Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We Portlanded!

This weekend, Dave Correia and I took a Halloween road-trip up to Portland, OR. However, on our way up through Oregon, something mysteriously tragic happened and ultimately transformed us into jaw-jutting mouth breathers (more than normally I mean) named Where'swolf and Bat-Shit.
Still, we let nothing stop us as we continued to endure our travels, braving the full moon, inhaling the rain, devouring rats (and voodoo donuts) and even stopping to meet a bunch of amazing people and artists at the UPPER PLAYGROUND PDX gallery. Thanks to everyone who came out:) Here's a handful of photos from our travels. The only thing missing was our favorite photobombing stingray.
Happy Halloween!

Right before THE INCIDENT
A few hours later, we were up and on our way...

YOGI from Kamp Grizzly, easily one of the best creative advertising firms in Portland, came out to shake our filthy paws.
Look semi-closely
And we got a nice surprise (and surreal) visit from "Private Parts" director Betty Thomas and her friends!
Dave got thirsty and cheated.