Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Zerofriends Invades NY Comic Con!

I never really understood that movie Escape From New York. Why would anyone ever want to ESCAPE from New York. New York is tremendous! It's one of our favorite things. And this is the one time of the year that one of our other favorite things mashes itself together with New York! COMIC CON! The NY Comic Con is rapidly increasing in size like the 50 Foot Woman, so it's exciting to be a part of it, especially amongst the madness that is Manhattan. So, if you are attending NY Comic Con, please swim through the masses of Adventure Time and Bane cosplayers and search for our Zerofriends booth. Your swimming will be worth it, as we will have a whole sea of new products, as well as our usual fun books, shirts, prints and more.

Also, I will be hanging out at the booth and signing little sketch cards (for free of course) EVERY DAY (Thursday thru Sunday) from 1-3 PM so come say hi!


Daily Signings from 1-3PM with Me, and additionally, Dave Correia & Jon Wayshak will be signing and sketching at the booth too at the very specific time of TBD:) Check my TWITTER for updated times and any special appearances if we decide to kidnap some folks who are way cooler than us and force them to sign at our booth:)
Here's a quick rundown of some of the new releases at the Con.
Oh, just a heads up, everyone who spends $50 or more will receive a FREE "My Favorite Monster" print
And everyone who spends $100 or more will receive a FREE 8" x 10" Print as well as the Free "My Favorite Monster" print. Word!

A brand new series of various sized, signed prints from Alex Pardee (that's me) and Dave Corriea, celebrating the fun that is FRIENDSHIP!

In honor of our favorite genre and our favorite city, we are releasing a new supply of "My Favorite Monsters", all centered around some of NY's most devious creatures. And yep...thats Frankenhooker!

We will also be having some very special, one of a kind laser-engraved mini-sketchbooks available that we are calling "MoldSkins" because the books are bound in ancient paper forged from rotted skin. There will be a few different Moldskins available designed by me, Jon Wayshak and Dave Corriea. And as a special bonus, there will be a specific "ZEROFRIENDS" moldskin that will come with 3 original, unique sketches already drawn in them by me, Jon Wayshak & Dave Corriea. Fun. Moldy. Yummy!
We will also have a some new hoodies and girl's shirts available at the booth too, including this new Escaped Conviction pullover hoodie, just in time for NY's impending cold spells.

And lastly,time is running out on purchasing the limited timed-release of my Juxtapoz print, so we are taking a few of those with us as well since you will never be able to buy them again after

Oct 15.
So that about does it, with the exception of a possible sasquatch sighting and maybe breaking into song. See you at the con!!!!