

The finished Piece:

And me teaching Joe Hahn how to fuck up my painting properly:

Joe paints with Alex Pardee from SURU TV on Vimeo.