Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Original "Digested" Pieces Up For Sale Online!

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who came out to the opening reception of "Letters From Digested Children", my new solo show at 5024SF Gallery in San Francisco. There were a ton of people, a ton of cookies and alcohol, and a ton of monsters.

And also a big thank you to the Zerofriends crew for not sleeping and helping me transform the gallery into Aladdin's favorite place, "a whole new world".

I will put up a ton of pics of the show, the installation, and the opening in a day or so, but for now, there are a few original paintings left to view and purchase (half of the show sold out opening night!) online at UPPER PLAYGROUND's online store. Just CLICK HERE and browse all of the art that they have for sale (there are also some Ron English, Jeremy Fish, and Miss Van pieces as well!)

Direct link to purchase / view the pieces:

And One additional note about most of the original pieces, is that some of them come with a framed "police report" documenting the child's case, as well as the actual framed letter that the child wrote while living in the monster. Like this:

Direct link to example: